Astro Highlight of July – Major Dates

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July has a few major transits lined up for us, followers of Light. First is the transition of the North Node from Taurus into Aries (July 13) as well as Venus, deciding to turn her back on her secret lover, Mars, and go retro on him from July 22 until Sep 5. In addition, Mercury is Out of Bound, in other words, gone rouge, breaking rules and pushing boundaries from June 23 until July 6.

Before we go into July’s drama, and there is quite a lot of it, I wanted to share that the astrology weekend at Findhorn, July 21 – 24, is limited space and therefore promises to be very intimate. We plan to work with your charts as examples, which means you will get a great deal of insights and breakthroughs about current events as well as your natal chart in magical Scotland. Please use this link to join.  In addition, here are the classes that are offered as webinars as well as in person: Past Lifetime Regression, Tarot, Astrology, Sacred Spaces.

North Node Transit into Aries

On July 13 for a year and a half, the fire spitting dragon (North Node) will exit Taurus and plunge into fiery Aries. For the Babylonians and therefore in Draconian Astrology, this position of the North Node (Head of the Dragon), is considered the most auspicious and represents a commencement of a new cycle of 19 years. The North Node marks the signs which archetype we must collectively master. From July 2023 until Jan 2025, we are asked to focus on the teachings of Aries which can be summed up by one word: Oneness. Think of Moses and his monotheism, or another great Aries, the mythologists Joseph Campbell, my rabbi, who taught us the lesson of the Monomyth. The North Node in Aries wishes for us to focus on our individuality without being self-centered, on our mission in life without being selfish. Aries North Node asks us to adhere to the call to adventure while being mindful of the collective good. In other words, for the next 18 months you are required to connect and construct your inner savoir, reveal your superhero, your higher-self. No wonder Aries, the Ram, was the sign of famous liberators the like of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad.

The last few times Aries was the Dragon Rider was January 27 1949 – August  17 1950; September 9 1967 – March 28 1969; April 20 1986 – November 8 1987 and November 29 2004 – June 19 2006. If you were born in those dates, it means you too have the North Node in Aries and will experience a Nodal Return – a fated time when events quicken.

Like with everything else in astrology, it is good to harken back to the dates above and see what lessons you learned in those years around leadership, initiation, liberation, connection to your body, and being authentic to your true identity.

The key words for the next 18 months is: I AM.

Venus Retro in Leo

 I will dedicate a special email to Venus’ retrograde, just to make sure I don’t get in trouble with her, but suffice to say, she will act like the Mad Queen between July 22 – Sep 5 since she will walk backward in the realm of Leo. It is the worst time to get engaged, married, consolidate a relationship, sign partnership agreements, get divorce, or make big purchases. However, it is an opportune period for selling staff you don’t need, buy secondhand articles or vintage clothing, reconnect to talents or skills you developed in the past (or past lives), as well as refinance, reevaluate your values and attitude towards money. Just be careful from a deluge of exes trying to barge back into your heart. Since Venus is already rather theatrical, when she retrogrades on the Leo stage, expect lots of drama and people acting narcissistically.

Mercury Out of Bound

From June 23 to July 6, Mercury is Out of Bound. In my 2024 astrology book I will dedicate a whole chapter to the mysteries of the renegade planets. But for now let’s just say the next 10 days you will feel brilliant but also misunderstood. There will be an urge to break or bend the rules as well as an opportunity to see things in a different way. It is time to place the camera in a unique angle and try new approaches. That’s what the Wagner Group tried to do right on June 23, when Mercury went Boundless and Yevgeny Prigozhin began his mini-mutiny. The new tapes of Trump bragging about handling the classified papers just published could be part of the Mercury Out of Bound bonanza. But seriously, I highly recommend getting into inverted poses or doing anything that can channel the oddball part of your personality. It is a time to be original and push the glass ceiling.

Important Dates in July (UT)

July 1 – 3 (Venus squares Uranus): Some unexpected news regarding your finances and or relationships is heading your way. Encounters with unusual and unique people. You might feel stifled, or your freedom curtailed by your partner, but remember they might feel the same. Try to avoid trying to please people.

July 1 – 2 (Sun sextiles Jupiter): Within some of the relationship challenges there is a sliver of hope. Good aspect for teaching, traveling, learning, and publishing.

July 2 – December 8 (Neptune retrogrades): Neptune dances in reverse every year for almost half of the time. The good news is that if Neptune is hiding something, creating an illusion, a bubble, or an addiction, you can now use his retro to free yourself. But watch from relapses of addictions or bad company. You might feel a bit confused, mind fog, or disillusionment.  

July 3 (Full Moon in Capricorn): The Moon is in exile, and it can be emotional these next few days. A good time to complete a project that relates to home and your family. You might feel a conflict between home and family.

July 7 (Mercury sextiles Uranus): A small window of opportunity opens in relation to innovation, ecommerce, technology, and coming up with original new strategies. Laughter, humor, and fearlessness is encouraged. If you are in Zurich, I am doing a Past Lifetime Regression today at 7:30pm

July 8 (International Sunshine Day): Each July 8 at 11:15am UTC, 99% of the world experiences sunlight. It is a day that symbolizes global unity and the victory of light. Today you should honor the giver of life, be a Sun to someone, shine light on somebody. Mimic our celestial father in the sky.

July 10 (Mercury opposites Pluto): Mercury is going down into the underworld. It is a powerful day for magic, the occult, finding hidden or lost objects, exploring the gifts of your shadow or unconscious. There are memories and encounters from past lifetime. Maybe even making contact with the beyond. Watch your communication since unintentionally you could hurt someone.

