Venus Retrograde and Shadow

Greetings from Sofia, named after the goddess of wisdom, and soon (today) off to Istanbul, Mother of Cities. I wanted to use this opportunity to give you a rundown of Venus and her retrograde motion coming up this week. While it is true that Venus starts her retrograde only on the Solstice (Dec 21), she will be stationary Dec 19/20 (on the last Full Moon of the year). In addition, as you probably felt, Venus is already has been striding in the shadow of the retrograde since Nov. In the last episode of the Cosmic Navigator Astrology Show, I explained the meaning of these different stages of the retrograde, but let’s go over it again so you have it available as you march through the last few weeks of 2021 and into 2022.

Venus is the ruler of finance, relationship, justice, talents, and values. Along with Jupiter, she is considered to be a benevolent planet, spreading her magical colorful and sensuous vibes. Therefore, when she is having a hard time, such as she does now, we feel somewhat lost and abandoned. When a planet retrogrades it fails to bestow its inspiration in a constructive way, which in the case of Venus means that finance, as well as relationships could get a bit challenging until the end of January, and if you add the shadow periods, then these hardships extend, to a lesser degree, until the first few days of March. In addition, when a planet retrogrades its essence is experienced internally much more than externally. In the case of Venus, it means finding love inside us instead of seeking it outside, that is, we are being asked to nurture the relationship between conflicting parts of our personality. Since Venus is retrograding in Capricorn, she can help us overcome and heal ancient insecurities, as Capricorn is associated with our past, this life as well as previous ones. Venus traveling in Capricorn can magnify patterns from past relationships that in return could be unravel and unknotted. Venus retro in Capricorn can help us integrate lessons we failed to learn in the past that deal with our relationships to people, money, and our talents.  

Venus started her pre-retrograde shadow-walk on Nov 18. The shadow refers to the parts of the zodiac that a planet would retrograde into, which means that from Nov 18 we are experiencing a taste, a preview, of the issues that we would deal with once Venus goes retrograde. This could be anything from financial challenges, doubts about current relationships in work or in life, self-doubt, insecurities, feeling abandoned, dealing with exes or patterns from past relationships. Since Capricorn is the sign of maturity, the shadow and retrograde could help us establish relationships, old and new, with people who are older than us chronologically or spiritually.

Suggestions While Venus Retrogrades:

Patience, young sky-walker…

Seek help from people who you know for a long time or are more experience.

Connect to people who are older or matured.

Limit expenditures. Yes, it’s Christmas, but real gifting is about getting people what they need and that does not necessarily means spending money but rather being uber creative.

Be forgiving to yourself as well as your partners and significant others.

Give your partner what they want before they have to ask for it.

Reconnect to old hobbies, talents, artistic expressions or projects you abandoned or gave up on in the past.

Avoid formulating new partnerships.

Hunt for second-hand products. Just today I was reading about how the famed “Bored Ape” NFT was accidently sold for $3,000 instead of $300,000:

Venus Stationary – Dec 19 and 20

Whenever a planet goes retrograde it appears to stand still for two days. Venus’ stationary period takes place right on the last Full Moon of the year. This Full Moon pits Gemini (communication, relatives, contracts, business) opposite to Sagittarius (truth, travel, education, in-laws). It is the last Full Moon of 2021 and a great time to let go or bring to an end things you do not wish to bring with you into 2022.

Psalm 46:10 eloquently suggests to “Be still and know that I am God.” As mentioned, a planet always appears to stand still before and after its retrograde motion, and since “As Above, so Below,” we too can find stillness during the Stationary period. The fact that we are also caught between the Sun (father) and Moon (mother) right when Venus is standing still, is a great opportunity to meditate on what gifts we received genetically and through nurturing from our mother and father. What ancestral karma we would like to keep and what we would like to let go. Spend some time meditating on these topics as well as what you would like to avoid bringing into 2022. The same you can do again on Jan 28 and 29 when Venus once again will be stationary.

Venus Retrograde: Dec 22, 2021 – Jan 27, 2022

During the retrograde of Venus in the narrow goat-paths of the mountainous rocky Capricorn, we need to take heed where we step and be extra cautious. It’s windy and slippery and on top of it all we are asked to hike backward.

From Dec 22 2021 to Jan 5 2022, we are crossing the part of Capricorn associated with Virgo and that means we have to watch our health, diet (all that slaking during the holidays), reconnect to some sort of routine as well as pay extra attention to our relationship with employees and co-workers. This could be the most difficult time dealing with the Omicron variant. From Dec 22, (Solstice), the Sun moves into Capricorn, thus slowing down the flow of events. Talk, post, text, breathe, and think slower. Especially pay attention to the New Moon in Capricorn on Jan 2/3. This lunation could present a new situation, a turn of event, and a resolution.  

From Jan 5 to the end of the retrograde, Venus will be wandering the part of Capricorn associated with Taurus, therefore, it can adversely affect finance, self-worth, and bring about ancient insecurities. However, this period can also resurrect old or latent talents and reconnect you to gifts you might have discarded.

From Jan 13, Mercury joins the retrograde bonanza until Feb 4. This is the most challenging part of Venus retro cycle. Avoid signing documents and starting new projects and be super patient with yourself and those around you.

Jan 20 is another turning point as the Sun leaves Capricorn and quicken his pace as he transits into Aquarius. A wind blowing will clear the debris in your life caused by Venus retro.

Venus Stationary Jan 28 and 29

Be still again and know that you are God/dess. Once again, a great day for a deep meditation.

Venus Shadow Jan 30 to March 3

We are done with the retrograde of Venus. Yes, it is okay to start new relationships, make purchases and invest, however be a bit careful of any residues. Some issues that have started Nov 18 – Dec 19 of 2021 might resurface for a final resolution.

Hope this helps you end a year gracefully as well as start another with the right flow. I wish you a happy end of 2021 and a fabulous beginning of 2022.  May Venus return to you what you have lost and reconnect you to ancient lucrative talents that could fill your life with passion and abundance.



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  1. Thank you for passing on this information and taking the time to be so thoughtful and thorough presenting it! Happy holidays and I hope you have safe travels!