Path #9

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 9

Path of Purification – The Way of the Keepers of Light


Purity, service, work, centeredness, introspection, harvest of spiritual work, humble, reclusive, self-possessed, self-realization, helping others reach your own level.


This path unifies MERCY with BEAUTY, a journey for those who live to serve and purify others. It connects the pillar of expansion with the central pillar of moderation. It stores up the radiant Light of God, which must be cherished until all the rest of us wise up and follow along. This path demands dedication and cleansing. It calls you to find your center, avoid excess and function as a wise guide. Another name for this road is “The Heart of Compassion,” requiring you to find your inner wealth and share it with others. Pay attention to small details, order and tidiness. Learn and teach humility.


I enjoy my seclusion knowing I can always invite people to join me when I want. I am pure, clean and ready to serve my higher self.

Psalms 119: 73-80

“Thy hands have made me and fashioned me.”
Astrological Aspect



The HERMIT symbolizes the pure man. He has cleansed himself of 
most physical yearnings and seeks to show the way to others who are still chained to the world’s mortal coils. The Hermit serves the Light, understanding that to reach the One, humans must dive within and work on their internal world.


Overly critical as exemplified by the “Inch Worm,” which counts the flowers instead of smelling them. Perfectionism, faultfinder, hostility toward life, unemotional, over attention to detail. Losing the forest for the trees.

Hebrew Letter

י Yod means “The sperm of God.” It is the smallest of all the Hebrew letters, but its shape serves as the building block for all the others. Yod also means “Hand”-the same hand in which the Hermit holds the Light for everyone else.
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