Your Birthday

Ok, first a confession. It is my birthday today, April 15, the US Tax Day, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Leonardo da Vinci shared my birthday, I would be utterly depressed. But it is not because I am a year older. I have no issues with that. In fact, the older I am, the closer I come to my death and then rebirth as a newborn baby, young again. So every day I get older is a day closer to my youth. So no, I have no problem with age and the wisdom and experience it bestows. However, we all experience challenges around and on our birthday, no matter your age or whether you were born on a taxing day. Behind your birthday stands a grand intellectual institution stretching back to the first stargazers. The same edifice of wisdom that is the origin of Christmas, Passover, Ramadan, Nawruz, Rosh HaShanah, Easter, Halloween, Vesakha, and many more. It is Astrology – the Mother of Science and Religion. 

Your birthday is a poetic  way of saying that you are going through a “Sun Conjunction.” Two or three days before and a day after your birthday, the transiting Sun is creating a conjunction with your natal Sun. Imagine a planet that instead of having one Sun has two of them. That is what happens to you on your birthday, you experience the heat, and light of two solar disks. Yes, it burns, it scorches, and since the Sun is the ruler of Leo and Leo is associated with our hearts and spines, the double Helios pierces our heart and sends shivers up our spines. So you see, it has nothing to do with your age. An one year old infant, a toddler, a teenager, as well as young and old folks all experience the effects of the stereo-sun-system.

Lucky for us, our wise ancestors who also knew that during the longest nights of the year we experience a collective winter-blues and in need of attention and gifts (Hanukkah. Christmas, Yule), also knew that during our sun conjunction we need gifts and cakes and surprise parties and lots of calls and emails and social-media posts. On our birthday, we are all Leos for one day. We need to be in the center of attention and we need to be treated with silk gloves as if we were a child (Leo rules children) or royalty (Leo is the monarch of the zodiac). So yes, birthdays are tough and they make us extra sensitive, insecure and bring up all kind of interned childish issues. Two suns can blind us so that we only “see” darkness. That is why we need friends, family and lots of birthday cards to remind us of how great we are…

On your next birthday, let people who love you share with you their love. Let them give you by allowing yourself to receive and accept. Don’t wait for others to gift you what you need, do it yourself or even better, be a Leo and tell your friends and family what your inner-child needs to be happy!

Happy Tax Day


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