Chinese New Year – Water Tiger

Here we go again, a new “New Year,” this time – made in China. The Chinese New Year is celebrated by arguably 1/4 of humanity and even if you don’t follow Chinese Astrology, 2 billion people around the world do, therefore, according to the Law of Attraction, even if there is no basis to that system (which I do believe it works just as well as any type of astrology), the fact that so many people believe a black tiger is roaring this year, well, you can rest assure that it will.

The Year of the Water Tiger starts as always on the New Moon in Aquarius, which this year is on Feb 1, the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Interestingly, it is the most democratic New Year as it is celebrated when both the Moon and the Sun are in Aquarius, the sign of progress, equality, and liberty. I daresay that it might be a sign that one day, soon in our time, China will embody the ideals of freedom.

Aquarius is also the sign of humanity as well as extraterrestrial, that is the reason why the Tarot card for Aquarius is “The Star.” You see, we share much with our alien friends, maybe it is Aquarius’ way of declaring that humans and extraterrestrial come from the same source, we are all One.

The New Moon takes place at 12 degrees Aquarius which is an interesting synchronicity. Think of Jesus and his 12 apostles, Jacob and his 12 tribes, Arthur and his 12 knights. This could indicate a year where we can find our gang of 12 and spread our gospel (good news).

The last time we adopted a water-kitten was 1962, the year when on the Chinese New Year, we had 7 planets in Aquarius. Feb of 1962 was dubbed the official gateway of the Age of Aquarius. The last time we had a Water Tiger the wild 60s were in full swing, adorned with LSD, great music and art, a Flower-Power revolution and so much hope. 1962 was also the year the Navy SEALs were created, literally tigers fighting in water.

Tigers are associated with boldness and creativity, they are the hunters who don’t only chase game but also ideas, innovations, and new opportunities. Compared to other tigers, the water tiger is a bit more careful and calmer, let’s hope it helps the situation in Ukraine, Taiwan, and Middle East. In 1962 heavy storms flooded Germany’s North Sea coast and more than 300 people died, therefore we can expect 2022 to be a wet year with some natural disaster (Uranus in Taurus).

Tigers are the king of the animal kingdom according to Chinese lore. Tigers are hot, yang, and fiery and yet this year, they are asked to learn how to swim. As you can image, felines are usually not that keen on spending time in water. But in 2022 we also have Jupiter moving back and forth between Pisces (water) and Aries (fire), so it is the theme of the year from both West to East. Putting together action (fire) and reception (water) is what 2022 is all about.

The water tiger is said to expel evil energies and is a good for healing and overcoming obstacles. The problem – a tiger is after all a tiger and is very hard to tame. Therefore, the cute tiger is also associated with destruction. I mean, think of the tiger that attacked his trainer Roy Horn and left him with life-altering injuries.

As the old proverb suggests, “When in Rome behave as the Romans do,” we should apply it to the year ahead, only change Rome with tiger – when in the Year of the Tiger, behave as the Tigers do. I suggest adopting a cat, or just being nice to one and learning from their ways. I think the difference between cats and dogs is that while dogs teach us how to receive unconditional love, cats school us on how to give that love. So, there you have it – the lesson of the Year of the Tiger is to learn to give love to people who might not be overly impressed by it. I’m not talking of one-sided love affairs. I am referring to unconditional love, that illusive amor that takes lifetime to master and is the meaning of life.

How do Water Tiger behave, so we can mimic their ways? Water Cats are self-confident with a healthy dose self-wroth (you can achieve it especially this year when the North Node is in Taurus, the sign of self-esteem). Water Tiger are creative and find original way of doing things (great, since from May Jupiter is in Aries). They can be successful which brings about jealousy (an issue when this year the South Node is in Scorpio). They can be stubborn and self-righteous (Goddess save us from politicians this year). Water Tiger are lucky in wealth, hence the moving-hand golden cat you see in many stores for good luck. Maybe the tiger can help us in the global financial recovery. Some famous Water Tigers: Tom Cruise (hmmm, not sure that’s a good sign), Michelle Yeoh, Paula Abdul, Steve Carell, Walt Disney, and Jim Carrey.    

In 2022, we need to sacrifice something for love and now with the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the aloof water tiger, we need to learn to give our love to cats who every so often, on a good day, give us an encouraging smile.    

 Happy New Year! This is a great time to reboot your New Year’s Resolution, only wait till Mercury goes direct on Feb 5 to start working on it.



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  1. Thank you Gahl I LOVE your wisdom and your insights. I will post it on FB if you don’t mind I will say “He is an EXCEPTIIONAL writer with an AMAZING insight, a MASTER of his craft”.

      1. Thank you dear Gahl for all those wonderful informations
        And Happy new Moon
        Happy Chinese year 🙏

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