Path #18

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 18

The Path of the Mystic – The Way of the Scarab


Illusions, psychic powers, feminine mysteries, subconscious, overcoming fears, Tikkun, drugs, dependency and addictions, madness, dreams, biological change, hearing God’s voice. 


The path connects KINGDOM, our material world, with the ETERNITY of the divine realm. It is the road of the Scarab, the holy beetle of ancient Egypt that rolls the Sun back into the sky every dawn. Here we encounter the threshold that joins the spiritual with the earthly. Focus on using the material to enhance the spiritual (donations and philanthropic work) as well as on using the spiritual to increase the material (creative visualization). The subconscious and psychic energies reward those on this journey. The sensitive and imaginative on this road often channel information from higher dimensions. This mystical path can be difficult, but those who dare it are often able to open new worlds for themselves and others.


It is in the darkest moment that light shines forth. I am reconnecting to the great mother Shechinah (goddess). I know that by being receptive and open, life will support me and my loved ones.

Psalms 119: 145-152

“I have called with my whole heart; answer me, O Lord”
Astrological Aspect


The MOON connects to dreams, meditation and the ability to see in the darkness of the night. The Moon functions as the doorway to the feminine powers and mysteries. Only through love can they be unveiled. 


Illusions, wrong turns, gullibility, dependency, a lack of limits and boundaries. Losing yourself in the other, addictions, escapism, alcohol and drugs.

Hebrew Letter

ק Kof means “Back of the head.” Scientists have discovered that this part of the brain regulates dreaming and sleep. The letter, a glyph that looks like the back of the head and the spinal cord, emphasizes the need for meditation, dreaming and spiritual practice.

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