Path #16

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 16

Path of Cleansing – The Path of Truth


The destruction of false attitudes and behavior patters, liberation, power, pure force, fire, destruction, war, battles, new beginning, resurrection out of the ashes, spiritual renewal.


This path ties Victory with Splendor in a journey that cleanses with fire, the most powerful form of purification we know. It is one of the three paths (along with #4 and #8) that joins the right and left pillars. It purges all false philosophies in preparation for a paradigm shift. It is not easy to set fire to something that you believe you need. It is even harder to sever yourself from someone you love. In order to connect the two opposing pillars on a practical level, we must cut out all extremes on both sides. It might require the elimination of anyone and anything that we cling to too tightly.


What does not kill me makes me stronger. I know that even the most difficult challenge is for the best. I am now being trained by life to be a powerful warrior.

Psalms 119: 129-136

“Thy testimonies are wonderful, therefore my soul keeps the.”
Astrological Aspect
Mars, ruler of Aries and Scorpio


The TOWER, a depiction of the Tower of Babel (our ego) being destroyed by a lightning bolt (awareness). The destruction of the tower denotes the elimination of everything that blocks us from our true identity.


Violence, aggression, and self-centeredness. 

Hebrew Letter

פ Pey means “mouth.” The Greeks call it Pi, a symbol known for its importance in geometry and architecture. The mouth wields the power to speak kind words, but it also can kill and destroy.
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