Path #21

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 21

The Path of the Earth – The Way of the Physical Existence


Enlightenment, manifestation of full potential, success, accomplishment, prize, completion, liberation from blocks, the end of a journey, a cross, mark and final destination.


This final path ties FOUNDATION and KINGDOM, bringing everything from above 
into the material plane of physical existence. Governed by Saturn, the planet responsible for crystallizing thoughts into matter, this road transforms the intangible into concrete blocks of reality. The sphere of Foundation blends all the power of the first nine spheres and then shoots it into Kingdom. It is the path of completion, the path that connects the Moon with Earth. It requires patience and persistence. Just as it took human evolution millions of years to send a man to the Moon, it will take time and work before all your own personal projects, all your own personal karma, blossom once and for all.


I am at One with the divine. The Universe bears witness that I am Light.

Psalms 119: 169-176

“Give me Understanding according to Thy law”

Astrological Aspect
Planet Saturn, ruler of Capricorn


The WORLD depicts a woman dancing with a snake. The woman represents 
Eve, who has attained enlightenment by making peace with the very creature that caused her fall from paradise. By embracing your enemies and setbacks, you can transcend the limitations of matter. 


Frustration, lack of persistence, falling into a rut. Overly stubborn 
and materialistic. A tendency to misuse other people and step over bodies to achieve your own goals.

Hebrew Letter

ת Tav, the final letter, means “cross,” “sign” or “tone.” It denotes the cross, the sign or the song set down at the end of the road as a symbol of triumph and dreams fulfilled. It is the flag stuck into the surface of the moon, into your new frontier.

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