July 10 (Mars enters Virgo until August 27): This is a good position for Mars as he is tamed by the sign of service, health, and diet. A great time to ignite work projects, a new diet, and adding some new physical activity regiment. Be careful of over criticizing or perfectionism. Also, be extra cautious with your relationship with coworkers and employees.

July 11 (Minerva enters Virgo): Both Mars, the god of war, and Minerva, the goddess of just war are moving from fiery Leo into calculated and reasonable Virgo. There could be worldwide conflicts around food supply, wheat, and bread. But Minerva, the goddess of craft can help with work, service, and strategy to resolve such issues. 

July 11 (Mercury enters Leo until July 28): Dramatic and creative communication. Everyone is a bit of a drama queen or king in the next three weeks. You will find your connection with kids and adults who are still kids flow much better. A highly creative and inventive period. 

July 13 (Mean North Node enters Aries until January 29, 2025): The nodes shift gears and focuses our collective energy to master the archetype of Aries – the liberator, leader, warrior, and shepherd. The North Node wishes you to focus on yourself and your needs in order to be available for a relationship. In the next 18 month you will find yourself and others assert their identity and try to find their individuality.  Wear more red, set an alarm clock to earlier in the day, be active, initiate, and lead.

July 14 – 15 (Sun sextiles Uranus): Another brilliant aspect. Time to face the strange, be original and think outside of the box. A couple of days to spend with friends or a group of likeminded people. Today I am teaching the Sacred Space workshop which is available as a webinar. How to use colors, directions, and the elements to make your home, office, and altar scared. On July 16, you can join the webinar or the Tarot – How to Use the Cards.

July 17 (Mercury squares Jupiter): It is a day when you might feel out of control. Overoptimism can be a liability. Talk less and listen more. Could be a bit challenging with travel and study.

July 17 (New Moon in Cancer): An intense New Moon since it is opposing Pluto. Can create some power struggles and emotional blackmail. However, it is a good day to start something new. Could be a new house project, family activity or anything that makes you feel.

July 18 (Venus enters Cancer until Aug 11): Venus is back to the sign of family and security. This is an aspect of love and kindness. A great time for real-estate, home improvement, healing relationships and coming to mutual understandings and compromises. Compassion and nurturing are all around you. 

July 19 – 21 (Mars opposite Saturn): You feel like people or situations are standing in your way creating a great deal of anger, frustration, and even fear. It is the “unemployed army” aspect with all the dangers it implies. Insecurities can propagate aggression. Think and feel before you act. This is taking place while both the black and light Moon squares Jupiter. Take heed of these days. Today I am leading a workshop on how to become your own astrologer.

July 20 – 21 (Sun trines Neptune while the Sun opposites Pluto): A great deal of activity going on. There is a sense of mystical awakening, empathy, and intuition, but also ego struggles and a feeling that life is conspiring against you. In these days you might connect to your power and get insights from dreams and meditation but also be challenged. Like Arthur drawing Excalibur out of the rock, you too are thrust into a battle with a magical tool. Today I am leading the webinar on Past Lifetime Regression. You can join via this LINK 

July 22 – 23 (Venus stationary): In these two days avoid being reactive with your primary and significant others. Chill out, you can achieve more by doing less. The Findhorn Retreat on Learning How to Read Your Chart and Find Your Inner Mythology. Join in person!

July 23 – 24 (Chiron stationary): Be extra careful as emotional or physical wounds might be misdiagnosed or feel like they would last forever. Good day for meditation and shamanic work.

July 25 (Chiron retrogrades until December 28): Old wounds resurface and are ready to be healed and dealt with. Teachers and healers from past lifetimes might come back into your life. A blessed period to let go of all constructs, traumas, and challenges. 

July 24 (Venus retrogrades): The planet of relationships, love, and finance is retrograding until Sep 5. Not the best time to get married, engaged, or sign partnership agreements. Try to avoid buying art or expensive luxurious items. 

July 23 (Sun enters Leo): The Sun returns home to his pride. The next 30 days we are all Leos. A powerful month of love, romance, creativity, sports, and recreation. Connect to your inner child and have fun!

July 23 (Mercury conjuncts Lilith): Stay away from gossip and slandering. Someone might be speaking ill of you, don’t do the same. Avoid disparaging people or starting conflicts. Stay above other people’s negativity. 

July 23 – 24 (Mercury squares Uranus): Disruptive communication. There is a bit of madness in the air and yet you might come up with some unique and original solution to problems.

July 27 (Mercury conjuncts Venus): When the goddess of beauty and the messenger of the gods made love, their child Hermaphroditus was born hosting both masculine and feminine organs. This is a day where you can bridge your active and receptive aspects of your personality or life. A good day for marketing your talents.

July 28 (Mercury enters Virgo until Oct 5): Mercury spends months in his sign of exaltation since he is about to retrograde in August. This is actually a great time to edit, reevaluate, change direction especially at work, with your health, routine, and diet.

July 31 (Mars trines Jupiter): A great day to achieve goals and tasks. Mars is under the tutelage of Jupiter, the grand benefactor. You can get a push for your projects and all other aspects of life.  

Have a great July!

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  1. Thanks once again for such a thorough info! I’ve added each date entry in my calendar, and I make sure to read it every morning before I start my day. I’ve been doing it for over years now, and it’s always incredibly helpful.

    It is very much appreciated!



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