December High-Lights

Happy Solar Eclipse!

December is a busy month boasting a great deal of cosmic shifts and changes. Lots of planets are moving signs, and therefore, moving houses in your chart. We are also having the last exact Saturn-Uranus square on Dec 24, just in time to steal Christmas. While it is the last precise square, we are not out of the woods yet, since in Sep-Oct of 2022 Saturn and Uranus are coming within 1/3 of a degree from another square so unless you are a triple Virgo, it can be considered a square. This challenging aspect between the two rulers of Aquarius have tainted 2021: Jan/Feb (the Big Lie, and the beginning of anti-vax movement), June (Delta Variant) and Dec (Omicron Variant). The square between Saturn and Uranus manifests as a clash between autocrats and democracy, the future versus the past, young pitted against the old, renewable versus oil and gas, data versus misinformation.

In Dec 19 Venus, the planet of finance and relationships, is starting her retrograde motion (until end of Jan, 2022). I never let people start new projects during Venus retrograde, but alas, we need to start the huge endeavor called “2022” on such an occasion. But hey, not all is bad, we are also going to have Jupiter return to his traditional domicile, Pisces, on Dec 29 and that is great news for everyone…

To top it all is the transit of the Lunar Nodes from Gemini and Sagittarius, where they spent the last 18 months to Taurus and Scorpio on Dec 23. Dec 19-20 is a bit overloaded with a Full Moon in Gemini, Chiron Stationary in Aries and Venus Stationary in Capricorn. Try to lay low at that time and avoid starting new projects or relationships around then.

Dec 3: Neptune Direct

Neptune was retrograde since June 23 and now we can expect a flow in psychic abilities, healing, intuition, and imagination. Your dreams will become more vivid and lucid, easier to interpret. You can experience more synchronicity and tap more easily to your creative juices. This is especially good for Pisces, Cancer and Scorpios. Tonight, I am also leading my webinar on the astrology of 2022. To join click HERE and there is a recording.

Dec 3-5: Venus sextile Mars and Neptune

Great for meeting potential lovers or significant others.  Go out on a date! A great time to collaborate and find partners in work and in life. Make it happen before Venus changes her mind and starts going retro on Dec 19 for 40 days, which is the worst time to start a new relationship.

Dec 4: Total solar eclipse in Sagittarius

This is the last chance to start something new, initiate a project or begin something you were delaying before Venus and Mercury go retro. Since it is an eclipse, it is better to decide what you want to start but wait until the day after to begin working on it. Eclipses quicken processes and are somewhat of a wild card. This lunation is great for studies, consultancy, publishing, mass media, finding your inner truth, validating your values, philosophies, and creeds. Good for learning new languages, starting to study towards a new degree, and travel. Be as authentic as you can, and you will benefit from this solar eclipse.

Dec 8-27: Venus conjunct Pluto

Possessiveness, jealousy, intrigues in love. Your partner might be acting strange, maybe some hidden issues coming into the light either in work or in your private life. Transforming your way of making money and or how you deal with finance. Great from joint artistic or financial affairs. Enemies lurk so take heed.

Dec 21: Solstice – The Goddess Gives Birth to the Child of Light

 Very powerful day when the gods and goddess of light are born. Dubbed the Gateway of Gods, it is a good day to communicate and get messages from your Higher-Self. On Dec 23, I am doing a webinar on Capricorn and how to get along with them. 

Dec 24: Saturn square Uranus

Last of the three squares. Financial hardships, challenges around values, wars, aggression, frustration, demonstration, unrest. Hard on Taurus and Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio.

Dec 19: Full Moon in Gemini

Truth versus lies. Authentic opposite to fake. This is a period where your beliefs, truth, and philosophies are being tested. There could be some challenges with in-laws or teachers. Sabian Symbol: “Bankruptcy granted to him, a man leaves the court.” Since Chiron is stationary today, squaring Mercury, there could be some health issues that resurface. Any form of cardio or breathing therapy can help countering these influences. Stressful for Gemini and Sagittarius as well as Pisces and Virgos.

Dec 19-20: Chiron in Aries Stationary

Chiron stationary is like an ambulance you called for is stuck in heavy traffic. Watch for injuries, old wounds returning, relapses, anger management, and insecurities.  Challenging for Libra and Aries.

Dec 19-20: Venus Stationary in Capricorn

Every year and a half for 40 days and night Venus retrogrades. She will walk backwards until the end of Jan so pace yourself. Avoid heavy expenses, purchases, or starting new partnerships or relationships. Please don’t get married or engaged. Avoid plastic surgeries or designing your home or office.  Especially hard for Capricorns, Cancer, Aries and Libra.

Dec 20: Chiron Direct

A time for healing. Now the ambulance comes before you even called. Great time for healing your body, physical training, starting a new health regiment, and a new diet.

Dec 29: Jupiter Enters Pisces Until May 2022

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, when he returns home after 12 years, he bestows upon us all his happiness of his return. This aspect is great for meditation, yoga, dance, poetry, and imagination. While Jupiter does prefer solitude compared to his transit in Aquarius, he can strengthen the immune system, something we all need now. The Tarot card “9 of cups” is associated with Jupiter in Pisces and is called “Happiness,” so get ready to have fun! Be careful of addiction, dependency and codependency and losing boundaries.

Dec 23: Lunar Nodes Shift into Taurus and Scorpio

The North Node represents what we, as a collective, need to master, while the South Node tells us what we need to let go. The North Node will be in Taurus until July 2023, which means we must all become Taurus and focus on our values, talents, self-worth, and finance. Since the South Node is in Scorpio, it means we have to let go of being too much of a Scorpio, that is, letting go of jealousy, possessiveness, paranoia, xenophobia, over obsession with power and sex. In other words, less sex more sensuality, less banking more trade. In addition, Taurus is Mother Nature, which means in the next 18 months we have to start the process of cleaning up our act and our planet. 

Dec 31: Sun trine Uranus

Last day of the year and it favors social activities, virus permitting. Innovation, originality, new friends. Great for new ideas, brilliance and coming up with creative solutions to problems. A great day to find your New Year’s Resolutions. In the 2022 book I added a chapter to help you guys achieve your New Year’s goal. Also, please check out the Wish Maker on my site that can help you manifesting your New Year’s Resolution.

Happy Holidays of Light and New Year!

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