The Astro High-Lights of April

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The etymology of April perfectly captures the essence of the month. April comes from the Latin word aperir, ‘to open,’ a reference to the budding flowers of spring. But it is not only flowers that open in April. Since most of the month is covered by the Zodiac sign Aries, all aspects of life spring into action. No wonder we usually celebrate Passover (Moses’ burning bush call to action) and Easter (Jesus’ resurrection out of the womb of the cave), during the month that represents the call to adventure. In other words, when April comes, doors open, bushes talk, opportunities abound, and we must be ready to accept and welcome them.

This April is quite a celestial ride. Mercury begins his pre-retro shadow April 7, then on April 20, on the last degree of Aries, we’ll experience the Solar eclipse. This year’s first eclipse season is from April 20 – May 5 and will quicken and amplify aspects in your life that relates to your identity, body, personality, as well as justice and relationships (April 20) as well as finances, investments, sexuality, death, and transformation (May 5).

The April 20 eclipse falls on the 29th degree of Aries, which is a big deal. The 29th degree of any sign is dubbed Anaretic, a fancy word for ill-fortune and fate. Having a Solar eclipse occur on an Anaretic degree can be associated with killing, destruction, and is generally considered inauspicious. There is a sense of urgency, as if we are under pressure to accomplish everything before the Sun ingresses into Taurus. And to make it worse, on the same fated day, Mercury goes stationary, standing still before he goes retro (and stationary) until May 16. Remember, Stationary planets force us to stand still and adhere to Psalm 46 suggestion: “Be still and know that I am God.” Stationary days (April 20 – 21) are prefect for meditation and finding inner peace. Just don’t start anything important those days as they could be stillborn.    

April 1 (Mars trines Saturn)

The benevolent aspects between the General (Saturn) and the soldier (Mars) continues today on April’s Fool, a day dedicated to the Greenman, Mother Nature’s son/lover. Commit to having a walk in a green park or forest. Great day for career advancement and success. 

April 3 (Mercury squares Pluto)

Watch how you communicate today, there could be negative ramifications if you are not careful with your words, contracts, and business. Especially pay attention to your interactions with powerful people. You can expect some manipulations and intellectual power struggles.

April 3 (Mercury enters Taurus until June 11)

The messenger is being grounded. Worry about material issues. Communication slows down but at the same time is becoming more artistic. Since Mercury retrogrades, he will spend a long time in Taurus. Talk, think, text, post, and write slowly.

April 5 (Mercury sextile Saturn)

A small door is opening in your business and or with your writing. Sales, ideas, writing, and connection can benefit.

April 5 (Full Moon Passover)

A celebration of liberation. Today your inner Moses (higher self) is freeing you from an oppression of your personal Pharaoh. You are starting your exodus to your Promised Land.

April 6 (Full Moon in Libra)

This is a powerful lunation associated with Passover (see above). A time where your needs and those of your partner’s must harmonize.

April 6 (Mercury conjunct North Node)

The messenger is riding the dragon. Quick communications, meetings with likeminded people, intellectual groups, and information flow. Great for downloading mental faculties from past lifetimes.

April 7 – 9 (Mercury sextiles Mars while Venus sextiles Neptune)

A wonderful lucky kite is formed by Saturn, Mercury, the Moon, and her nodes. These days are blessed with magic (ability to manifest your wishes). The kite formation is in water and earth signs therefore, your emotions can bring about a great deal of practical success. You can accomplish your chores and duties easily today. Just make sure to be emotionally in tune to your needs as well as others.

April 9 (Easter Sunday)

As always, Easter is celebrated according to an Astrological formula – the first Sunday (day of the Sun) after the Full Moon in Libra, that comes after the Spring Equinox. Today you can access your higher self, just as Jesus died as a man and was reborn as a god, so can you on a metaphorical level. Today you emerge out of a cave and reborn into the light.

April 11 – 12 (Sun conjunct Jupiter)

A yearly blessed day when the Sun transits over Jupiter, the biggest planet in the Solar System. Great day for experiencing expansion, opportunities, and flow. This includes teaching, learning, traveling, publishing, or a meeting with a mentor. The cavalry is coming to your aid! At the same time Venus trines Pluto, and their positive flow adds beauty, positive relationships with artists as well as powerful people.

April 11 (Venus enters Gemini until May 7)

Venus sadly bids farewell to her signs and catches a first-class flight to Gemini’s Cloud City. She now will focus on promoting, selling, marketing, and making money with her socialite skills. Love is in the air, after all, Gemini’s tarot card is called “The Lovers.”

April 14 – 16 (Venus squares Saturn)

Relationships can be challenging these days. Try not to be reactive to people’s general nastiness. Especially tough with people who are older than you or have authority over you (bosses, figures of authority).

April 20 (New Moon in Aries)

Yes, two New Moons in Aries this year. Very auspicious, I guess we all need to start the biblical year twice, just in case your spacecraft ignition failed the first time. Would have been a great time for new beginning and or restart your New (biblical) Year’s Resolution, BUT, Mercury is also stationary today. This is a total Solar Eclipse and can quicken processes that you are facing in your life. Sabian Symbol: A duck pond and its brood.  

April 20 – 21 (Mercury stationary before retro)

Here we go again, another of those stationary phases of Mercury before he shifts into reverse. These two days avoid starting new projects.

April 20 (Sun enters Taurus)

Farewell sandals and swords, and hello Prada and sensuality. The Sun leaves warlike Aries and enter luxurious Taurus. The next 30 days are all about finding your pleasure, indulging your senses, and bringing your talents into fruition.

April 20 – 21 (Sun squares Pluto)

You are forced into action that can unearth your true self-expression. There could be issues with channeling your authorities and needs.

April 22 (Mercury goes retrograde until May 16)

Watch the market, back in 2010, when Mercury was retrograde in Taurus, we had the flash crash. A good time for editing and trying new approaches in finance or in developing your talents.   

April 23 – 24 (Mercury sextiles Mars)

Great for gathering intelligence and information, processing data, and action based on reason. Good time for writing and sales.

April 24 – 26 (Sun sextiles Saturn)

You can benefit from discipline and detailed plans. The Sun shines your career and your success within reach.

April 24 – 26 (Sun conjuncts Vesta and the North Node)

Hold the line! Tradition is calling you from this life and your past, bringing down knowledge and experience from previous lives. A great deal of déjà vu around you as well as synchronicities.

April 28 – 30 (Mars sextiles Uranus)

Excitement and restlessness but in a good way. Hang out with young enthusiastic people. Technology, innovation is grounded with action that can help you update yourself, work, and passions. I will be visiting New York from April 28 – May 6, if you want to book a reading in person please email me.  

May doors, hearts, and opportunities open for you this month!

Happy April


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  1. Really valuable info, I’m loving having it all at a glance in my calendar every day. It helps me both to organise my life, and to focus my thoughts. It is greatly appreciated.

    Lots of love to you!

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