A Wish
Can Change
Your Life

How the program works?

In Kabbalah, a mystical philosophy developed thousands of years ago, it is believed that God used a certain blueprint to create the universe. This blueprint is called the Tree of Life and has been successfully used for hundreds of years to create miracles. This program will teach you how to use this blueprint to make your own miracles come true.

The Wish Maker is based on the book “A Wish Can Change Your Life” by, Gahl Sasson & Steve Weinstein and takes us through the ten spheres of the Tree of Life showing us how to design our reality using practical exercises. The book’s universal approach to understanding this ancient wish fulfilling technology is also made fun with everyday references and is endorsed by HH the 14th Dalai Lama.

The program takes 10 weeks, one week per sphere, and has a remarkable success rate for those who stick with it.

The Spheres

The Tree of Life consists of ten interconnected spheres. These spheres represent the cosmology of Kabbalah.  Click on a Sphere to learn more about each of the…


The first sphere or archetype to emanate as a word from God’s mouth is called Crown (Keter in Hebrew).


The next word uttered by God was Wisdom (Hochma). Wisdom represents reflection, meditation, intuition, and insights


This third sphere imparts the energies we need to comprehend ourselves, our identity, and our mission in life.


Mercy embodies the archetype of compassion, unconditional love, expansion, benevolence, and the grace of God.


This sphere resonates with strength, power, pure energy, and force. It can also be severe.


Located in the heart of the Tree of Life, Beauty balances constriction and expansion, feminine and masculine, and the above and the below.


This marvelous archetype brings pleasure, art, talent, and all slices of life that provide us with sensuous joy.


This sphere enables communication, that most human characteristic, which demands both speaking and listening.


This sphere holds all the secrets and subconscious powers of the universe.


This sphere encompasses the entire physical creation—from unseen viruses and your neighbor next door to alien starships and vast galaxies millions of light years away.

Gahl Sasson makes Kabbalah, astrology and psychology engaging, illuminating, and fun. The way he sees Kabbalah is accessible to anyone from any faith and background.

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