Path #15

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 15

Path of Gravity – The Way of Practicality


Practicality, order, conservatism, being stuck, tradition, status qua, career, ambition, discipline, success, humor, fear, temptation, being grounded.


This path connects BEAUTY and SPLENDOR. It demands the practical implementation of a person’s earthly talents and determined toil. This path offers success, but the price is patience, persistence and an element of faith. The seeker needs to balance the restrictions of the left column with the beauty of the heart. Sincerity in word and deed is paramount. Splendor provides all the information we need, but facts and figures often mislead and deceive. Connecting to the heart ensures that the message is true. Avoid lies and the tendency toward self-absorption. Use your talents in service of others. Reach outward.


I can achieve all my ambition; success is already in the palm of my hand. I am a proof that discipline, persistence and endurance can manifest dreams.

Psalms 119: 121-128

“I have done justice and righteousness; leave me not to mine oppressors.”
Astrological Aspect


The DEVIL symbolizes our own personal Underworld, the seat of the subconscious 
and the issues we never want to face. The Devil is the force that pulls us downward, forcing us to dig deeper. It is not evil but merely a call to practicality.


Fear, panic, suffering and abuse of others. Too earthly, selfish 
and cynical. 

Hebrew Letter

ע Ain means “eye.” There is always more than what meets the eye. The inner eye can see beyond the physical form.
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