Welcome to the first sphere of the Tree of Life, also known as the Crown. The Crown represents the Will of God, the One, and the Beginning. This is the point of creation and where you begin your journey. During this week you will create the space to plant your wish. You are clearing out the clutter so that your new wish will have plenty of space to grow.

During the program you will be asked to keep an Abra Blog, which is a journal where you will document your synchronicities and other insightful moments during your journey. You can use your smartphone, your diary, or open an “Abra Blog” file on your computer. If you think you are ready to make your wish come true, click Begin Program

Gahl Sasson makes Kabbalah, astrology and psychology engaging, illuminating, and fun. The way he sees Kabbalah is accessible to anyone from any faith and background.

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