Astro Highlights of June

On a flight from Dubai to Istanbul, high above the clouds and the Arabian desert below – planet  Arakis, Dune. From Istanbul I will revisit Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna for workshops, and then off to Zurich, Tel Aviv, and London. Please email me if you would like to have a reading in-person in one of these places, you know, old school, face to face, heart to heart.

June kicks off with a wonderful conjunction of Venus (goddess of love) and the Sun (you) culminating on June sixth’s wonderful New Moon in Gemini, the sign ruled by the Tarot card “The Lovers.” What a wonderful time for romance, love, relationships, creativity, and any artform that has a message to share. The Full Moon in Capricorn June 22nd falls one day after the Solstice and therefore would be more intense than your average Full Moon. A great time to bring things into the light (Solstice) and deal with ancestral karma. Pay attention around the solstice to new talents, gifts or aptitudes that might suddenly come into light. People tend to think that intergenerational karma is always a negative thing, but truth be told, these karmic familial issues, manifested through your genes and epigenetics, also contain talents and qualities that have been earned, developed, and evolved by your ancestors. Your DNA is a library with many different books, not all of them tell stories of traumas and pain.

If you are in Istanbul, I will be giving a talk at SoHo house Istanbul June 4, and if you happen to be in Hillside Beach Club Fethiye, I will be giving a few workshops on the weekend of the New Moon, June 8 and 9. Come say Merhaba!

The workshops in London (July 26-27), Power of Your Name and Unleash Your Inner Bender (inspired by the TV show “Avatar – The Last Air Bender” and Using Astrological Cycles to Map Your Life – Birth to Death, are also offered as a webinar with a recording. Learn how to be a bender of your element…

I hope to see you in person in one of the places I will travel to, and until then, have a wonderful June!   

  • June 1 – 7 (Sun conjunct Venus): The Month of June, named after Juno, the goddess of marriage and family, begins with a glorious union of the goddess of love, Venus, and heart-ruling Sun. You’ll radiate charm appearing as though you are channeling Venus herself. This week is perfect for art, relationships, financial gains, and new friendships as well as social opportunities. Harness this harmonious aspect to its fullest.
  • June 1 – 6 (Jupiter trine Pluto): Jupiter, the giver of gifts, and Pluto, provider of riches, form an harmonious aspect. This period is ripe for heightened passion, intimacy, magic, transformation, and sexual explorations. You’ll feel empowered, steering events in your favor. Ideal for investments and large-scale projects.
  • June 3 (Mercury enters Gemini until June 17): Mercury in his own sign is a boon for us all enhancing communication, trade, commerce, and bridge-building. Information flows smoothly.  
  • June 4 (Mercury conjunct Jupiter): Perfect for marketing, sales, PR, and business launching. The right and left hemispheres are in harmony, giving you a wholistic view of your life.
  • June 4 (Sun conjunct Venus): A day filled with love and beauty. A powerful day for justice, fairness, and equality.
  • June 6 (New Moon in Gemini): An auspicious New Moon for starting a new business, making a novel connection, signing documents, launching projects, and becoming a messenger. This lunation is enhanced with love, beauty, harmony, and justice.
  • June 8 – 10 (Sun square Saturn): The celebratory times fade, we now must pay our dues. A sense of limitation and constraint. While there is a need for discipline and action, you might experience a reluctance to engage.  Be aware of sadness and self-beating. Watch your relationships with father figures or bosses.
  • June 9 (Mars enters Taurus until July 20): Mars moves methodically but achieves results being deliberate, patient, and stubborn. Money can come only after hard work. Embrace spending time in nature, exercising outdoors, and engaging in physically demanding artforms.  
  • June 10 – 12 (Mars squares Pluto while Mercury squares Saturn): Double trouble bringing situations that force us into action we rather not take. You feel like you’re trying to put out fires instead of moving forward. Potential conflicts and misunderstandings. Be watchful of manipulation and abuse.
  • June 14 (Mercury conjunct Sun): Clarity after the storm, some rays of reason and logic light up your path. A good time for marketing, writing, and meeting significant people.
  • June 14 – 18 (Mercury conjunct Venus): Post-storm clarity emerges. A favorable time for art and communication as well as balance between action and reception, masculine and feminine. 
  • June 16 – 17 (Venus square Neptune): This is not an easy aspect which brings about deception, illusions, fantasy and lies within your primary relationships. Be vigilant with finances, scams, or wasting money.
  • June 16 (Venus square Black Moon): Guard against negative energy, slandering, and badmouthing. Everybody feels as if someone is giving them the evil eye. In addition, tensions of jealousy and envy might arise as well as crime. 
  • June 17 (Mercury enters Cancer until July 2): Mercury is turning emotional. This can help with familial healing as well as opportunities with real-estate deals. In the Tarot cards this aspect is dubbed the “Three of Cups,” and can herald weddings, partnerships, engagements, and abundance of emotional exchange.
  • June 17 (Venus enters Cancer until July 11): In the Tarot cards, Venus in Cancer is simply called “Love.” A few weeks when love can blossom. Recommended for home improvement, redesigning offices, or getting a new car. Spend time cooking, baking, and gardening.
  • June 20 (Sun enters Cancer until July 22): Happy Solstice! One of the four holiest days of the year. Today is dubbed the “Gateway of Humanity,” the original concept of baptism and purification of the waters of compassion. The next month we are all Cancers. Talk more using “I feel,” instead of “I think,” open your heart to your family, and perhaps you might meet family members from past lives. A great month to renovate and remodel your home, relocate, move in with someone, get a new property, or start a family.
  • June 21 (Mercury squares Neptune): Caution against lack of boundaries, addictions, and relapses. There is sickness and lethargies, so take heed. Deception and illusions are everywhere.
  • June 22 (Full Moon in Capricorn): Seek closure, especially regarding family and home as well as career and professional life. Rather than choosing between home and career, try to find ways to combine and integrate the two. The Full Moon is challenged by Venus and Neptune blurring boundaries.  
  • June 26 (Mercury trines Saturn): A wonderful day for mental acuity. Favorable for business engagements as well as flow with investors or people of power. Long-term projects are encouraged. Good communication with bosses and figures of authority.
  • June 27 – 30 (Venus sextile Mars): Romance and creativity flourish, as well as art, and passion, bringing harmony between masculine and feminine principles.  
  • June 28 – 29 (2024/2025 Astrology & Relationship Workshops) If you are in Zurich, I am teaching a two workshops this weekend. First on Friday the 28th on the astrology of the second part of 2024 and the first half of 2025 and Sat a workshop on Relationships
  • June 29 – 30 (Saturn stationary in Pisces): Saturn’s restrictions intensify. Temptations are hard to resist especially concerning drugs or other forms of escapism.
  • June 29 (Black Moon in Libra until March 27, 2025): The visit of the dark side of the Moon in Libra may prompt lawsuits, conflicts with enemies, divorces, separations, wars, diplomatic glitches, and scandals in politics. Avoid prying or getting involved with other people’s issues.

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