Path #20

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 20

Path of Resurrection – The Way of Rebirth


Final decision, finding God within, self analysis and criticism, transformation, fire, inner reflection.


This path unites KINGDOM, the material plane, with SPLENDOR on a road of resurrection. It stands for Judgment Day, the moment when everything that is dead or swept under the carpet returns to the Light. Take care of your past and the collective past of all sentient beings. Bring dead feelings and dead ideas back to life. Before we experience enlightenment, everything must be exposed to Light and healed. This is a path for self-analysis; not to find fault or pin blame, but to fix and correct all wounds. We need the past to help us avoid a repetition of our mistakes. Those who walk on this road possess the strength to handle any demons they might uncover.


I am open to wisdom and understanding. I am willing and ready to confront my darkest fears so that I could transform them to my source of light..

Psalms 119: 161-168

“Seven times a day do I praise Thee”
Astrological Aspect
Planet Pluto, ruler of Scorpio


JUDGEMENT symbolizes not a day of punishment, but a time to reflect on 
our past behavior. This card triggers the resurrection of the divine powers in each of us.


Getting lost in the past, manipulative, abusive.

Hebrew Letter

ש Shin means “Tooth,” the organ that sows wisdom (wisdom tooth). And just as teeth can be used to determine a person’s age (long in the tooth), Shin helps us reflect on our days gone by. As one of the three maternal letters (along with Aleph and Mem), Shin rules the element of fire.

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