Disaster! Covid-19 Part I

Dis-aster: mid 16th century: from Italian disastro ‘ill-starred event’, from dis- (expressing negation) + astro ‘star’ (from Latin astrum ).

A famous legend (which might have a kernel of truth) tells of how the great mystic, philosopher, and mathematician, Pythagoras, could hear the “music of the spheres,” which helped him come up with the musical scale. It was believed in Ancient Greek, the birthplace of the astrological natal chart, that the stars orbit in perfect harmony, which manifest to those who posses a keen third ear, as the music of the spheres. But sometimes, even in great harmonious musical compositions, there is a need for a few dissonances, like hitting two adjacent tones, which create a moment of tension and spice the music. The spread of the COVID – 19 virus is such a dissonance. A dis-aster written in the stars… 

I always loved history. Today’s news are nothing but tomorrow’s history. History is our collective memory that has the ability, once used wisely, to not only predict, but also help change the future. The best way to study history is by tracing and identifying cycles. This is of course, where astrology comes handy. Over thousands of years, astrology developed an elaborate system of cycles based on the orbits of the planets and their empirical connections to events that took place on earth.

I decided to write this email since I received a lot of messages and texts from readers around the world that wanted to know “how did you know?” about the spread of a pandemic in 2020.

I wrote the book in June 2019 and started putting it out there in October 2019. In the intro I mention:

What is 2020 planning for us considering that the last few times the Pluto/Saturn conjunction took place, the AIDS epidemic broke out, the Cold War started, and World War I begun?

In Jan 12 only two days after an amplifying eclipse, Pluto, the planet associated with death, and Saturn, the planet of harsh lessons, came together for the first time since 1982-1983. Here is an excerpt from my book relating to conjunction and what took place last time these two cosmic bodies danced their deadly tango on earth:

1982 / 1983: The rise of conservatives in the US (Ronald Reagan) and in the UK (Margaret Thatcher) and the escalation of the Cold War. The US suffers a severe recession with the unemployment rate at 12 million, the worst since the Great Depression. Ethiopia suffers the worst drought in history and over 4 million die of hunger. In 1982, the CDC identifies a new epidemic as AIDS and in 1983 World Health Organization (WHO) holds its first meeting to discuss the global AIDS situation. [Side note, this could mean that in 2020 there will be major breakthrough with AIDS medication or eradication.] Time Magazine chooses “The Computer” as the person of the year and Microsoft Word, which is what I am using to write this book, is launched. Motorola introduces the first mobile phones. Themes: technological and communication breakthrough, slowdown in economy, epidemics.

As you can see, this year we are still facing the danger of global recession, and hunger (if the virus strikes Africa severely). Here is an excerpt from the end of the chapter of the conjunction:

We can infer from these precedents that old structures, financial or political, tend to collapse and change rapidly, giving space for something new. There is also a disturbing theme of original new ways of dying (Pluto), whether from unidentified viruses, poisonous gas, trench warfare, crazed dancing, or climate (drought). Knowing these pitfalls, it is our duty in our personal lives, as well as socially, to fight our tendency to fear for ourselves while neglecting others. Saturn is the Lord of Karma, as in action and reaction. Therefore, our actions and reactions (Saturn) to whatever Pluto (death and transformation) brings, can determine the outcome on a personal as well as global level.

The stress level, anxiety as well as the spread of the disease might have been “facilitated” by Mercury’s retrograde motion in Pisces, a wet sign (virus spreads through droplets produced by infected people) which is also the sign of the immune and lymphatic systems. Mercury goes direct March 11 and will move out of Pisces and into Aries, a fire sign, in April 11, which should bring relief. Another aspect that could help is Uranus transit which facilitates medical inventions (vaccination) and new scientific discoveries. But again, much of our problems are caused by us, even the spread of this deadly virus. Scientist supposedly were very close to a vaccine against the virus a few years ago but investment dried up. This is very similar to what is happening again now with drug makers who are developing new antibiotics find their funding cut off and file for bankruptcy. Shortsightedness is one of humanity’s greatest fault.

Since the spread started around the Jan eclipses, there is a chance it will continue (or its effects) until the next set of eclipses in June/July. The eclipse on June 21 is worrisome since it affects Africa, Middle East and China. The ellipse on July 4, right on US birthday, fittingly falls right on the US. So 2020 still holds some nasty surprises. 

In addition, Saturn is moving into Aquarius, an the air sign, from March 22 until the end of June. Aquarius is the sign of large gathering, corporations, government, and groups. Having Saturn in Aquarius can further disrupt large events, conferences, as well as the functioning of the government and its much needed coordinated response. Saturn in Aquarius can disrupt air travel and airlines in general not to mention that the virus travels by air. So until June we can expect it to get rougher. I also feel that businesses including large corporations will change their rules and allow people to work from home, which in the long run could be a positive outcome of the terrible disease. Saturn in Aquarius, which happens every ~30 years changes the way we relate to one another. After all, in 1991, last time Saturn visited Aquarius, a computer programmer in Switzerland, Time Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide Web and changed forever the way humans around the world interact with each other. This same breakthrough can happen March 22 – July 2020, and then in 2021 and 2022.  

In traditional astrology, Mars (war) and Saturn (challenges) were always associated with plagues. From mid Feb, Mars has been in Capricorn where it is the most potent and in conjunction with Saturn who is also in Capricorn, its own sign. Usually we look for Jupiter for help but he is also trapped in Capricorn, which happened to be his sign of fall, meaning, Jupiter has his own issues to deal with. Just a reminder, in 2008, the onset of the Great Recession, Pluto moved into Capricorn and that year was also the last cycle of Jupiter in Capricorn. Oh Jove, where art thou when we need you?

Mars and Saturn are on and off in conjunction until mid-April so, again, it seems that there might be some containment, at least in some locations around mid April. Just remember that the flu season in the southern hemisphere begins in June, right when the next sets of eclipses (June 4 and 21) begin. 

As I mentioned in my book on 2020, this year is star-ful and handful. In numerology, 2020 is reduced to number 4 (2+0+2+0), which in Chinese is homophones to the word “death.” That is why many buildings in China “do not” profess to have 4th or 14th or 40th floor. But 2020 also adds up to 22 which is a Master Number and in numerology is often referred to as a Master Builder. In Kabbalah, it is believed that God created the universe using the 22 Hebrew letters, and there are 22 Major Arcana in the Tarot cards that depict the journey of the Fool. So, yes, there is death this year, but there is also the potential in building a new world order, which embraces unity and collaboration between countries and nation. Viruses are not racists, homophobic, misogynist, Islamophobic, bigot, or antisemitic. The virus parasite finds its host among believers and unbelievers, young and old. It gives us a chance to learn how we are all connected, and how we can come together to defeat it. COVID-19 is the common enemy that unites us. Alas, it is not only us who are quarantined physically mentally and soon financially. We are there with 007. How ironic that the release of the latest James Bond called “No Time to Die,” was delayed six months. What Dr No could not do, the Corona Virus did.

I wish you health, happiness and a joyous full moon in Pisces (March 9), the last full moon of the zodiac year, the best time to let go of what you do not want to bring into the next 12 months…

City of Angels,


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