What is the Square Root of Jupiter Times Pluto in Capricorn?

When I was in the army, the officers used to boast that everything can be divided and organized with the number 3. They were obsessed with 3, a magical number that was the solution for any problem or challenge. How many eggs we should have in breakfast? 3! How many rows should we stand in? 3! Etc, etc, etc (must be 3). 

In sacred geometry, 3 is the holly trinity of the Father, Mother and Child. It is the triangle, the first enclosed shape, the basis to all other 2 and 3 dimensional shapes. 3 is the sacred mountain that connects heave and earth. The 3rd sphere in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is Understanding and represents the Great Mother. That is why there are three fates, three witches, three angels, and three musketeers.  On your marks (1), get set (2), go! (3). Ready, steady, go! I think you get what I am trying to say.  

The modern screenwriters of Hollywood, building on thousands of years of oral and written storytelling, have also developed a system based on three: beginning (act I) middle (act II) and end (act III). Some believe the enduring principle of 3 is engraved in our collective because of the moon’s three phases (new, full, waning), and in our understanding and measurements of time (past, present, future) as well as space (width, length, height). 

Astrology, the library of archetypes, follows the same logic, and this week we will see it in action. On April 4, Jupiter (expansion and benevolence) was in conjunction with Pluto (raw power, death, transformation), that was the first conjunction since Dec 2007, when the Great Recession officially started. That conjunction happened only once. This year, the meeting of Jupiter and Pluto occurs 3 times due to Jupiter’s retrograde motion. The next one is happening June 30 and the last on Nov 12 right after the U.S. election and during Mars retrograde. 

Jupiter tends to enhance whatever planets it comes in contact with. Just like Jupiter, as the king of the gods, had many love affairs that resulted in the lover being “enhanced” by getting pregnant, thus spawning godlings and demigods all over the place. Same in Astrology, each conjunction of Jupiter is like a short lived romance that gives birth to something new in our lives. Pluto, on the other hand, is a Mata-Hari, mysterious, dangerous, sexual. Pluto is the raw transmuting agent of change, lava erupting out of a crater, gazer shooting out of the earth. When the two come together it is a sign of major changes politically, socially, culturally and personally. 

Using the movie storytelling structure, act I took place beginning of April, when the world officially went into lock-down and the recession was declared around the globe. Again, last time the two planets came together was right when the Great Recession took place, and so we are feeling an echo, a ricochet, a cosmic reverberation from that time. Since this conjunction takes place every 13 years, you can go back to 1994, 1981, 1968 etc to find out what took place in your life that could be related to Jupiter Pluto conjunction. Was there any major change? Did you shed something? Was there something that changes in your sexuality, passion or intimacy? Was there any death, actual or symbolic? Any inheritance? A change of power structure in your life or around you? How was the financial situation of your partner in work or in life?

In movies, which I consider to be the most efficient and holistic modern storytelling invention, the three-act structure consists of act I or set-up, act II the confrontation and act III which is the resolution. While Act I and III tend to be equal in size, about 1/4 of the movie each, act II is the longest, filled with obstacles and tends to be the hardest to write and shoot. Many movies fail because of a badly written or directed second act. Same with astrology. Many times we have three conjunctions since one of the planets goes retrograde and passes over the other three times. While in the last few Jupiter Conjunctions it did not happen, of course in 2020, everything must be extreme and we have three acts to the Jupiter Meets Pluto triple feature show…

This year act I gave us in April the set up, now in June 30 we have the long difficult dragging second act and in November we will have the resolution. Act I and II are the “action,” while act III serves as the “reaction.”

We can see it happening around the world. States like Texas, Arizona, and Florida, which governors were eager to open their economies too quickly, are now clamping down on businesses and decided to put on pause their economic reopening. While in April, some pundits on Fox “News” labeled the pandemic the Blue Virus, now in June 30, Jupiter Pluto second act, we see a spike of cases in red states.  

Jupiter and Pluto conjunction do represent a change in political structure. In 1994 it was Newt Gingrich that lead the Republican Party in taking control of both houses of representatives. In 2008 it was President Obama’s administration taking on the helm, let is hope for the best in 2020.  

Jupiter and Pluto were also in conjunction in 1968 during the flu pandemic caused by an H3N2 strain of influenza. It was estimated that one million people died globally. It was also the month when the infamous Tlatelolco Massacre took place in Mexico City, which was a student demonstration that ended with a ruthless butchering of 300-400 people only 10 days before the Mexico City Summer Olympics.

Jupiter, the happy-go-lucky does not feel at home in disciplined, organized, and rigid Capricorn. That is why he has a hard time rescuing us from Great Recessions or worldwide virus attacks. He is a wounded Jupiter, but still Jupiter is Jupiter wounded or not. Since this conjunction and long second act of Jupiter-Pluto conjunction takes place while Mercury the messenger is retrograde and only 5 days shy of an lunar eclipse, we can expect a bit more turmoil till middle/end of July.

In movies’ second act the protagonist experiences what is called the point-of-no-return, right at the midpoint, half way through the movie. It is a twist, a sudden change of attitude and a moment that propels the narrative towards the third act. From an article by Steve Kaire, Script Magazine:

In Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather, the point of no return is obvious and clear. Michael Corleone has been up to that point a war hero and considered to be a civilian in his mob family. He prides himself on telling his bride-to-be that he’s not part of the family business. But after a failed attempt on his father’s life, he makes the crucial decision to kill the mobster who tried to kill his father along with the police captain who is protecting him.

We can expect the same in our own narratives, our life feature in 2020. Now in June/July with the conjunction sandwiched between two eclipses and a retrograde, we are at a point of no return. Things are changing, we better come aboard. We find strength to speak our mind, to be true to our soul and reshape our body. We are experiencing a point of no return, a decision that cannot be hampered by regret or second guessing. We are all showing others as well as ourselves our true colors. Pluto exposes, Jupiter enhances. The line are drawn and waiting for the resolution in November. 

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