Mercury Ends Retro as Saturn Begins His

We just finished what felt like a long and deadly Mercury Retrograde. It was challenging on a global, social, and personal level. After all, 2022, as we already discussed, is a year of sacrifice, and a bloody one it is.

Right as Mercury went direct, his paternal grandad, Saturn started his own retrograde motion. Someone always must spoil these heavenly family gatherings. Saturn is retrograding until Oct 24 and a week after he does direct, Mars, his hyperactive warmongering grandson will start retrograding until mid-Jan 2023.

The podcast I delivered today deals with Mercury and Saturn Retros with dates and examples. You can listen to the podcast version here:
and the zoom with Power Point here:

Let’s first deal with Mercury. Yes, he is direct but take heed. As I mentioned in my book and Sunday’s talks, the celestial influences above are getting more and more intense, just as life on earth below is getting more challenging. We have to start looking into the shadows of Mercury Retrograde as well as the other personal planets (Mars and Venus). While it is true that from June 4 we can officially sign docs, start new projects, and initiate processes, we are doing so in the dark, it’s like driving in a country road on a new moon night with no lights to guide you. That means driving super slow with an occasional deer crossing the road.

From June 13, Mercury takes off earthbound Taurus and flies into the clear Gemini sky where he loves to be. He is the winged god, and they function much better when he can actually use them. Until June 13, Mercury is like a Turkey or a chicken, he has wings, but they are of little use. If you want to be on the safe side, wait until June 18, that is when Mercury comes out of the shadows and takes off in a grand way. You will notice that projects that you started before the 18 of June might not manifest until we are out of the shadows. The big boost will come on the Solstice, June 21, a day dubbed by astrologers of the past as the “Gateway of Humanity.” That is when the dams truly open and we enter Cancer, a cardinal water sign. To prepare, make sure that you “feel” the projects you are working on until then so that Cancer’s key word “I Feel,” can help you generate the thrust needed to bring them into fruition.

Saturn Retrograde lasts for 4 ½ months every year and during this period we are asked to find our discipline and focus inside of us instead of relying on external sources like superiors, bosses, supervisors, personal trainers, yoga teachers, dietitians etc.

Saturn is associated with the Kabbalistic concept of Tikkun, rectification. Everything Saturn rules will now have the addition prefix “re.” Saturn rules construction therefore you will feel you are being re-constructed. Saturn Retrograde is a good time to re-plan, re-strategize, re-build.

You might reencounter bosses from the past or people you considered father figures, teachers, or mentors. Maybe lessons you learned in the past will come handy in the next few months. If you fell of the wagon or spacecraft, you might find an opportunity to climb aboard again or beam yourself up to the Mothership.

Key works to make the best of this Saturn retro: discipline, patience, endurance, plan, duty, maturity and respect to older people. Honor thy mother and father!


Saturn Stationary: June 4-5. These are the most intense and difficult period. You will be introduced to what you need to work on or where the challenges might manifest. There could be some sadness and depletion of energy. Rest, eat well, don’t take things personally.   

Mid-August: Saturn opposite to the Sun. This period can be especially challenging with the negative aspects of Saturn, the father who devours his own children, is manifested. If you are a father to a child, a company, a project, be extra nurturing and patience.  

End of August: Saturn opposite to Venus. Challenges with relationships, partners in work, legal affairs, and finance. Be mindful of your significant others and be super patient with them and yourself. Try to be conservative with your finance and expenses.

End of September: Saturn square Mars. Aggression, wars, conflicts, injuries. Walk, think, breathe slow! Take your time with everything you are doing. It is also a period when the last square between Uranus and Saturn that started in 2021 is coming to completion. Expect some challenges especially when Mercury is retrograde (Sep 9 – Oct 3).

Oct 22-23: Saturn Stationary before direct. Take some time off. Saturn Direct starts Oct 24.

I have just returned to Los Angeles after a wonderfully magical week at Omega Institute teaching with Laura Day, Nancy Winston, Betsy Murphy, Cori Thomas and Jessie Kanzer. It was an honor spending time with these amazing Athenas (Athena the asteroid is conjunct Uranus the awakener), warriors of light, prolific writers and teachers. Please check out their books (covers below with link).  I truly urge you to follow them on Instagram and get their enlightening books.

I have not been at Omega for almost a decade, and it was great reconnecting to the enchanting sacred place. I will be teaching there a workshop October 14-16 on astrology and it is the best time of the year to spend time in New England and experience the beauty of the foliage’s transformation from green (Libra) to orange (Gemini), yellow (Leo) and red (Aries).

If you want to be your own astrologer as well as become the person everyone invites to dinner parties, join me with likeminded people who wish to channel the wisdom of the stars. I will also share a few new concepts, astral exercises, and meditations I picked along the last few years as well as the Time Travel Meditation I have been developing lately.

Have an amazing week and see you soon               

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