Astro Highlights of December

Getting ready to cross the globe and start the winter tour. I hope I get to see some of you in person. I will be in Sofia (Dec 6 – 15); Tel Aviv (Dec 31 – Jan 10); Berlin (Jan 10 – 16); Budapest (Jan 16 – 19); Edinburgh (Jan 19 – 24) and London (Jan 24 – 30). For readings in these places please email me [email protected] I will be dedicating a week between Dec 13 – 20 for zoom readings with Turkish clients, to book, please contact Nur: +90 530 944 3032.

Here we are, the last 1/12 of 2023. My suggestion is to go full steam now until middle of the month when Mercury goes retro in Capricorn until Jan 3, 2024. In addition, many planets change sign in December, and adhering to the old equation: As Above So Below, we can expect a great deal of changes in direction in December. Below you will find the important dates of the month ahead.  

  • December 1 (Mercury enters Capricorn until February 5): Mercury is deliberate and wants results. It is a very practical time where you can further your career and ambition especially by connecting to people who are older or more experienced than you. This pragmatic Mercury placement is great for giving a big push toward the 2023 finish line.
  • December 2 – 4 (Mercury sextiles Saturn): The last month of the year starts with a nice aspect that can help you market, sale, promote and conceive your business or work. It links material gains with mystical powers as well as intuition and imagination.
  • December 3 (Venus squares Pluto): This aspect can be a bit challenging on your primary relationships. Your partner or significant other might feel like you are not contributing your share in the relationship just as you feel the same about them. Avoid manipulations, intrigues, gossip, or slandering.
  • December 4 (Venus enters Scorpio until Dec 29): Venus is going underground, taking her whip, S&M leather outfit, and she is visiting a sex club. Venus is in her sign of exile so financial matters may be a bit slow. Relationships are in danger of discord and power struggles and infidelities. In addition, today Mars and Lilith are squaring. This can bring about deadly arguments and conflict.
  • December 5 – 6 (Venus trines Saturn): In these days you can fix any relationship issues that have surfaced from the beginning of the month. This is a great time for financial gains, grounding and consolidating love or partnerships, as well as the ability to be creative in a practical way.
  • December 7 – 9 (Mercury trines Jupiter): What a wonderful treat when the messenger and king of the gods are on the same wavelength. Great for publishing, business, writing, coming up with original ideas. There is an expansion of communications and making lots of new connections. It feels like everyone is friendly and accommodating. Since Jupiter is retrograde, a great deal of the expansion will be felt in your mood and inner world. You are your best mentor, just listen to your own suggestions for a change!
  • December 9 – 10 (Venus opposes Jupiter): Careful, since these days tempt you into wastefulness, gluttony, greed, indulgence, or just being extravagant. Take your time, don’t rush. A good day to spend on your own but without shopping and or sugar therapy or other self-medicating techniques.  
  • December 11 – 12 (Mercury sextiles Venus): Sanity is returning with this lovely aspect between numbers and colors, letters, and notes. A great time to promote your talents, build bridges and enjoy life.
  • December 11 – 14 (Venus conjuncts Minerva): Pallas Athena or Minerva was known for her skill in arts and crafts and Venus is the goddess of beauty. Together in Scorpio they can bring into your life a new passion to an art or craft you always wanted to explore. This is great before Christmas so you can make your holidays gifts instead of buying them. 
  • December 12 – 13 (Mercury stationary): Okay, time to rest, avoid important meetings if possible.
  • December 12 (New Moon in Sagittarius): Today would have been a great time to kickstart things towards the year’s finish line but, alas, Mercury is stuck in traffic. You can still sneak in learning something new, a skill, a new journey? But overall better wait until Mercury goes direct. Sabian Symbol: A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses.
  • December 13 (Mercury retrograde in Capricorn until January 3): Avoid starting new projects (including your New Year’s Resolution but see section below). Mercury can help you find new strategies and ways to develop your career and ambitions. Discipline with your writing and business can yield great results.
  • December 16 – 17 (Sun squares Neptune) There is escapism, lack of boundaries, people present themselves in a deceptive way. Not good for financial dealing or business.
  • December 17 – 19 (Mercury trines Jupiter): Mercury befriends benevolent Jupiter. You can go back to December 7 – 9 and look at your calendar, you can continue pushing whatever started happening around then. This is a time of manifestation, philosophy, wisdom, and aid coming through synchronicities and meaningful coincidences.
  • December 20 – 21 (Venus opposes Uranus): A bit of chaos in your primary relationships as well as an awakening in your art and partnership. Could be a rude awakening since Venus is in Scorpio. Some secret lovers will be exposed.
  • December 22 (Sun trines Mercury): Another day of intellectual clarity but since Mercury is retrograde most of the insights are coming from within you or in the form of dreams, aha! moments, intuition, or a synchronicity.
  • December 22 (Sun enters Capricorn): Happy Solstice aka The Gateway of the Gods and Goddesses. Apollo, Artemis, Osiris, Atis, Marduk, you name it, were all born today. That is why the Church in the 4th century decided to celebrate Christmas on the Solstice and falsely claim that Jesus was born a Capricorn (the consensus among astrologers and mystics is that he was most likely an Aries). Today the goddess (night) gave birth to the Child of Light. You too can connect to your higher self today and have access to the divine spark within you. For the next 30 days we are all Capricorns and are asked, as such, to focus on career (especially after January 3 when Mercury goes direct in this sign), ambition, and discipline. 
  • December 24 – 25 (Sun trines Saturn): Great aspect for the Holiday Season and Christmas with plenty of creativity, endurance, and the ability to plan for the future. A favorable time to make peace and accommodate figures of authority or superiors.
  • December 25 – 26 (Venus trines Neptune): Another sweet treat as Venus blesses her higher octave. An opportune time for romance, imagination, meditation, dance, and creativity. Art can become your form of worship. Just be a bit careful how you communicate and be honest and truthful. Since Mercury is also squaring Neptune it can add a shadow of deception to the mix.
  • December 26 – 27 (Chiron stationary): You might have a hard time connecting to teacher or mentors. Not a good day for study or surgeries.
  • December 27 (Full Moon in Cancer): The last Full Moon of the year. You can do a burning ritual and write everything you do not wish to bring with you into 2024. Burn it and bury the ashes. Sabian Symbol: An automobile wrecked by a train.
  • December 27 – 28 (Mercury conjunct Mars): Please avoid arguments or raising your voice. This aspect can manifest as aggressive communication, lack of anger management, and discord. Your words might come across far harsher than you intend.
  • December 28 (Chiron direct): Healing of your identity and self-expression. You are adding a shamanistic element into your life.
  • December 29 (Mars squares Neptune): You might feel low in energy, immune system down, some sickness and negativity. It’s just the end of the year. Things will change soon, don’t take it personally. 
  • December 29 (Venus enters Sagittarius until January 23): Venus loves to travel, and she is now under the influence of Sagittarius and already packing. Meeting with foreigners as well as opportunities to make money from education, travel, teaching, multinational organizations, and consulting are possible. There is a wind of optimism with your main relationships.
  • December 30 – 31 (Jupiter stationary): The last two days of the year gifts and benevolence are on hold. Not too bad considering that we are lucky to start 2024 with the first day of Jupiter direct. That is when gifts and opportunities that were withheld from you can be released with interest. Especially after January 3 when Mercury goes direct.  

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