March Astrological Highlights

Welcome March! The month is named after the God of War, Mars, and it was during this month when war campaigns that were suspended during the winter months, marched ahead towards the battlefields. Something similar is happening to those living in the Northern Hemisphere during the month of March, we hear the Call to Action, or the Call to Adventure, awakening us from the slumber of winter and setting us on a new path.

This month we are still retrograde-less, which means things can work your way. A few trends can be felt throughout the next 30 days. The anticipated union of both rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune, can bring about a great deal of opportunities to make your wishes and dreams a reality. The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune takes place around the Passover Full-Moon of April 15, but will be felt as they entice each other throughout March.

Another auspicious celestial love affair is continuing from Feb well into March. Venus and Mars, the ultimate lovers, continue their romantic conjunction that started in Capricorn in Feb. On March 6, Mars and Venus in perfect alignment, will ingress into Aquarius and bless all friendships and communities in your life.

In addition, March boasts the most important day in the zodiac, 00 degrees Aries, falling on the Equinox, March 20, when the day and night are equal. I will be leading a hybrid event (live and webinar with recording available) on the Equinox and the Power of Your Name on Sunday, the 20th of March. For the Sumerians and Babylonians, the Spring Equinox was celebrated as the New Year’s, right at the onset of the zodiac wheel with the initiation of the sign Aries – the archetype of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. I will be giving the Aries Class on March 21st (recording available). 

Now for the important days in March:

March 2: New Moon in Pisces

This is the first New Moon in 2022 without any retrogrades blocks! If you are looking to reboot your New Year’s Resolution, this is the best time. The Sabian Symbol of the lunation is: A sword in the Museum. I think it means that weapons should be placed in museum instead of used in the battlefield.

The New Moon in Pisces is great for yoga, dancing, movement, or any creative and imaginative endeavor. The Moon will be located at 12 degrees Pisces, very symbolic number representing union and completion. Think of the 12 apostles, the 12 tribes, the 12 zodiac signs or 12 knights of Arthur. Today at 1pmPST I will be doing a short meditation for peace in Ukraine on Instagram live (Cosmic_Navigator). In addition, Jupiter, ruler of Pisces, is in his domicile and is in conjunct with the Sun and the Moon, double happiness, double the blessing. Jupiter (Zeus) was sometimes called Zeus Xenios (hospitality), so if someone knocks on your door this New Moon, for real or metaphysically, you better welcome them into your abode and treat them super well.   

March 2 and 3-6: Mars, Venus and Pluto conjunct

This is a mega power aspect; a great deal of intimacy, transformation in relationships, and a dive deep into your unconscious. Be careful of power struggles, manipulations, and injuries. Mars and Pluto are the co-rulers of Scorpio, that means this New Moon, while in Pisces, feels a bit Scorpio as well. A great deal of passion and sexuality is in the air. Relationships deepen but there is also possessiveness and jealousy abound. Many of your relationships are transforming, shedding what is unnecessary. A great time to start a new page in your partnerships, heal and get rid of old patterns with your significant others.

Vesta, goddess of the hearth, is also in Capricorn and in conjunct with Venus, Mars, and Pluto, adding a conservative aspect to the stellium. She favors building up on your past relationships (from this life and past), or initiate new connections with people who are older or more mature than you.    

March 5: Sun Conjunct Jupiter

A gift is given to you today. You feel like you can conquer the world! A great day for meditation, teaching, learning, publishing, synchronicities, benevolence, and expansion.

March 6: Venus and Mars Walk Hand-in-Hand into Aquarius

That’s it. After their rendezvous in traditional Capricorn (no sex before marriage etc), Venus and Mars decided to rebel against their conservative parents and come out of the closet and share with everyone their blossoming love. Now they will be for 10 days walking together, making out for everyone to see (Aquarius) on social media and social gatherings. This is good news for platonic relationships, friendships, making new connections, advancing online businesses, and artistic collaborations. Venus and Mars in Aquarius would like you to be experimental and explorative with who and what you attract into your life. Be open, free your mind, try new things. Your friends might want to introduce you to new people, different ways of creating, and novel ways of making money.    

March 6: Mars Enters Aquarius until April 14

A great deal of movement and energy around friends, altruism, and communities. You can achieve more by collaborating with friends and colleagues. Great time to engage in e-commerce, startups, innovation, and original action.

