February Astro Highlights

This February brings a celestial spectacle, marked not only by the commencement of the Year of the Dragon on the Aquarius New Moon (Feb 9/10) but also by significant planetary alignments. Pluto, having recently transitioned into Aquarius, forms a series of potent conjunctions: with Mercury on Feb 5, Mars (his Scorpio’s co-ruler) right on Valentine’s Day, (yikes, Feb 13/14), and Venus, the Goddess of love and justice, on Feb 17.

These conjunctions are particularly influential as Pluto sits at 0 degrees Aquarius, a position that greatly amplifies their impact. This is a theme I often discussed in my Sunday podcast, highlighting the first degree of a sign as a critical point that encapsulates the sign’s purest essence, akin to the profound significance of your first breath and its imprint on your astrological chart. The Sabian symbol for Aquarius’ initial degree is “An old adobe mission,” which could represent the blend of ancient wisdom (old adobe as Capricorn) and exploration of new frontiers (the mission hence Aquarius). This degree, straddling the boundary between Capricorn (embodying tradition and the past) and Aquarius (representing the future), where Pluto resides until Feb 21, prompts us to reflect on the key lessons learned during Pluto’s 16-year sojourn in Capricorn, and how to carry these insights forward. Try to distill the most important lesson you’ve learned since 2008 and make sure to bring it into your life in the next year.

The pronounced Aquarian influence this month is a prime opportunity to reassess your connections with friends, professional associations, and colleagues. It’s also an ideal time to reengage with technology and innovation. With no planets in retrograde until April 1, expect smoother progress in endeavors and a heightened ability to concentrate on the present.

Moreover, expect an increase in joy, humor, and lightness around you. When the joker laughs at you, remember not to take it too personally. For this reason we are starting the 8 weeks Tarot training “The Journey of the Fool,” you can join via this link.  Since Aquarius is the sign of manifesting wishes, Feb 9 and 10 are great days to reboot or reconnect to your New Year’s Resolution. In my Astrology of 2024 book you will find more information about when and how to work with your resolutions. On Feb 8 I am also leading the webinar on the Astrology of 2024. Also, I added a Webinar  for Valentine’s, Feb 12 (also in-person Palm Desert).

For a detailed breakdown of February’s astrological highlights, click the link below.

February 1 – 19 (Jupiter sextile Saturn): In the first half of February, a window of opportunity emerges, allowing you to manifest your deepest desires. Expect focused growth, potential blessings in disguise, and possibly some good news. Responsibilities may feel more like joy than duty.

February 5 (Mercury conjunct Pluto): Mercury ventures deep, aligning with Pluto. Expect profound reflections, potent conversations, and encounters with influential individuals. Ideal for transformation, intimacy, and healing. With Jupiter and Saturn in alignment, a magical touch is added to your endeavors.

February 5 (Mercury enters Aquarius until February 23): Mercury energizes, enhancing communication, sparking curiosity, and fostering camaraderie. A promising month for collaborations with like-minded individuals. Embrace humor and light-hearted interactions.

February 7 – 8 (Sun square Uranus): Be cautious, as your demeanor may come off as more rebellious or extreme. Unexpected issues or potential conflicts with acquaintances might arise. Today we have two workshops that relate to Aquarius: An 8 weeks Tarot training as a webinar (recording available). The Astrology of 2024 Webinar – prepare for a powerful year of transformation.

February 9 – 10 (New Moon in Aquarius): A fresh start with peers, groups, and organizations. Perfect for tech upgrades. The unpredictable influence of Uranus might bring chaos, especially given his rule over Aquarius. Additionally, celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon.

February 10 (Mercury squares Jupiter): With a surge in communication, it’s wise to listen more than you speak, preventing potential regrets.

February 12 (Valentine’s Workshop): Join the webinar or in-person (Palm Desert) The Alchemy of Relationships, right for Valentine’s.

February 13 (Mars enters Aquarius until March 22): Spend this time in group settings and with friends. A period of heightened advocacy for underrepresented groups, and an ideal time to engage with technology.

February 13 – 15 (Mars conjunct Pluto): Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this conjunction intensifies feelings of passion and intimacy. While energy levels soar, exercise caution in dealings with officials and colleagues.

February 16 (Venus enters Aquarius until March 11): Venus takes on a platonic energy. Strengthen bonds with friends and philanthropic organizations. Connect to laughter and remain open to unique encounters. Seek more freedom in relationships.

February 16 – 17 (Venus conjunct Pluto): This Valentine’s Day sees Venus intensifying love’s energy. Passion, intimacy, manipulation, and power dynamics might all play a role. A profound time for introspection and potential couples’ therapy.

February 17 (Mercury square Uranus): Exercise caution in communication to avoid misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

February 19 (Sun enters Pisces until March 20): Embrace your inner mystic, poet, and dreamer. With increased intuition and empathy, it’s wise to seek solitude and be wary of addiction.

February 20 – 23 (Mars and Venus conjunct): In the romance of Venus and Mars, new harmonies emerge. Perfect for romance, making passions tangible, and employing talents effectively.

February 23 (Mercury enters Pisces until March 10): Mercury feels out of place in Pisces, reducing logical thinking but enhancing intuition and dreamy insights.

February 24 (Full Moon in Virgo): As the astrological year nears its end, focus on closure. Saturn brings karmic undertones, urging patience and attention to detail. Release, especially concerning health, is emphasized.

February 24 – 28 (Mars and Venus square Jupiter): Both Mars and Venus face Jupiter’s excessive influence. Avoid indulgence, aggression, and overcommitment, and be realistic about your capabilities.

February 29 (Sun conjunct Mercury): Enjoy a day of clear thinking, effective marketing, and bright communication, making it prime for forging new connections.

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