Leo Eclipse

On August 1st we will experience a total solar eclipse in Leo. A total solar eclipse is caused when the moon covers up the sun by passing directly between it and the earth. Traditionally, this planetary alignment was associated with misfortune. But we cannot seriously make the eclipses the scapegoats for our problems. What the...Read more

Astrology – Mother of Religions

Astrology – the study of the correlation between the heavenly bodies and life on earth, is an ancient cross-cultural art form. It is also the body of wisdom that has given birth to many if not most of our religious celebrations. According to Buddhism, for example, the birth, death and moment of enlightenment of the Lord...Read more

Storytelling Yourself

At just five-years-old, I encountered the dark side of storytelling. It was during the Yom Kippur War (1973), when Israel waged war with several neighboring Arab countries. I remember looking out my window seeing war planes cross the sky when my mother shouted for me to run to the shelter. I took it rather personally that...Read more

Hong Kong and Feng Shui

Hong Kong and Feng Shui

In my travels around the world, I experience interesting synchronicities, coincidences, and serendipities that afford me the opportunities to both learn and teach with much more fun and ease. That is why Astrology ties all these aspects together in a bundle of energy called SAGITTARIUS. The sign...Read more

A Toy Story

Happy Summer (for those in the Northern Hemisphere)


Happy Winter (for our brothers and sister in the Southern Hemisphere)

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I added a video for each of the 12 signs and where you experience Uranus in Aries (the Arab...Read more

Conspiracy Unraveled

What I am about to tell you is top secret. In fact, the mere publishing of this article might end up costing me my life, if not the integrity of my eternal soul. What I have unearthed is of such sensitive nature, that I do not only fear for my life, but also for those who are close to me.

I learned of this...Read more

Ten Tips for Better Relationships

Happy Valentine’s!

I have been providing compatibility readings for over a decade, listening to couples argues, make up, divorce, remarry, connect, let go, cry and laugh. In these situations, I found myself giving couples advices that I collected from different traditions, myths and mystical teachings. Many have...Read more

The Zodiac and the Truth Behind Astrology

Astrology is one of the most ancient sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the wise and the great. Formerly, no prince would make war or peace, nor any general fight in battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an astrologer."
- Benjamin Franklin

...Read more

What does it means when I see 111 all the time?

And He created His Universe with three Books: Story, Number and Communication.

Sefer Yetzirah 1:1

In a few weeks we will welcome the year 2011 and the first day of the New Year will be written in most calendars as 1/1/11. That is the reason I decided to...Read more

Christmas Grinch and Mercury Retrograde

Ever wondered why we celebrate the holidays of light (Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas) during the darkest time of the year? Well, the answer, as always, is in the question. The elders, storytellers, and shamans, could tell that many of us experience winter-blues as winter creeps in and the...Read more

Strange Days Indeed – Most Peculiar Mama

Two Spiritalks ago, I mentioned Venus is retrograding in Scorpio and how it is correlating to a great deal of challenges with relationships, money, contracts and self-worth. Since then, I received a great deal of emails with subject lines that read something like: “When is this over?!” or “What is happening up there?”...Read more