March Astrological Highlights

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The essence of March is encapsulated in its very name, urging us to march forward, advance and conquer the tasks at hand. Traditionally, this period signals the resurgence of battles, wars, and conflicts that were paused during the winter. It’s a time of rejuvenation for nature as well, as trees that shed their leaves under Scorpio’s reign (also governed by Mars) begin to sprout anew. Essentially, March beckons us to initiate, rejuvenate, bud, and embark on fresh endeavors.

The significance of March is further underscored by the occurrence of the Spring Equinox on March 20, marking the commencement of Aries as well as the Astrological New Year. This year, March is particularly vibrant, highlighted by a potent Lunar eclipse in Aries on March 24. Since this is a leap year, Passover is celebrated (as was Rosh Hashanah) under the wrong energetic setting. This year Passover will take place during Taurus (holy cow – a Golden Calf situation which would have upset Moses). However, Easter will adhere to its astrological formula and be celebrated on the first Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Equinox (March 31).

To coincide with the Equinox, I’ll be hosting a webinar on March 20, at 1pmPST; 4pmET; 8pm UK; 9pm CET, titled “Unlock the Secrets of the Cosmos: Mastering Life’s Astrological Cycles for Success. This session aims to shed light on how astrological cycles, from the Saturn Return to the “7 Year Itch,” and even the “Terrible Twos,” significantly influence our life’s trajectory, impacting personal development and major life choices. There will be a recording. Registration details are available HERE. My friend Bianca Sapetto is doing a special Equinox class through the Center For Yoga March 16 9amPST to register: HERE

March also stands out as the final month of the year free from retrograding planets. Come April’s Fool, Mercury will start his stationary/retrograde phase. It’s wise to maximize March for achieving goals. Among the notable dates is “Pi Day” (3/14), a celebration of the infinite in its finite expressions, and March 10, the New Moon in Pisces, which offers an excellent opportunity to revisit and revitalize your New Year’s Resolutions.

On the first third of March we have a Pisces cluster with Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune all diving in the holy water of the dolphin sign. Great for dance, movement, yoga, meditation, dreams, healing your immune system, and creative visualization. From mid-March Venus is exalted in Pisces (until April 5), which is the best time of the year for falling in love, starting a creative project, heal relationships, and improve your financial situation.  

  • March 1 – 2 (Sun sextile Jupiter): Today opens a window of opportunity. Expect expansion, a surge of optimism, and numerous synchronicities. It’s an excellent time for travel and education.
  •  March 3 (Venus square Uranus): This isn’t an ideal day for romantic outings or forming new partnerships, whether romantic or professional. Financial markets may show volatility, and there’s a prevailing sense of unpredictability. Expect some people to be capricious, valuing their independence or experiencing conflicts with friends.
  • March 3 (Mercury opposite Lilith): Avoid gossip and speaking ill of others, including self-deprecation. Bruce Lee cautioned that disparaging oneself, even in jest, can negatively affect one’s well-being since the body might take it seriously.
  • March 8 (Mercury conjunct Neptune): Today is charged with enchantment, as symbolic representations of a magician and mermaid unite under Pisces. While it’s not conducive to logical thinking, it’s a perfect day for mystical endeavors, poetic expression, writing, dream exploration, creative ventures, photography, and other artistic pursuits.
  • March 9 – 10 (Sun sextile Uranus): Over these days, there’s a noticeable uptick in everyone’s intellectual capacity. Harness it judiciously. This period is ripe for innovation, technology, and creativity. Welcome change, experiment with new ideas, and be intrepid!
  • March 9 – 10 (Mars squares Uranus): This challenging aspect might provoke regrettable actions. Stay alert to potential accidents and misunderstandings, especially with friends or colleagues.
  • March 10 (New Moon in Pisces): This is an opportune time for yoga, meditation, water-based activities, dance, and movement. With Neptune amplifying Piscean energy, it’s a mystical New Moon — an ideal moment to tap into one’s imagination and uncover subconscious insights.
  • March 10 (Mercury enters Aries until May 15): As Mercury prepares to retrograde from April’s beginning, he will linger in Aries. Exercise caution in communication to avoid Aries’ notorious directness. Mercury’s swiftness is amplified in this sign, accelerating processes. It’s a beneficial phase for reinvigorating stagnant businesses or projects.
  • March 11 (Venus enters Pisces until April 5): Venus thrives in this exalted position, promoting love, financial stability, relationships, and artistic endeavors. This period is prime for forming romantic connections, mending relationships, and harnessing artistic abilities.
  • March 14 (Pi Day): Today symbolizes the intriguing blend of the infinite nature of Pi and its practical application in computing a circle’s finite dimensions. It highlights the interplay between boundlessness and boundaries in the fabric of existence.
  • March 16 – 18 (Sun conjunct Neptune): A haze of confusion descends, rendering everyone a touch Piscean. Ideal for dancing, yoga, meditation, and intuitive pursuits, it’s less suited for pragmatic tasks. Consider a rejuvenating stroll by water or a relaxing bath.
  • March 20/21 (Equinox): Celebrate the New Astrological Year! This day, foundational to ancient barley festivities that birthed Passover and Easter, urges new beginnings and setting intentions for the forthcoming year. As the Sun enters Aries until April 20, let his invigorating energy in. Note that this year’s Passover falls later, on April 22, due to the Lunar calendar’s misalignment. Join my webinar on the astrology cycles in life, register HERE
  • March 21 – 22 (Venus conjunct Saturn): This equinox sees Venus and Saturn align. This may bring relational challenges or encounters with figures from past lifetimes. As old patterns emerge, seize this chance to transform and invite fresh energy into your life.
  • March 22 (Mars enters Pisces until April 30): Mars here favors water-related activities and fosters a penchant for dance and martial arts. Some might experience vivid, action-packed dreams during this transit.
  • March 24 – 25 (Venus sextile Jupiter): These days shine with promise in love, relationships, creativity, and finances. The positive streak extends to March 28 when Venus pivots towards Uranus, heralding unexpected yet delightful encounters and a seamless fusion of art and science.
  • March 25 (Lunar Eclipse in Libra): This Full Moon, originally the lunation of Passover and Easter (March 31), is a beacon for personal liberation. As Pluto lends its transformative energy, embrace profound change, shedding past limitations and stepping into a more empowered version of yourself. Anticipate rapid developments in the fortnight ahead.

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