Happy Pi Day! 3.14159265358979…

Happy Pi Day! 3.14159265358979…etc

Pi, the magical Greek letter associated with today’s date, is the offspring of the Proto-Sinaitic letter Pei, the precursor of the English P. The ancient letter’s shape as well as meaning is mouth. Still today, the Hebrew word for mouth is pei and with a bit of imagination you can see the shape of a mouth (profile) with a tongue allowing us the faculty of speech.

The 3.14 version of Pi is derived from the first letter of the Greek word perimetros, meaning circumference. It is an interesting synchronicity that we celebrate the day of Pi on 3/14 at the tail end of the finned sign Pisces, the sign that completes the circle of the zodiac – a week shy of the Spring Equinox, the Astrological New Years.

This Friday, March 18, we are having the last Full Moon of winter (Northern Hemisphere), which is also the last Full Moon of the astrological year. Therefore, it is an auspicious lunation to meditate on what you do not wish to bring with you to the spring or to the next astrological year.  

The Full Moon takes place March 18 (7amUT) and will boast an opposition to Neptune which increases our intuition and psychic abilities during this powerful lunation. While the Sun is in Pisces, the Moon will be in its opposite sign, Virgo, balancing mysticism, imagination, and intuition (Pisces) with functionality and practical applications (favored by the Virgin). As the last Full Moon of the zodiacal year, I recommend doing a deep meditation in nature (Virgo) or by a water source (Pisces), and contemplate on what you want to say “No!” to in the next year (Virgo), and what you wish to welcome into the new year (Pisces).

A while back I was taught a powerful meditation by a Santera high priestess (Afro-Cuban tradition). She recommended, on the Full Moon, to pay a visit to the sea, roll up your pants and wet your feet (Pisces organ) in the water. Then as a wave approaches you, imagine it brings something new into your life, try to visualize what you are welcoming into your life with as much details as the wave washes your feet. Then as the wave recedes, conjure what you want to let go off and release from your life. Repeat for a total of seven times, one for each Chakra.

The Sabian Symbol of the lunation is “A bold-headed man dominates a gathering of national figures.” No, that’s not me, for sure. But I’m hopeful it might mean someone is able to broker a peace or ceasefire in Eastern Europe.

At the same time the Moon shines bright and full, Chiron, the Wounded Healer is conjunct Athena, the Lady of Just Wars. She recently changed her name from Athena to Ukraine, as if there is any just war happening now it is the fight of the Ukrainian people to live their life according to their will. This conjunction takes place in Aries, the sign of war and liberation. Chiron as you remember was the mentor of celebrities like Achilles, Hercules, Odysseus, Jason to name a few, but he was also taught them healing and music. Kind David wasn’t the only warrior who knew how to heal with music.

The Chiron Athena conjunction is blessed by the conjunction of another celestial couple – Venus and Mars. This takes place this Friday, the day of Frieda, the Norse goddess of marriage. This Friday is a great day to fight for what you believe in, prepare for the next Zodiac year by setting intentions, and go on a date!

Sunday is the equinox, when the day and night are almost equal. In the Northern Hemisphere, the day after the equinox gives dominance to light for six months, and we spring into action on the first day of Aries, following the lead of the growing days. The equinox is a great day to meditate on balancing your masculine, active (Day) side with your feminine, receptive (Night) part. The main principle in Chinese medicine is that by balancing these two parts of your body, (Yin/Yang) you can promote health and happiness. This Sunday you can achieve that. For the Babylonian and their predecessors, the Sumerian, the equinox was the holiest day of the year. In my Sunday free Cosmic Navigator Astrology Show I will be doing a guided meditation for the equinox. If you are registered you will get the recording, if not, you can join via live Insta (@Cosmic_Navigator) or zoom: HERE

I wish you an effortless and meaningful transition into the New Year. And yes, the Equinox is a great time to reboot your New Year’s Resolution.

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