Jupiter in Taurus May 16, 2023 – May 26, 2024

Great to be back in Golden California and plunge into the super bloom. I had a great time in NY and Upstate NY, teaching, charting, planting trees and lilacs at my dear friend Laura Day’s garden. Thanks to all you guys who came to the Woodstock retreat, some from as far as UK and CA!  

Now it is time for the next big celestial event: Jupiter, the giver of gifts, entering Taurus right as Mercury, the trickster, goes direct in the same sign.

On May 16 at 4:20am UT, Mercury finally goes direct and whatever was held back, stuck, glitched, misinterpreted, misconstrued, and stagnated in your life, can finally find a way to untangle, defog, and fix itself. May 16 encapsulates another gospel – Jupiter, the Grand Benevolent, is moving into Taurus right on May 16 and will stay in the Holy-Cow sign until May 26, 2024.

Jupiter in Taurus (May 16, 2023 – May 26, 2024)

Jupiter expands, inflates, open doors, generates new possibilities, brings optimism, fortune, and opportunities into the Taurus archetype, which encompasses your talents, money, skills, common sense, five senses, and self-worth.  This is good news for a world reeling from the double-edged sword of recession/inflation. Below you will find a list of the areas in life Jupiter blesses for each of the 12 zodiac signs in the next year.  

Jupiter in Taurus helps us tap into our talents, skills, and gifts we are supposed to share while being financially compensated. Jupiter hiked through Taurus in 2012, 2000, 1988. Go back to those years and see if you can find how Jupiter in Taurus helped you in his prior visitation. What gifts, talents or opportunities did he present in your life. Don’t be lazy, or shake your head, saying something like “I don’t remember.” Go back to your phone, calendar, diary, ask your friends, family, look at photos from those years. Take a journey down memory lane, make sure you spend some quality time with whoever you were 12, 24, 36, 48 years ago. If you are a Taurus or have a strong Taurus presence in your chart you can benefit from this transit, just be careful not to overdo or spread yourself too thin.

Smell, See, Hear, Touch, Taste like a Taurus

One way to work with Jupiter is to embody and immerse yourself in the archetype he is transiting in. As Jupiter moves from masculine Aries to feminine Taurus, we need to slow down, take our time, connect to our five senses, go deep, ground and root ourselves, take long scented bath, go forest bathing, pamper ourselves, spend time with Mother Nature, connect to our artistic and creative sides, invest in our talents (time, energy, faith), and enjoy life. All these activities can link you to Taurus and therefore, to Jupiter’s blessing. It is time for you to say YES to abundance and physical contact.  

Many astrologers consider Earth as the ruler of Taurus instead of Venus. It makes sense. Taurus represents nature, where the five senses are acute. Think of how your senses get more alert the minute you leave the concrete jungle and enter the green forest.

First and Last Aspect: Hello and Goodbye

Since Pluto, the ruler of death and resurrection is at 00 degrees Aquarius, and Jupiter in May 16 is 00 degrees Taurus, they create a hard square between two stubborn fixed signs. That is not an easy entrance of Jupiter into his new earthbound abode. May 13-19 can be a bit intense around friends, finances, and self-worth. Pay attention to the news, governments are going to have a hard time controlling the narrative, there could also be manifestations of abuse and manipulation in the air, so take heed. You might be called into action, to fix and rectify broken aspects of your intimacy, finances, sexuality, and how you deal with death and letting go. Especially watch it with clubs, friends, groups, mob, technology, money, and your body. 

However, the last aspect Jupiter forms as he travels the Taurus Road, just as he is about to move into Gemini, is with Venus, the ruler of Taurus, which is associated with love, marriage, comfort, joy, and money. That would be a glorious exit on Jupiter’s part, a grand flashy ball, giving us a memorable farewell kiss that can reverberate for months ahead.

Other Aspects with Jupiter

 As you might remember, Taurus is also hosting the North Node, the Dragon (Dec 2021 – July 2023), as well as Uranus, the Awakener (2018 – 2026). Therefore, Jupiter gives us some karmic good karma to offset any karmic dept accrued. This transit peaks at the end of May leading to June 1. This could manifest as a meeting with someone from a previous life that could help you achieve your goals, or maybe reconnect you to a skill, a location, or a gift you developed in a past life. This aspect could also bring you in contact with a new group of like-minded people.

