Pluto in Aquarius: Banking and Demonstrations

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Pluto entered Aquarius on March 23, and will remain there for two decades. The time Pluto, the ruler of power, transformation, death and resurrection, visited the revolutionary Water-Bearer was 250 years ago. It was the end of the 18th century, and the world experienced the American Revolution Wars, The French Revolution, the signing of the American Constitution, the discovery of Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) and the spread of the Industrial Revolution.

History repeats itself as do the astrological cycles, which is the basis of the connection between the above and the below. History is a vital field of study for any astrology aficionado. Here is an example from a New York Time’s article by Catherine Porter, which came out right as Pluto entered Aquarius:

During the French Revolution, the Place de la Concorde, the sprawling cobblestone square across the Seine from the National Assembly, was known as Revolutionary Square — the place where the newfound power of the street paraded on full display, in all its glory and horror. It was there that both King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were guillotined before packed crowds. Over the past week, the square, which now resembles a chaotic traffic circle, reclaimed an echo of its former self as people overflowed it — drawn by instinct and word of mouth to protest the government’s decision to push through its unpopular pension law, moving back the retirement age by two years to 64.

Also from the New York Times: “Those massive protests have shifted in character over the past week. They  become angrier, more violent – especially after nightfall.”  

At the same time, in Israel, the anti-government demonstrations intensified with some arrests. Israel is one of the only democracies that did not ratify a constitution, something the Americans did in the last cycle of Pluto in Aquarius, a document that reflected the essence of Aquarius, the sign of humanity, with the opening line – “We The People.” However, a huge shadow is hanging over the country. The last time Jews lost their ancestral land to inner fighting and civil war was when Pluto transited in Aquarius, 70CE.

Pluto in Astrology is the ruler of power and wealth. The etymology of the word comes from Latin, Pluton and Greek Ploutos, “wealth, riches,” probably originally meaning “overflowing.” Hence the term Plutocracy — the government by the rich. For this reason, Pluto rules the banking system and whenever he shifts sign, there is a financial turmoil. Pluto has the most irregular orbit, and can spend between 12-30 years in a sign. In 2008, Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign of structure and tradition and right as he did, we experienced the Great Recession triggered by faulty housing mortgages in the United States. Makes celestial sense since the United State is a Cancer, the sign of homes.

Now as Pluto is transiting from Capricorn to tech savvy, revolutionary Aquarius, we can see a new financial upheaval brewing, this time originating from the technology sector. It started in Oct/Nov 2022, when the eclipses were in Scorpio (Pluto’s sign), bringing down FTX and continued in the last few weeks with Silicon Valley Bank as well as other regional banks. This is from today’s Router Weekend Briefing:

An unnerving week: Janet Yellen says everything is fine. Policymakers in Europe say the continent’s banks are well capitalized. And yet, stock, bond and foreign-exchange markets continue a collective freakout over the health of the financial system, while Wall Street seeks more aggressive action from Washington to shore up the industry. Deutsche Bank is the latest financial institution to suffer a crisis of confidence. The Federal Reserve sees a credit crunch coming. 

Whenever a generational planet such as Pluto changes signs, we can feel it strongly in our personal life as well as in world’s events. In your own life you might experience the change in your affiliation within your community or company. There could be some issues rising with your friendships, or in your club, or organization. You might also feel a strong need to break away from whatever confines you, wanting more freedom, rebel, update and upgrade your life, protest and take to the street. There could also be a change in how you use, view, or connect to technology, science, and innovation. Be also mindful of your dealing with government, insurance, taxes, and handing of investments.  

Whatever is going on in your life now is part of this Plutonian transit. To make it more interesting, we are also under the influence of the transit of the South Node (letting go) in Scorpio (Pluto’s sign) that started end of 2021 and continues until July this year. Suffice to say, it’s a lot to handle, not only for banks, but for each one of us.

Pluto’s Influence Over the Signs:

Aries: Complete transformation of your friendships, attitude towards government, and how you deal with your digital friends (computers, gadgets etc). Time for a major upgrade.

Taurus: Expect major transformations in your career and chosen professional path. There could be some challenges with bosses or father figures.

Gemini: Major transformations coming from education, mass media, your believes, and philosophies. Some issues with in-laws, mentors, teachers, foreigners or while traveling.

Cancer: You are forced by Pluto to look into death, grieving, your sexuality and passion. A powerful potential for healing and/or becoming a healer.

Leo: Major changes with your partnerships in life and work, your relationships might be acting out of character. Stay away from abusive relationships.

Virgo: A time for a big change in your diet, work, health, and routine. You might change your profession or find new ways to serve. These are anyway aspects of life that are under your sign’s rulership, which help you become a super-Virgo.

Libra: Major changes in your attitude towards children, your own and others. Be careful of secret love affairs. If you are into extreme sports, well, be extremely careful.

Scorpio: Pluto is your planet and you can’t scare a Scorpio with intensity, but still, there could be major changes around your home, family, and real estate.

Sagittarius: Pluto is changing the way you write, speak, text, conduct your business and deal with contracts. Major changes in communication. There could be some issues with relatives and neighbors.

Capricorn: Pluto is transforming the way you make money and how you deal with your talents and self-worth. Good time for long term investments.

Aquarius: Pluto in your sign means that all aspects of life are changing especially your body, personality, and the path you chose for yourself. You will also find yourself instigating changes and transformations in other people’s lives.

Pisces: Pluto is transforming you from within. Expect a great deal of intuition, memories from past lives, gifts skills from previous lives. Practice letting go.

May Pluto Be with You!    

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