Path #14

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 14

Path of Alchemy – The Way of the Rainbow


Travel, foreign cultures, higher education, truth, philosophy, alchemy, inner change, optimism, luck and synchronicities.


This path links BEAUTY AND FOUNDATION, the Sun and the Moon. It is the road of alchemy, upon which you blend all four elements to create the gold of perfection. The synchronizer-the person who understands what’s in and what’s out, where things grow and where they decay-will walk this way. It demands an optimistic outlook on life as well as confidence that you can overcome any obstacle and magically create what looks and sounds impossible. This path always supplies new beginnings and new opportunities. This is the path of connection to foreign cultures, traveling and higher education.


I am open to learning and teaching the Truth about myself and life in general. I am the alchemy between action and reception, giving and receiving. I trust the One to provide me with all I need.

Psalms 119: 113-120

“Thy art my covert and my shield.”
Astrological Aspect


The TEMPERANCE card symbolizes the effort to balance the masculine and 
feminine archetypes of the universe to transmute the mundane stuff of life into the Gold of creativity and success.


Overly optimistic and an over-reliance reliance on luck. Confusion as a result of too many options. 

Hebrew Letter

ס Samekh translates as “Trust” or “closeness.” It demonstrates the importance of certainty, trusting that no matter the impediment, failure or disaster it is there for a reason. Eventually these snags will lead to critical spiritual growth. This letter contains the secret of optimism and the constructive use of luck and synchronicities. Things change.
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