On April 20, 2024, Jupiter taps Uranus and we can expect the unexpected, twists and changes in our plots as well as some medical, scientific or technological breakthroughs. In your personal life, the aspect represents a wonderful awakening as well as a push towards innovation or newfound freedom.

Jupiter in Taurus for the Signs

Read your Sun sign as well as Rising Sign

Aries: Jupiter is giving you a financial push, affording you the ability to increase your income, develop new or discarded talents (maybe from 12, 24, 36 years ago). You can expect some awards, recognition, and respect that can help lift your self-worth. Jupiter was in your sign the first half of 2023, time to say goodbye.

Taurus: You can expect Jupiter in the next year to give you a great deal of opportunities in all aspects of your life, especially with your body, status in your community, identity, looks, and brand. A great time for a makeover, rebranding, and reinventing yourself. Imagine you got Jupiter’s private number and you can call him with request at any time.

Gemini: Jupiter is helping you do a yearlong past lifetime regression. Your imagination is fertile ground for anything your mind, body, and soul want to grow. Gifts, skills, people, and knowledge from past lifetimes and your subconscious are manifesting into reality. A great time for healing, writing, intuition, and spending time on your own.  From the end of May 2024, Jupiter is coming to your sign!

Cancer: This transit of Jupiter works well for you, guiding you into new friendships, better standing in your company or organization, flow with government officials, as well as good luck with technology and innovation. Time to make friends your family and your family your friends.

Leo: Jupiter is giving you a raise, promotion, clarity about your professional life and easier relationships with bosses or figures of authority. The next year is great to jump into something new in your career as people will notice you wherever you go. Your career can be your stage for the next year. However, make sure your ego is in check and that you choose your battles wisely.

Virgo: Jupiter is exceedingly auspicious for you as a fellow earth sign. A great year for teaching and learning, education, travel, learning a new language, living abroad, going on an adventure, and getting along with in-laws. This is a wonderful time to walk the talk and be authentic.

Libra: Jupiter is giving you the opportunity to dive deep into your subconscious, your magical and healing skills, as well as discover or reconnect to your passion and sexuality. The more you let go, bury the dead, and experience intimacy, the more Jupiter can download his gifts to you. Your partner might get a raise or increase their income. You could benefit from investments and inheritance.

Scorpio: Jupiter transiting through your opposite sign can be confrontational, but if you let go of deep-seated insecurities and personal issues, then Jupiter would be free to bring you closer to a partner in life or work. You can have good luck with lawsuits and overcoming competitors and enemies.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is your ruler, so he has a special place in his heart for you, dear Centaur. He plans to help you connect to you to your health, diet, work, and routine. Watch your liver, hips, and thighs. You also might get a raise in your work as well as find new opportunities to serve and be served. Great time for a cleanse.

Capricorn: As a fellow earth sign, Jupiter in Taurus is super good for you. Jupiter might bring you love, happiness, a new hobby, a connection to sports and recreation, as well as a link to your inner child. This is a great year to connect to your children, or create something you would consider to be your baby. Let Love in!

Aquarius: Jupiter is blessing your homestead, family, and could present great opportunities in real estate. A great time to get pregnant, create a family, relocate, or remodel your home. This is a perfect year to heal relationships with family members.

Pisces: Jupiter wants you to speak your mind, write what you experience, and communicate. A great year for contracts, business, making connections, and being a messenger. This year can help you heal or get closer to relatives, especially siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces, roommates, and neighbors. Jupiter serves as your loudspeaker, make sure you know what you want him to amplify. 

I wish you a wonderous encounter with Jupiter and that all of your financial woes or insecurities would be resolved and or banished by Jupiter’s transit in Mother Nature’s sign.

See you in one of the webinars or reading!


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  1. Thank you, Gahl, so much great info, and very usable and practical. High praise from a Virgo! 😁💕

  2. Gracias, Gahl. After a great/bad day is somewhat comforting to see that the stars were aligned…

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