July 2018 Eclipses – Politics

We have officially entered Eclipse season. It started about 10 days ago with a powerful solar eclipse in Cancer. The first of its kind as the last two years we experienced the eclipses in Leo/Aquarius. Since eclipses tell stories and are known to be wild-cards that accelerate processes, let’s take a look at what the eclipse on July 13 brought about in the news. 

Right on July 13, Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russians GRU (military intelligence) officers for cyber-attacks and attempting to interfere in the US elections. Remember, the Russian’s meddling in US elections was/is arguably, after September 11, one of the most devastating attack on American soil. The US is of course a Cancer and the last time the eclipses were in Cancer was 2000 and 2001 right when 9-11 took place.

Three days later, like a reverberation, at the Hall of Mirrors in the presidential palace in Helsinki, with no prior precedence, the president of the US sides with a en ex-KGB agent and a head of a hostile state against his own security services. Eclipses indeed, quicken processes. Eclipses weave stories and what we can expect is that this saga will continue to unfold and grab the news cycles again when the eclipses in Cancer return (January and July of 2018). In Europe the Brexit situation also came to a new level of confusion as Theresa May’s white paper was rejected by the EU. Again, you will see some push and pull happening during the eclipses on July 26/27 and August 11 as well as next Jan and July. Also, pat attention to the late capitalized tweet exchange between Trump and Iran. That can also easily accelerate into regrettable situations in the next month. 

On a personal level, look at what happened to you around July 13. Especially look for incidents  relating to home, family, mother, security, real-estate, childhood memories, vehicles, intuition, parenting, emotions, water, ancestors. Whatever was happening mid-July can come to fruition Jan and July 2019 when the stories that begun this month will have their second and third act. 

In addition, we are entering a hot spot and cosmic junction. From July 26 – August 18 we will experience two eclipses (lunar and solar), Mercury retrograde as well as Mars retrograde. It is not the best time to launch any projects or start new businesses, sign documents or make big purchases. Impulsive words, can easily ignite aggressive actions you will regret. We might suffer from a tendency to react or over react. We might get overly sensitive, abusive, defensive, and explosive. Even the best intentions might be misinterpreted. So please, take heed, drive, text, think and talk slow…

Things are suppose to clear up end of August and in September with Mars traveling direct in Capricorn, its sign of exaltation. A great deal of broken pieces of our lives can start mending and growing anew in September. Maybe the cosmic gardener is now pruning us, like one does to roses, so we could soon bloom. 

Sending lots of patience…

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