Angels Walk with Me

Everything is holy! everybody's holy! everywhere is holy! everyday is in eternity! Everyman's an angel! -- Allen Ginsburg

Here is a podcast I did with Tal Rabinowitz from the Den...Read more

Postal Stamps of Zodiac Signs

In my recent Sunday Check Up , I have shared my love to postage stamps, which I used to collect back in the days were we had mail rather than e-mails. Since last week we covered music and...Read more

The Roaring 20s

Yesterday I came across an article in the last addition of the Economist titled "The Roaring 20s - Why a dawn of technological optimism is breaking" As you can imagine, it relates to a...Read more

The Music of the Spheres

In honor the new year, I shared with the participants of the free weekly Check-Up, the story of the Music of the Spheres and I thought this platform is as good as any to further discuss...Read more

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and the Galactic Center

Happy New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse. Yesterday I went on a run which always helps me think clearly and during the run, I realized what class I should offer in 2021. I call it the...Read more

War on Christmas?

In 2016, then President-Elect Trump claimed that he had unearthed a sinister cabal of intellectuals and the elite to assassinate Christmas. The cunning Fox jumped on the novel idea and...Read more

December Highlights

Welcome to Sagittarius Land! The Sun just transited from Scorpio to optimistic, happy-go-lucky Sagittarius. Tomorrow on the Check-Up meeting we will go over the magic of Sagittarius. To...Read more

When the Saints Go Marching In - Ruth Baden Ginsburg

Yesterday, a saint died. When someone dies right on Rosh HaShanah, especially when it also falls on a Shabbath, it is a sign that the person was a Tzaddik, saint. The Hebrew word for...Read more

Harvest Full Moon

What is the Harvest Full Moon? As the name implies, it is a Full Moon that occurs during the harvest season (Northern Hemisphere). You might argue that you are not a farmer so why should...Read more

Lunar Eclipse July 5 and Chiron Return

As promised, the last week was very eventful. The 2nd Jupiter-Pluto conjunction this year has resurrected the issues we dealt with in April when the planet first made contact. In the U.S...Read more