Lessons from the Corona, which holds the secret of when it will be over

I was just listening to a lecture by professor Robert M. Hazen on the Big Bang. About 13.8 billion years ago, mas o menos, an event took place, the origin of life in the cosmos which we call the Big Bang. He explains that the Big Bang was not an explosion that caused matter to expand into an existing space. In fact, the Big Bang is a process by which existence itself expanded into emptiness since there was nothing there to begin with. It is very difficult to comprehend. It was a moment when nothing “suddenly” became something. Everything that is, was, and will be, like a wave, expanded and cooled and became all that exists in the cosmos. You, your family members, your enemies, pagan, christian, unbelievers, aliens, planets, galaxies where all once condensed in this infinity small “place.” Professor Robert M Hazen explains: “This is a total foreign concept, so don’t be frustrated if you cannot imagine it.” He goes on to say that physicists don’t call the Big Bang an explosion but rather, singularity, the transformation from nothing to something. To me it sounds like oneness. And to be honest, as someone who is fascinated with unity and all forms of synchronicities, here is how the Buddha imagined what professor Hazen calls “frustrating foreign concept:”

Form is empty, emptiness is form, form is form, emptiness is emptiness. No nose, ear, eye, no me, no you, no suffering, no end of suffering, no gain.(Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya, Heart Sutra).

According to the Buddha, all we see around us in the shape of form (something) comes from emptiness (nothing). In Kabbalah it is said that the roots of the Tree of Life and creation drink from Ain (nothing in Hebrew).

Singularity, is our origin. But not only ours, as the word “ours” means that there is “us” and “them.” Singularity, and the ability to see oneness and unity in everything, is the lesson of creation. Unity is the lesson that aliens, humans, animals, plants, planets, as well as galaxies have to learn. 

The outbreak of the Coronavirus, true to its namesake, “Crown,” is another teacher of this lesson. In Kabbalah, as well as Buddhism, Hinduism, the Crown Chakrah or Sphere, symbolizes unity and oneness. While it is true that healthier, younger and more affluent individuals suffer less from the physical or financial affects of the pandemic, it is the first time in history that everywhere on the planet, everyone, is experiencing the same thing – social distancing. It is rather ironic that it is through being apart that we must learn the lesson of unity and oneness. They say when you lose your eyesight, your hearing and smell capacities improve. When we cannot hug, kiss, shake hands, dance, exercise, and touch each other, we are losing one form of expression of unity, the physical one. But maybe it forces us to look into different manifestations of oneness: emotional, intellectual (zoom classes, lectures, readings, thoughts in isolation), and spiritual. I truly believe that once we all learn the lessons of unity, and find our way back to acceptance of that which is different, we will see the virus defeated. Once we learn the lesson as a collective as well as individuals, then the lesson will emanate downward on a biological, chemical and physical level allowing the vaccines, or medications to eradicate the virus. 

Since March 21, Saturn moved from Capricorn (sign of politicians) into Aquarius (scientists). unfortunately for us all, the leaders of the most powerful nation on the planet right now are at odds with science and scientists. They have systematically negated climate change, virus spread, and in the last few days, as you all have witnessed in horror, suggested that drinking bleach might be the final solution. The good news is that, in the scientific community, there is a resurrection of passion and collaboration. While politicians each pull to a different direction, choosing to focus on immigration and “us versus them,” agendas, scientists, like modern day mystics, pull towards unity and collaboration. How ironic that politicians that profess their religiosity refuse to learn the lessons or love, and unity, while scientists who are sometimes labeled as “heretics” carry to torch of the One…

I never hear scientists — true scientists, good quality scientists — speak in terms of nationality,” said Dr. Francesco Perrone, who is leading a coronavirus clinical trial in Italy. “My nation, your nation. My language, your language. My geographic location, your geographic location. This is something that is really distant from true top-level scientists. (New York Time)

So when will the virus go away? When we come together, when politicians become brave again, when the politician inside each one of us, that is worried about “me, mine and I” will find the oneness with the inner scientist who is trying to find new ways to collaborate and join forces. As long as there is one sick person on the planet, we are all sick. 

Let us practice singularity. Let us go back to the source, to our moment of origin, when we all came together, like the Beatles taught us. 

Amen Selah…


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