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Here we go again, closing one year, opening another, revisiting the ancient double-headed Roman God of gateways, Janus, whose faces simultaneously stare at the past and future.

I subtitled my 2023 Astrology book The Movement of the People while I was writing the book in Israel (June 2022), and now, again in Israel, I realize what it means. I never suspected the vast majority of these movements would occur here in the land promised to many. More than 1 million Gazans were displaced and another quarter of a million Israelis were evacuated from their homes by the borders with Lebanon and Gaza.

I subtitled my 2023 Astrology book The Movement of the People while I was writing the book in Israel (June 2022), and now, again in Israel, I realize what it means. I never suspected the vast majority of these movements would occur here in the land promised to many. More than 1 million Gazans were displaced and another quarter of a million Israelis were evacuated from their homes by the borders with Lebanon and Gaza.

Home, such a basic concept, that most of us take for granted, is compromised, destroyed, burned, and flattened by the forces of hate and ignorance. I can only hope 2024 will show one of Janus’ more compassionate faces.

I dubbed my 2024 astrology guide, The Once and Future Year, for the simple reason that Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, is moving from one of Saturn’s signs, Capricorn, representing the past, to the other he rules, Aquarius, which represents the future. We are asked to pour all that we have learned in the past 16 years into 2024 so that we can make this 20-year transit of Pluto in Aquarius a beacon of hope and love. After all, Aquarius is the zodiac sign of altruism and humanitarianism.

What would 2024 bring? That is up to us. Astrology simply gives us a map of possibilities, a wave of opportunities; where and how this wave collapses ultimately depends on our actions and choices. Mercury is still retrograde/stationary Jan 1-2, so please start your new year’s resolution after Jan 3. In my 2024 book there is a whole chapter on when, what and how to manifest your wishes in 2024. I wish us all a wonderful, magical, healthy, and peaceful year.

I will be giving workshops and in-person readings in TLV (Dec 31 – Jan 11); Berlin (Jan 11 – 15); Budapest (Jan 16 – 19); Edinburgh (Jan 19 – 24); London (Jan 24 – 30)

January 1 – 2 (Mercury Stationary in Sagittarius): As a carryover from 2023, the first two days of 2024 are marred by a stationary Mercury, making it hard to jumpstart the year. The messenger of the gods and goddess declines to assist us. Refrain from embarking on new ventures or sign documents. A great day for meditation, self-reflection, reading and studying.

January 1 (Venus squares Saturn): This is not an easy start of the year, with Venus, the goddess of love, and Saturn, the Lord of karma having a serious clash in mutable signs. You and your partners are shifting positions. Engagements with elders might be particularly taxing. Expect breakups, disputes, arguments, contract withdrawals, and defamation. Avoid being reactive, listen more than speak, and be patient with all your significant others. Money can be tight.

January 3 (Mercury direct): This marks the genuine commencement of 2024. You can now sign documents and launch fresh endeavors. The Moon in Libra adds a peaceful breeze.

January 5 (Mars transits into Capricorn until February 12): Mars transits into his sign of exaltation which is encouraging! The warrior adopts a disciplined and purposeful intention, offering a conducive period for productivity, reconnect to your physicality, and kickstarting ventures. Ideal for fitness regimens, seeking advancement in career, and embarking on a meaningful quest. Long-term projects are encouraged.

January 8 – 9 (Mercury squares Neptune): Expect potential confusion and disillusionment. It’s a day where deception, laziness, and nightmares might emerge. Pay attention to your immune and nervous systems. It’s advised to avoid making decisions and to be cautious of addictive tendencies or blurring boundaries. Instead, consider hiking, meditation, or reading to center yourself.

January 9 -10 (Sun trines Uranus): A period marked by brilliance and innovation. There’s a heightened ability to express oneself in witty, creative ways. Ideal for group meetings, brainstorming sessions, and devising unique solutions to persistent problems.

January 11 – 13 (Mars trines Jupiter): These days are ripe with potential. Feelings of adventure, conquest, and leadership will be at the forefront. Embrace the bold and courageous side of you. This aspect sets a positive tone for the New Year and the upcoming New Moon.

January 11 (New Moon in Capricorn): An opportune moment to begin working on New Year’s resolutions, or to initiate new projects. This New Moon offers a blend of the mystical and the practical, paving the way to turn dreams into reality.

January 14 (Mercury transits into Capricorn until February 4): The theme is “serious thoughts.” The year begins with a strong Capricorn influence, advocating for a methodical, responsible approach in all endeavors. With Mercury’s help, you’ll be well-positioned to tackle long-term projects, engage in traditional business, or collaborate with long-time acquaintances. 

January 19 (Mercury trines Jupiter while Venus squares Neptune): A day of contrasts. While there might be moments of betrayal or financial concerns, there’s also potential for positive news related to writing, business, networking, and family. Prioritize logical thinking over being swayed by unrealistic hopes.

January 20 – 21 (Sun conjunct Pluto): These days are potent for diving deep into healing, shamanism, and transformative practices. They’re optimal for exploring others’ talents and assets. However, remain vigilant about potential manipulation and avoid dubious associations. It’s a time of discovering passion and fostering intimacy, but might also be a moment of parting ways with someone or something.

January 21 (Sun enters Aquarius until February 18): As the Sun transitions into the sign of the Water-Bearer, the upcoming month centers on friendships, community, organizations, technology, and governance. It’s a prime time to delve into science and innovation. Welcome the unknown, infuse your days with humor and warmth, and find the courage to befriend the unfamiliar.

January 21 (Pluto enters Aquarius until September 2): Simultaneously with the Sun, Pluto—symbolizing power and fervor—enters Aquarius. While he began his journey in Aquarius in March 2023, Pluto retrograded back into Capricorn. Now, his path lies in forward-thinking, liberal, and democratic Aquarius. Expect technological and scientific advancements, along with shifts in friendships and communities.

January 23 (Venus transits into Capricorn until February 16): This phase is favorable for strengthening ties with mentors, experienced individuals, or superiors. It promotes long-term financial ventures and investments, leaning towards a conservative approach in finances, art, and relationships. Patience is key during this period.

January 25 (Full Moon in Leo): This Full Moon embodies blossoming love, the culmination of creative endeavors, and waves of joy. Coinciding with Tu B’Shvat, the celebration of the fruit trees’ birth, consider planting a tree. As you do, embed a wish connected to love, creativity, friendships, or joy. With Pluto in conjunction with this Full Moon, stay vigilant against power dynamics and manipulation.

January 26 – 27 (Sun square Jupiter): Guard against inflated egos, either your own or others’. There exists a propensity to overextend, whether in exertion or indulgence. Practice moderation. Today we are doing the official 2024 webinar, to join click HERE

January 26 – 28 (Mercury conjunct Mars): Words, both spoken and written, wield significant power during these days. Practice caution in communication, whether verbal, written, or digital. However, it’s an opportune period for launching a business, signing contracts, or harnessing words as agents of transformation.

January 28 – 30 (Mercury trines Uranus): Experience a temporary boost in intellect, possibly leading to ingenious revelations. Document these insights. While you might encounter some unpredictable or eccentric individuals, it’s an excellent window for technological acquisitions. Mars and Uranus in harmony towards the month’s end could induce feelings of restlessness. Today we are doing the Time Travel Meditation webinar. To join go HERE

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