June Astrological Highlights

June is a wonderful month. On the 4th of June Mercury goes direct and since we are done with eclipse seasons, you can expect things to run more smoothly. In addition, we have the Solstice, the longest day (Northern Hemisphere) and the longest night (Southern Hemisphere). In astrology we call this auspicious day, the “Gateway of Humanity” as opposed to the Winter Solstice, which is dubbed the “Gateway of the Gods.” We also have the quirky Uranus going on a date with Venus, the goddess of love, so expect the unexpected with your partners or pursuit of lovers. Since Venus and Uranus conjunct (mid-June) usually spell problems for the market, take heed with finance especially the crypto kind.   

Here are the important dates to pay attention to:

June 2 and 3 (Mercury is stationary)

Everything is on hold. Try not to start new things. Mercury and his crew are closed for business, come back June 4.  

June 4 (Mercury goes direct)

Yes! At last, it was a rough one. While we are still in the shadow of retro until June 18, you will feel things moving with less friction and resistance. If you want to be on the safe side, you can wait until Mercury returns to his domicile on Gemini land June 13.

June 4 (Saturn retrograde until Oct 23)

Saturn is going retro right as his grandson, Mercury, is moving direct. Make sure you set boundaries, avoid sabotaging your mind with negative thoughts, and speaking evil of yourself or others. Discipline needs to come from inside, not from someone else demanding it. Saturn retrograde can help you weed out projects that are not practical or cannot come to fruition. People from past lifetimes might show up.

June 11 (Venus conjunct Uranus)

Meetings with unique and original people. The stock market could be volatile and unpredictable. Awakening artistic expressions. Be extra careful with your need for freedom. This aspect can bring about new talents and ways of making money as well as attract unusual partners.     

June 13 (Mercury enters his sign Gemini)

Communication and business sales are flowing faster and it’s a great time for launching marketing and PR initiatives. New relationships may emerge. Mercury is back to his home and therefore will manifest in its purest ingenious way. Good time for healing relationships with neighbors, roommates, and relatives.

June 14 (Full Moon in Sagittarius)

A great time to plan (or start) traveling and teaching or learning something new. There is a strong sense of optimism and hope. Sabian Symbol: A bluebird standing at the door of the house. The Full Moon is squaring Neptune so be careful with illusion, bubble bursting, deceptions, and addictions.  

June 21 (Summer Solstice in Northern Hemisphere and Winter in Southern Hemisphere)

On the first day of Cancer, we are being baptized by the holy waters of compassion. Celebrate this day! It’s a very auspicious time. Imagine a gateway, a vortex made of water, now focus on your feelings (Cancer=I FEEL) and imagine this gateway to be the opening of the Great Mother’s womb. Imagine what would you like to birth into your life. The goddess of Cancer can be your midwife and deliver into your life something you need. Join me today for a talk on Cancer: how to get along better with Cancer and how to use the cardinal water archetype to help you connect to family, real-estate, and compassion. June 21 9amPST. Register: HERE  

June 23 (Venus transits into Gemini until July 17)

The tarot card of Gemini is The Lovers, and for the next few weeks, the goddess of love is meeting the lovers! Great for marketing and promoting art, fashion, and design. New business and personal relationships may begin today. Great time to rebrand yourself or your business.

June 28 – Dec 24 (Neptune goes retrograde until Dec 5)

Be careful of relapses, addictions, dependency and codependency, illusions, and deceptions. Escapism can be a big issue for you and those you love. On the positive note, Neptune can help you access hidden parts of your personality that might contain gifts, skills, and talents from previous lives. Also, dreams and intuition can be especially powerful albeit confusing.   

June 29 (New Moon in Cancer)

A great time to start a home improvement project, conceive, start a family, make a move, or improve relationships in the home.  Do something new for your home or your family. A great time to ask the universe to get pregnant or meditate with your future children and ask them to help find your partner (their future parent). Sabian Symbol: Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade.

June 30 (The Sun conjunct Black Moon)

Our self-expression is misconstrued; people see the worst in us, as we see the worst in others. Power struggles and manipulations may occur.  Goddess of discord is out and about, don’t fall victim to her plots.

The month of June is named after Juno (Hera), the goddess of marriage, family, and fertility. No wonder Gemini (siblings) and Cancer (family) co-occupy the month. This is a great month to conceive, not only babies, but ideas, projects, creation, and relationships.

Have a wonderful month!

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  1. Thank you, this is very helpful. I always copy the relevant paragraphs into my calendar, and it helps me navigate the month. A sprinkle of little reminders that there are other forces at play, to take a moment to look at the big picture, and breathe.

  2. ¡Gracias absolutas, Gahl! Any thoughts regarding how current geopolitical events will be affected?

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