Covid 19 and Astrology: Part II North Node in Cancer

You are probably home, under house arrest, confined by an invisible parasite. A virus, nothing more than a tiny piece of biological data, which ironically, due to its crowned spikes appearance,  boasts the regal name “Novel Coronavirus.” This crowned king of viruses managed in a few weeks to bring down on its knee the bull (market), leaders of empires, and cause so much fear, pain, death and disaster.  

In Kabbalah, as well as Buddhism and Hinduism, the crown sphere or crown chakra are associated with the divine will. Of course by virtue of the idea of pantheism, that is that God or the divine is everywhere, God is also in the virus. And while it is immensely difficult on the individual as well as global level, I do feel that once we came out of this social distancing period, we will be stronger and better off than before. 

Already, the virus forced us to come back home, to reconnect to our families, our scared place, our dwelling. Many of us living an urban life forgotten the meaning and the sanctuary of home and family. These aspects are ruled by the zodiac sign Cancer and for the last year the North Node, or the Head of the Dragon, was flying through Cancer.

When the North Node travels through a sign, it forces all of humanity to learn the lessons ciphered by the zodiac archetype. This means that we are now compelled the learn the teachings of Cancer: family, parenting, home schooling, compassion, and our shell – our abode. The North Node will move on June 4 to Gemini where it will be until the end of 2021. Gemini is associated with air, business, communication, and connections. I would imagine that by then, the social distancing (cancer is known for withdrawal) will be replaced by Gemini socialite nature.

In the news there is talk of a huge bailout for the airlines companies. They say they need 50B and that is about three times what they demanded after 9/11. Whenever someone mentions a cycle (in news or in private readings), my ears perk up. For me it is a sign that somehow astrology, the celestial watchmaker, is at work. Indeed, last time the North Node was in Cancer was 2001 during the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. That was the last time we were asked to “stay home” with Cancer. However, with the virus, being democratic and atheistic, the attack is on everyone and everywhere. 

Also, consider what the big corporations, and companies as well as governments are suggesting: “work from home.” For decades, people, especially moms, were begging their bosses to work from home so they can be closer to their kids (motherhood, parenting, and home are associated with Cancer). I believe one of the good things that will come out of this period is that employers will be far more trusting and open to people working from home. All hail the Goddess Necessity.

Cancer is also the sign associated with habitual behavior and we are all now experiencing a disruption of these habits and a need to find new ones. Gyms are closed, yoga center shut down, coffee shops barred, bars, restaurants, festival, all gone. In many ways it feels like a detox, a cleanse, an opportunity to look at things differently. Cancer is the womb and we are forced back into cocooning. Cancer’s tarot card is the Chariot, an esoteric symbol for meditation not only in Kabbalah but also in the Mahabharata. Just as we all meditated for 9 months while in our mother’s womb, (we were kind of stuck there, just like now) I think it means the Dragon’s Head wants us to assume a meditation routine.

Other cycles we are reliving now is Saturn’s transit to Aquarius (March 21 – July 1). Last time Saturn was in Aquarius (1991/1992) was when CERN introduced the World Wide Web and in 1992 The first audio and video files are distributed over the Internet as well as the all familiar phrase “surfing the Internet” is used. Today, we are able to work from home because of the gifts bestowed by the last visitation of Saturn in Aquarius, the sign of innovation, humanity, technology and electromagnetic waves. But on this in a future email.

I made a  video I shared via Instagram that explains some of the astrological cycles we are dealing with. In future emails I will elaborate: Click here or on the picture to view:

The North Node also determines were the eclipses fall. In 2019 and 2020 (until June) the eclipses fall in Cancer and Capricorn. Eclipse magnify and amplify whatever takes place at that time. In Jan 7 the virus was identified and given a name. That was three days before the lunar eclipse in Cancer and 5 days before the conjunction of Saturn (hard lessons) and Pluto (death), a cycle that happens every 38 years (last time was the AIDS pandemic). Once the eclipses shift away from Cancer and Capricorn into Gemini and Sagittarius (June 4), the story will shift gears and we might be free. Expect a great deal of relief around June/July. That is with the help of our right choices, individually as well as globally. 

Stay home, safe, healthy and happy equinox (March 20). March 20 is also the astrological new year, so happy New Year and may the resolution will be to heal humanity and our planet…


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