Jupiter in Capricorn: Dec 3, 2019 – Dec 19, 2020

Today, On Dec 3, 2019, Jupiter, the planet that represents abundance, opportunities, and expansion is transiting into Capricorn where he will stay for a year. Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun takes about 12 years, which means he gets to visit each zodiac sign for a year. Wherever Jupiter travels, opportunities arise and doors open. In the Tarot cards he is represented by the card “Fortune,” and his letter in the Hebrew alphabet is Kaf, which meaning as well as shape resemble the palm of the hand. No wonder palmistry can read our fortune engraved in the lines written on our palm. So what is our fortune in the next twelve months?

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Jupiter’s Fall
As I mentioned in my book on the Astrology of 2020, the year ahead ain’t easy. We are having a great deal of planetary action in Capricorn, a sign that is designed to bring about our worst fears so we can overcome them. Pluto, Saturn, and the South Nodes are in Capricorn and from December 3, Jupiter joins the gang. Jupiter’s symbolizes expansion and endless opportunities, however, Jupiter does not feel comfortable in Capricorn. Jupiter’s jovial nature is keen on adventures, exploration, taking risks, being optimistic and relying on synchronicities to resolve complicated situation. These qualities are absolutely at odd with the essence of Capricorn, the frugal, serious, strategic sign who does not put too much stock in luck or magic.

Capricorn begins on the Winter Solstice, marking the beginning of the hardest season, when the only way to survive the challenging cold month is by planing ahead, being responsible and sticking to the budget. For this reason, Jupiter is called “fallen” when he is in Capricorn. He does not manifest in his fullest glory. Returning to Mythology, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Jupiter’s father, who swallowed his children and was about to devour Jupiter, who escaped being dad-food thanks to his mother, Rhea, replacing him with a stone. Interestingly, Jupiter was hidden in a cave (Capricorn) and was suckled by a goat-nymph (you see even the Ancient Greek knew goat milk is healthier than cow’s milk). When Jupiter matured he returned and managed to force Saturn to vomit his siblings and declared war on Saturn, dethroning his father after an ungodly war. So as you can see, Jupiter and Saturn (Capricorn) have some karma…

Jupiter in Capricorn can still be helpful and he will turn the wheel of fortune for us, but the spin will not be as fast and the doors will not open fully, we might need to squeeze in to experience the promised benevolence.

Becoming Capricorn
Yes, Jupiter in Capricorn will make Capricorns’ life easier and you know what, they deserve it. Since 2008, the goat sign has been hosting Pluto (not the easiest guest to entertain, after all he is the Lord of the Underworld), so Jupiter’s benevolence is much needed. If you have Capricorn rising or moon in Capricorn Jupiter will shed some light upon your path (rising) or home and family (moon). The rest of us will have to “become” Capricorn for the next 12 months in order to get the gifts Jupiter bears. The more we mimic the archetype of Capricorn, the easier it will be for Jupiter to help us. For the next 12 months, focus on channeling these qualities: 

  • Endurance – Don’t give up.
  • Discipline – Come on! you can do it.
  • Plan – Long term goals or investments.
  • Patience – Wait and trust, the cavalry is coming. 
  • Frugal – Use what you have, don’t be quick to buy new things. 
  • Reliable – Be on time at the right place. All about timing!
  • Ambition – Career, focus, and determination are favored by Capricorn.

Change – The Two of Disks
In the Thoth deck, the 2 of disks, which is assigned to Jupiter in Capricorn ,is called “Change.” As you can see, the card depicts a serpent coiled in the shape of the symbol of infinity, crowned, biting its own tail. The card embodies Heraclitus assertion that “change is the only constant in life.”   

The two of disks represents a positive change in career, or your professional life.The card symbolizes an ability to manifest and refocus your ambition as well as transform your potential into actual. The card shows the ability to ground your talents and add a practical aspect to your career. We can expect similar things happening in 2020. 

Cycles Return
The best way to know how Jupiter in Capricorn will manifest in your life is to return to the last times Jupiter visited the goat sign: 

Aug 13, 1961 – Nov 3, 1961
Feb 7, 1972 – Feb 23, 1973 
Jan 19, 1984 – Feb 6, 1985 
Jan 3, 1996 – Jan 21, 1997 
Dec 19, 2007 – Jan 5, 2009

Try to identify, if you lived long enough to experience a few of these returns, a pattern or a repetition of expansion that took place in those time. Jupiter in Capricorn can also manifest as a blessing in disguise, meaning, something that might have looked as difficult at the time but turned to be beneficial in the long term. Remember, Jupiter in Capricorn is late in showing its benevolence. Capricorn, being a late bloomer, might delay or slow-release the positive aspects of provided by Jupiter. 

Jupiter in Capricorn in the Signs

Aries: Flow and opportunities abound in career, healing relationships with father figures and bosses, awards and recognition.

Taurus: Doors open for travel, education, finding your truth and meaning of life. Aid and support coming through foreigners and multi-national organizations. 

Gemini: Sexuality and passion as well as the ability to attract opportunities for investments. Partners (in work or life) experience a raise or promotion. It is sexy times!

Cancer: Opportunities to find a partner or get married, win lawsuits, protection against enemies and resolution of conflicts. 

Leo: Door open at work as well as an opportunity to heal your body, mind and soul. There could be a raise or a new path in your professional life. 

Virgo: Love is in the air, as well as a possibility to experience a great deal of creativity. Jupiter can help with sports, recreation, performance and stock-market. Blessings coming from children.

Libra: Jupiter is opening doors for real-estate, either a move or renovation, a change of your office. Healing and expansion via family members, possibility for pregnancy and giving birth.  

Scorpio: Opportunities to open new businesses, marketing and sales. Jupiter blesses publishing writing and making new connections. Blessings comes to or from siblings, relatives or neighbors. 

Sagittarius: Doors open that enable a raise or promotion, new talents and new ways to make money. Finance can improve as well as self-worth.

Capricorn: This is your year so you can experience a great deal of abundance in all aspects of life especially if you let Jupiter re-brand and reinvent your path. This year you can also heal your body.

Aquarius: Jupiter helps you let go of things you don’t need, reconnect to talents and gifts as well as people or souls from past lives. Intuition, healing abilities and psychic abilities grow.  

Pisces: Abundance and help coming from friends. New organizations and cooperation open up to you. It is a great year to manifest your dreams and hopes. New communities form around you. 

Hope you have a great end of the year and a wonderful 2020!


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