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July is upon us and it is a great month to get things done before Mercury goes retrograde (most of August) and before the September/October eclipse season. I am writing to you from Zurich and in two days off to Israel. I will be giving astrology readings in Tel Aviv between July 16 – 23, you can email me HERE to book a session. From July 23 – 30 I will be in London and you can email me HERE to book a reading there. I have an in-person workshop in London on Friday, July 26 5:30pm The Power of Your Name – How Your Name Unfolds Your Destiny In addition, I will be leading two workshops that are hybrid (in-person and webinar with recording): Unleash Your Inner Bender: Find Your Element Using Astrology, Kabbalah & Tarot – Master the Building Blocks of Creation Sat, July 27 10:00-12:30 and Using Astrology’s Grand Cycles to Navigate Your Life Successfully Sat, July 27 14:00-16:00pm Regent’s University. Hope to see you in person or digitally!

July boasts Neptune and Saturn turning retrograde right as they were about to change sign from Pisces to Aries. They would plunge into Aries’ flames next year, and as I am writing the 2025 book, I can see the havoc they would bringing about as they, along with Jupiter, Uranus, and the North Node, change sign in this upcoming fated year, but on that in next year’s book…

July 1 – November 17 (Saturn retrograde in Pisces): Discipline must come from within. It’s an excellent time to delve deeper through meditation, therapy, dance, and yoga. Reevaluate your discipline and responsibilities. Expect some career delays. This period is ideal for recalling dreams.

July 1 – 2 (Neptune Stationary): There’s heightened confusion and disillusionment. Nonetheless, it’s a conducive time for meditation and introspection.

July 2 (Mercury trine Neptune): This aspect harmonizes logic and mysticism, art and marketing, and facilitates powerful messages from dreams, the subconscious, and meditations. You’ll find it easier to channel, intuit, and receive messages from above and from within. It’s a perfect day to harness your imagination to find creative solutions to issues in all aspects of your life.

July 2 (Mercury in Leo until July 25): Let the roaring commence! Your communication becomes bolder, more creative, but occasionally more childish. The best time for creative writing, connecting to people who share your passions in sports, entertainment, recreation, and hobbies.

July 2 (Sun square North and South Node): The karmic tax collectors have arrived. Stay attuned to your dreams, meditate, engage in physical activity. You might meet someone eerily familiar from a past life.

July 2 – 3 (Venus trine Saturn): It’s a beneficial time for healing and establishing durable relationships. Connect with discipline and ground your artistic talents. Relationships with elder or more experienced individuals can be particularly fruitful. Minerva, the wisdom goddess, adds her touch of strategy — a fantastic day for planning and innovative problem-solving.

July 3 – December 6 (Neptune retrograde): Over the next 160 days, dreams and intuition intensify. Memories from past lives might resurface, and encounters with soul family members become likely. You’ll be more connected to your imaginative visions but be aware of increased daydreaming.

July 4 – 6 (Mars sextile Saturn): Actions speak louder than words. Mars, the soldier, is led by Saturn, the master tactician. Success is achieved through rigorous, disciplined action. Collaborate and accomplish tasks.

July 5 (New Moon in Cancer): The Moon returns home. Start new ventures related to home, family, or vehicles. Venus and Mars’ blessings on this New Moon bode well for romantic and familial relations.

July 8 (International Light Day): A remarkable 99% of humanity experiences daylight concurrently, symbolizing the triumph of light. Engage in joyous activities and radiate positivity. This date, an “8”, aligns with the year’s numerology.

July 10 – 11 (Sun trine Saturn): Two days of bolstered confidence and success potential. Experience smooth interactions with superiors.

July 11 (Venus enters Leo until August 5): Venus flourishes in Leo, ushering in heightened creativity and romance. However, watch out for dramatic flare-ups. Channel Venus’s benevolence for inspiration.

July 11 (Pallas-Athena/Minerva turns direct): The wisdom goddess transits through Scorpio until September 9, favoring investigation and the occult. Utilize her insights for financial and personal healing.

July 11 (Venus trine Neptune): A day filled with magic. Venus, representing love and luxury, is amplified by Neptune. Immerse yourself in art, romance, and happiness. Socialize and the world will reciprocate.

July 12 (Venus opposite Pluto): A challenging aspect. Exercise caution in relationships, finances, and investments. Beware of manipulations and stay vigilant.

July 14 – 16 (Mars conjunct Uranus): Prioritize safety. Be wary of mishaps, sharp objects, and impulsive actions. Electronic devices might act up. While energy levels soar, channel them wisely.

July 17 – 20 (Sun sextile Uranus): An apt time for technological upgrades and networking. Embrace innovation and team endeavors.

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July 20 (Mars in Gemini until September 4): Mars can instigate conflicts, so be mindful of your words. Nonetheless, he can also invigorate your professional endeavors. Engage in cardio exercises.

July 21 – 22 (Sun trine Neptune): Intuitive doors swing open, revealing previously obscured insights. Immerse in compassion but maintain self-awareness. As Mars also sextiles the Sun, your intuitive revelations may guide your actions.

July 21 (Full Moon in Capricorn): Personal and professional chapters conclude. Undertake major clean-ups. Balance familial and professional commitments. The Moon’s placement makes it especially potent, and its blessings from Uranus and Mars infuse excitement.

July 21 – 23 (Mars trine Pluto): Harness the surge of energy to advance your projects. Passion and determination are at their peak.

July 22 (Sun enters Leo until August 22): Connect to your inner lion during these 30 days. Engage in creative, joyful, and heartwarming activities.

July 22 – 23 (Sun opposite Pluto): Exercise caution. External resistance, especially from adversaries, may arise. You might encounter manipulation and emotional blackmail.

Announcement: I am in London between July 23 – 30. For readings please email Workshops in person and webinar: Unleash Your Inner Bender: Find Your Element Using Astrology, Kabbalah & Tarot – Master the Building Blocks of Creation Sat, July 27 10:00-12:30 and Using Astrology’s Grand Cycles to Navigate Your Life Successfully Sat, July 27 14:00-16:00pm Regent’s University

July 25 (Mercury in Virgo until Aug 15): As Mercury nears retrograde, wrap up tasks. Its exaltation in Virgo favors writing and analytical tasks. Communicate helpfully and monitor your health.

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