March 6: Venus Enters Aquarius until April 4

Love, finance, and art are associated and supported by collaborations with friends and acquaintances. NFT, digital art, cryptocurrencies, and AI can benefit from this transit of the goddess of love in the Water-Bearer sign.   

March 10: Mercury Enters Pisces

Mercury is considered fallen in Pisces, like your cellphone dropping down the toilet or another water source. It favors hearing and listening rather than talking. You might experience a few weeks of sluggish communication; however, your intuition and imagination will flow. Expect a great deal of messages coming from dreams and meditations. Trust your gut feeling over reason and logic.

March 13: Sun conjunct Neptune

A magical and mystical day. Dreams, creative visualization, and meditations can make your wishes come true today. A great deal of intuition. A day full of eureka moments leading to:

March 14: 3.14(159265358979323846)

Happy Pi Day! A magical day symbolizing the interconnectedness of life as it manifests through the patterns formed by the unique mathematical constant . In addition, we have Sun, Neptune, and Jupiter close to conjunction. Spend time in water or around it. Look for circles, spheres, round objects, spirals, and curves for signs…

March 17: Sun square Lilith

Discord, narcissists, and ego conflicts around you. Since it is so close to the Full Moon, there could be some issues with women bosses or women in your family. Someone is trying to show the worst parts in you, make sure you don’t do the same to someone else.   

March 18: Full Moon in Virgo

The last Full Moon of the zodiac representing the end of whatever you don’t want to bring with you into the new zodiac year that starts in two days. This Full Moon is the completion of a work assignment and or conclusion of a health issues. A good time for a new diet or letting go of something to keeps you blocked. Functional imagination: a great day for creative visualization and manifesting reality using your faculty to imagine what you need. Sabian Symbol: A bald-headed man dominates gathering of national figures. Maybe this means the end of conflict in Ukraine? I so hope so…

March 20: Spring Equinox in Northern Hemisphere; Autumn in Southern

Happy New Astrological Year! This is considered to be the most sacred day of the year. A powerful day for renewing your New Year’s Resolutions. In addition, Mercury and Jupiter are in conjunction, a great time for business development, writing, publishing, and coming up with your message for the New Astrological Year.

This is the first day of Aries (until April 20) – life springs into action and abundance of new beginnings. To honor the equinox, I will be giving the Power of Your Name workshop as a hybrid class so you can join anywhere anytime. Aries’ key word is I AM, and that is your name. Learn what it all means. Register HERE

March 21: The Aries Class

As part of the zodiac monthly series, today we will be covering Aries and why Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are said to be Aries. Why do Aries always talk about themselves? How to get along better with them? Register HERE

March 23-24: Mercury Conjunct Neptune

The planet of communication and the planet of channeling and mediumship are meeting. A great deal of information coming from psychic and intuitive insights as well as dreams. A great day for receiving messages from up high or past lifetimes.

March 27: Mercury Enters Aries until April 10

Communications are in turbo mode as Mercury is back online and blazing forward in the speed of light in Aries. Business projects spring into action but be careful of not being too aggressive, impulsive, or impetuous.  

March 28: Venus conjunct Saturn

A good day for reassessing all your relationships and significant others. Divorces, old patterns resurfacing, and burning of Karma in your main associations. Good for long-term relationships and money-making opportunities. Positive encounters with mature people or folks you know from a past lifetime.  

I hope the next month will bring peace and harmony into the world and that we can all learn to get along with each other without having to bring guns, bombs, or ammunition to discussions…

8 thoughts on “March Astrological Highlights

  1. Thank you Gahl. I like your communication skills including both writing&speaking . Simple but pure. Have a great march!

  2. This whole month review is awesome. Thank you so much. I filled my calendar day by day with do’s and don’t 😁🙏

  3. You’re just awesome, Gal! Thanks a great deal for the wonderful insights! Just perfect and on point in my life!

  4. I do Love, Gahl your unique cholistic approach on astrology, numbers, names, history-EVERYTHING surrounding human nature! March was full of energy and cosmic “happenings”! IT was personally very important month for me so Thanks for your prognose! I’m eager to see what is expecting us In April!
    Greetings from Bulgaria and let’s pray for Ukraine!

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