Omicron, Hanukkah & Thanks Giving

Hope you like the new look of the site and emails. It was time for an upgrade and I wanted to do it near Hannukah which in Hebrew means inauguration. Special thanks to Alvaro Fajardo for making it happen.

Happy Thanks Giving and Hannukah!

These celebrations of light always fall during Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign, which is the zodiac archetype that brings optimism and hope in the darkest time of the year. And indeed, talking about mutable sign, here we go again, another COVID mutation bearing the Greek letter, Omicron, the 15th letter of the alphabet, which corresponds to the Phoenician and Hebrew letter Ayin. The letter Ayin and Omicron is associated in the Tarot with the card – The Devil.

The letter Omicron (Ayin) originally meant an eye, and that’s what it still means in Hebrew, it’s shape also resembles an eye – O, and somewhat similar to a cell or a virus. The meaning of Omicron is a micro (small) o while Omega, you guessed it, is a mega O. I guess we can call the variant omegacito. But for us all in 2022 this Omicron is a big exclamation Oh-Oh! The number of Ayin in Gematria is 70 and also in Greek Numerology Omicron is 70, which is a 7, the number in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life associated with Mother Nature (the sphere Eternity). Here we go again, a message from Mother Earth and her Zoonotic hosts. I can already hear my Turkish friends saying: “Bring on the Nazar against the Evil Eye!!!”

The last square between Saturn and Uranus gave us the Delta Variant, and the next one is peaking on Dec 24, so we are heading towards a tough Holiday Season. The Tarot card The Devil, rules Capricorn and we are entering that sign on the Solstice, Dec 22. I guess it’s our micro Omicron Christmas Grinch. As you know, I have been talking about the Saturn and Uranus Square both at the Cosmic Navigator Podcast and my new book on the Astrology of 2022. Here is a quote about the square from my 2022 book:

I’m writing this book in August 2021, so we are yet to see what the square of Dec 2021 might bring into our lives. Hopefully not another aggressive variant. I pray to Zeus that by the end of the pandemic we wouldn’t be able to recite the Greek alphabet from Alpha to Omega due to all the variants.

The last square between Saturn and Uranus gave us the Delta Variant, and now we advance in our reluctant learning of the Greek alphabet.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are now navigating through the darkest time of the year, hence the need for holidays of light such as Thanks Giving, Hanukah (first candle on the 28th), Yule and the Solstice. If you feel SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) welcome to the Sargent Sagittarius Lonely Heart Club Band. Shopping Therapy, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and gifts under a tree are the prescribed therapy in many places around the world. We conjured holidays that were devised to bribe our ego into stopping its constant whining and get on board with the zodiac wheel. Let light banish the winter blues (blue is the color of Sagittarius).

This coming Sunday on the Cosmic Navigator Astrology Show (you can join over Zoom or Podcast) I will be covering the new variant, the upcoming eclipse, and some Kabbalistic concepts from the book and movie Dune. Remember, from this week, no more reconfirmation emails for the zoom class, just join using the meeting ID 870 5603 5555 and Password: 531978. On Monday I have the first 2022 Astrology class. And I’m getting ready for the winter tour in Europe, dates under the Appearances tab, I hope I get to see some of you in person, Omicron Willing…

I wanted to use this opportunity to talk about two of my sisters from a previous life. First is Vered Caplan who is the CEO and founder of OrGenesis. She is doing an amazing job in hospitals all over the world to democratize cell and gene therapy, the future of medicine, and make it affordable and accessible to everyone. I’m sending it out there if you are in position or so inclined to help her cause and bridge science and spirituality. I have known Vered since I was 13 years old and even in high-school she always stood up against bullies and was the fiercest champion of the underdog. Her company needs some magic now to take their inventions to the next level.

My second sister some of you had the opportunity to work with – the marvelous Laura Day. We do free live Instagram every so often and many of your joined us. She is doing one of her famous Practical Intuition Bootcamp. Check it out!

Another thing to look at this week is the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius taking place on Dec 3/4. Eclipses are Kefitzat haderech (Dune) – a Jump or a Leap in the Way. Eclipses quicken processes and we can expect the variant to ride the eclipses’ boost. So please be safe. Since Dec 3-4 eclipse is a solar (New Moon), you can use it to initiate something new in your life, especially in connection to Sagittarius: learning, teaching, travel, truth, education, trade, publishing, or mass media. But regardless of these subjects, it is a great swell of cosmic energy to brings something authentic into your life.

I will leave you with a wonderful image. I was lucky to be teaching in Berlin in 2019 right at Hannukah and saw this wonder with my own teary eyes. It is Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, where each year the city erects the biggest Menorah in Europe. I was very emotional when I saw it as for me it was one of the most powerful example to the Kabbalistic concept of Tikkun (rectification of the soul), the fixing of a gate, city, and people. May we all be inspired by light and forgiveness…

Have a great eclipse and see or hear you soon!

13 thoughts on “Omicron, Hanukkah & Thanks Giving

  1. Congrats to you new website! It looks great and is super functional.

    For the new variant you give once again a great explanation of what‘s going on with a wide range of information coming from your mythological knowledge.

    I‘ve just read the other post of April about Angels ( I must have missed that post), and the picture of your grey “James Dean” Angel made me smile and now I don’t wonder anymore why “my” Angel appears in a deep red evening dress and looks somehow like Scarlett O’Hara … haha.

    Your posts, texts and teachings are mostly seasoned with a pinch of humor. And that’s exactly what I love about it.

    Thank you Gahl!


  2. Dear Gahl,

    Wishing you and your friends and community a very Happy & Peaceful Hannukah!
    What a marvellous image.
    Stay safe everyone

  3. Hi Gahl,
    Thank you,
    I will be registering in your London event,
    I will travel from Scotland to see you in London in January 18,2022.
    Kind regards,
    Almouj 14

  4. Thank you Gahl for your generous heart vast knowledge and wise soul.

    Happy and safe travels,
    Suzan Dianne Green

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