April Astro Highlights: Eclipse + Retro

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Happy Mercury Retro and April’s Fool.

I hope to see you guys in person soon. I leave mid-May and will be in Sofia, Istanbul, Dubai, Zurich, London, and Tel Aviv. I will post the classes soon and if you want to set a reading in person, shoot an email.     

Right on the day of the Greenman, Mother Nature’s consort, April 1st, Mercury turns retro on us and discontinues the 3 months of no retrograde planets. In addition, we are in the midst of an aggressive eclipse season until April 8, so take heed. The retrograde takes place in Aries, the same sign that guides the Dragon and, therefore, the eclipses. Aggression is high, impulsiveness, impetuousness, and people could show their narcissistic tendencies more freely. It would be best if you could avoid signing docs or starting projects until April 26. The scheduled Bitcoin halving, April 19/20, takes place during a retro, which means that whatever the outcome, it would be unexpected and not follow the trajectory of the previous halving.

In addition, we have lots of conjunctions going on which translate to one word: INTENSITY! Venus conjunct Neptune (which is great), Mars conjunct Saturn (less great), Sun conjunct North Node (wonderful), and Jupiter conjunct Uranus (unpredictable). 

Important Dates in April

  • April 1 – 2 (Mercury Stationary in Aries): Two days when you are encouraged to do something close to nothing. A good time for meditation though, or anything you don’t need to move much. Things feel stuck and out of whack. Be patient, this too shall pass.
  • April 1 (Fool’s Day): Today is a celebration of the Green Man, Idris, Mother Nature’s son/lover. Plant a tree, go out to nature, and do something that can connect you to your inner Druid. April 1st is the day of the Tarot card’s “The Fool,” or his incarnation as “The Joker” of the playing cards. Both cards represent absolute potential as well as the leap of faith into something new. This stationary Mercury can bring you closer to mama Nature.
  • April 3 (Mercury retrograde in Aries until April 27): Patience is crucial during this period. Mercury in Aries can be direct and confrontational, leading to conflict and disputes. Nevertheless, Mercury enjoys the fiery speed of Aries, the problem is that he’s given a racecar and asked to drive in reverse. Be careful of impulsive and implosive decisions.
  • April 3 (Venus conjunct Neptune): This union between Venus and her higher octave holds potential for romance, creativity, and the union of mysticism and art. However, it can also bring about dependency and codependency, as well as a tendency to lose yourself in others.
  • April 5 (Sun conjunct North Node): The day exudes strong energy, making it apt for forging connections and collaborations as well as being recognized by a figure of authority. A good time to link with likeminded people and create something together. You might have a meeting with Lady Destiny or the Three Fates. Try something new today: different food, clothes, or try driving to work using a new route. A time to change your image and identity.
  • April 5 (Venus enters Aries until April 29): Matters of love, finances, relationships, and justice shift from receptive to active. You may find yourself feeling out of sorts or alone. To overcome these feelings, keep yourself busy by focusing on what is important in your life. There may be attraction towards dominant personalities.   
  • April 6 – 7 (Venus sextile Pluto): The atmosphere is charged with magnetism, passion, intimacy and sexuality. Reflect on what you’re drawn to and use your time to dig deep into your shadow and unearth new talents and skills. Great for investment and working on joint financial and artistic projects. If you are in Los Angeles, join me on a talk about the Astrology of 2024 (ticket price includes a copy of the book).
  • April 8 (Total Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Aries): The first New Moon (and eclipse) of the Astrological year, a powerful time for new beginnings, however, since we are in a Mercury retro, you can only start something that you tried before and failed to complete. Expect a revelation, something mind-blowing is taking place, things get intense.  
  • April 9 – 11 (Mars conjunct Saturn): You are gathering your troupes to conquer something new. A good time to focus your energy on a single task or mission. There could be new conflicts popping around but choose your battles wisely especially since we are under the helm of Aries. A call to action can be heard, a summoning of the ram’s horn.
  • April 11 – 12 (Mercury Retro conjunct Sun): A great time to go inward, reflect, and introspect. A great deal of “aha!” moments can come these days. You are seeing things differently and coming up with good solutions to major predicaments that boggled you before. However, do not start new projects.
  • April 15 – April 26 (Jupiter conjunct Uranus): The lateral half of April buzzes with innovation and expansion, particularly with technology, e-commerce, electronics, as well as coming up with original creative ways to deal with setbacks. This aspect can also facilitate making new friends and joining new organizations. Sudden unexpected changes with finances (usually positive) as well as changes and twists in the narrative of your life. Be open to adapt!
  • April 18 – April 20 (Mars sextile Jupiter and Uranus): The most powerful time for change in April. You feel a jolt of energy, creativity, and a need for freedom. A great time for upgrading and updating the way you approach your work. Find new original ways to express yourself. Be extra careful of accidents and mishaps. 
  • April 19 (Mercury conjunct Venus): When Aphrodite and Hermes made love (as in a conjunction), they gave birth to the first binary fluid kid they called Hermaphroditus, boasting female as well as male organs. A great day for design, balancing your anima and animus, crafting a new logo, making your art communicative and your communication artistic. In addition, Chiron the Wounded Healer is conjunct Venus and Mercury. Old wounds in relationships might surface but also healed.
  • April 19-20 (Sun enters Taurus until May 20): We are all Taurus for the next 30 days. A time to focus on your finances, talents, values, and self-worth. This is the month that belongs to Mother Nature, therefore, spending time in nature is recommended. With Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus as well, we have a month that floods your senses with stimuli. Pamper yourself and your loved ones.
  • April 21 – 22 (Sun squares Pluto): Not a very comfortable aspect. Expect power struggles at work, people behaving obnoxiously, Ponzi schemes, and criminal activities. Watch your shadow.
  • April 22 (Earth Day): We celebrate the international Earth Day during the Fixed Earth sign, Taurus – Mother Nature’s sign.
  • April 24 (Full Moon in Scorpio): A powerful lunation of magic, transformation, and enlightenment. A great day for intimacy and sexuality, magical ritual, and healing.
  • April 25 – 26 (Mercury Stationary): The last few days of chaos before Mercury goes direct. Better wait until April 27 with important decisions/actions.
  • April 27 (Mercury goes direct): At last, you can start signing documents and initiate new projects. Be aware that the post shadow retrograde is starting today for about two weeks, therefore, if you can hold on starting especially big projects until mid-May, that would be recommended.
  •  April 28 – 30 (Mars conjunct Neptune): Watch your immune system, and injuries, as well as the spread of infections and viruses. Pay extra attention and follow your intuition. In addition, actions you take mindlessly could come out of your precognition and psychic skills.
  • April 29 (Venus enters Taurus until May 15): Venus is back to where she likes to be, in her own luxurious sign. Improved finances, reconnection to your talents and self-worth. With Mercury going direct, things seem to line up and flow better.  
  • April 30 (Mars enters Aries until June 9): Mars is in his own sign and ready to propel everything in your life. Be careful of overdoing, as well as driving or talking too fast. Make sure to lower your level of aggression so you don’t get into pointless conflict. You might get a raise or extra leadership responsibilities. If you are in Los Angeles, join me on a new workshop: Embodying Astrology – see your chart interact with you.

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