January Astro High-Lights

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January, named after two-headed Janus, kicked off with Mars and Mercury retros bonanza, inflicting glitches, mishaps, accidents, sicknesses, confusion, and discord. We are not off the hook until Mars goes direct, Jan 14 and Mercury, Jan 19/20. The worst of the retro, as always, are the last two days, so watch it Jan 12-13 as well as Jan 18-19. But it won’t be smooth sailing until Mercury shift to out of reverse gear on Jan 20. Right for the Chinese New Years and the New Moon in Aquarius (Jan 21/22) we will start a period of four months with no retros and eclipses. A great time to get things done, start working on your New Year’s Resolution and jumpstart the year. All the dates and their interpretations can be found on the cosmic calendar I made for you. Downloadable for free: https://cosmicnavigator.com/events/

January 3 (Venus enters Aquarius until Jan 26)

Venus in Aquarius can help you love the alien, make peace with technology, bring about startups, innovations, as well as collaboration in art and finance. Creation of prosperity for groups or through friends. The wilder the better. Free love! A friend might become romantic, or vis versa.

January 5 – 6 (Sun trines Uranus)

Innovation, originality, humor, freedom, opening exciting new frontiers. The trine represents an opening in your path, an ability to express yourself in a novel way. Think and act out of the box, try to create change in your community. A good time to make new friends.

January 6 (Full Moon in Cancer)

The radiance of the Moon shines upon her sign, Cancer. A great time to spend with family (biological and chosen). Good for a cleanse of the home. A process that demanded a great deal of emotion is coming to an end.

January 7 (Sun conjuncts Mercury)

The messenger is receiving the message. Great day for making decisions (but act on them after the 19th of Jan if possible), learning, spreading the word, sales, marketing and pushing your projects forward. Good time to reach out to relatives, and neighbors.

January 8 – 10 (Mercury trines Uranus)

This is a brilliant aspect that raises your IQ, well, at least for a few days. Great for brainstorming, high-tech, coming up with ingenious ideas. Spend time with friends, and community. Don’t spend the day alone.

January 8 – 10 (Venus trines Mars)

The cosmic lovers coming together, spreading harmony and love. A great day for a date. Your anima and animus are in love, and you can feel their flow and balance. Great day for art, martial arts, dancing, making love, music, design, heck, it is a great day for anything.

January 9 (Black Moon Lilith enters Leo)

The black moon ended her 9 months visit in Cancer causing challenges and misunderstandings among family members. Today she is moving into Leo until October 3. Take extra heed when the celestial party-pooper is in Leo. There is blood and rage, and egocentric and narcissistic people lurking around you. Watch your ego from being inflated or crushed.

January 12 – 13 (Mars stationary)

Be extra careful these two days. The action you take can get fixated for a long time. Not a good time to start any new projects. You might feel down or sad, also prone to accidents, wars, conflicts, and reactive behavior.

January 14 (Mars direct)

Projects that were stalled or delayed since end of October 2022 are being released. Conflicts resolved and the prospect of negotiations, truce, and peace are in the air. Wait until Mercury goes direct on January 20 before you begin new projects. 

January 14 – 16 (Venus square Uranus)

Venus, taken apart from her lover, Mars, is throwing a fit and we must suffer. Expect breakups, relationship turmoil, unexpected issues in partnerships. However, it can help you see hidden issues in your partnership in life or love that needs fixing.

Jan 17 (Past Lifetime Workshop)

If you are in London or elsewhere, this workshop is available in person or over zoom. Link for registration: https://www.alternatives.org.uk/event/people-you-were-exploring-your-past-lifetimes-using-regression-0

January 18 – 19 (Mercury stationary)

The hardest time of the retrograde period. Avoid starting new projects until after January 20. You might feel stuck, sad, depleted from energy and misunderstood.

January 18 – 19 (Sun conjunct Pluto)

A yearly aspect that can help you connect to the seed of your power but also a time where bosses and superiors might be more abusive and demanding. A great time for a makeover on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

January 19/20 (Mercury direct)

At last, one day before the New Moon, we are freed from all the baggage we took with us from 2022. Shake yourself, and release any negativity, this is a time to start new projects and make things happen.

January 20 (Sun enters Aquarius)

The next 30 days we shift from conservative and traditional Capricorn into mind bending, rebellious, and futuristic Aquarius. Spend quality time with old friends and make new ones. Join communities and engage in altruistic projects. Today I’m doing the hybrid workshop on the Astrology of 2023 (London and Zoom)

January 21 (New Moon in Aquarius)

The first New Moon of the year and is free of personal planet retrogrades! A great opportunity to start a new project and focus on your New Year’s Resolution. As always is the case, it is also the Chinese New Year (Jan 22). Welcome to Bugs Bunny’s Year of the Rabbit. Join me today on a hybrid class on Time Travel Meditation (London and Zoom)

January 22- 24 (Venus conjuncts Saturn)

Challenges with partners or people who are older than you. You might meet someone you have known in a previous life or in the past of this life. All contractual relationships are being reassessed. Today I am doing a three hours hybrid workshop (London and Zoom), to help you manifest your goals in 2023 using Kabbalah and the Tree of Life.

January 22 – 23 (Uranus stationary)

The Awakener is sleeping. The planet of freedom and innovation is taking two days off. Try to hold on with projects that deal with ecommerce, technology, cryptocurrency, etc.

January 24 (Uranus direct until August 21)

An opportune time to update, upgrade, and reconnect to your tech-oriented projects. A friend you lost touch with or had a hard time with might reappear to heal or renew the relationship. A company or an organization might reach out in the next few days.

January 24 – April 19: No planets retrograde! A great time to make things happen.

January 26 (Venus enters Pisces until Feb 19)

Venus in Pisces is exalted, which means she manifests in the most glorious way. She can help with your finance, relationships, creativity and general mood.

January 29 – 30 (Sun trines Mars while Mercury trines Uranus)

These last days of Jan deliver some encouraging news. A great deal of action and movement in all types of projects and personal life. It is also a good time for making new friends, connect to technology and innovation, and spending time

Happy January!

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