December Astro Highlights

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Welcome to December!

Good News!!!

I uploaded the most important dates of 2023 on a calendar for you to download for free and  use on your phone or computer. Please download it! It’s for you. Click on the image to download or go to this link:

December got its name from the Latin word for “ten,” an interesting coincidence considering that 10 in numerology is reduced back to 1, which happens to be next month of January and the start of a new year.

In December there are a few trends that continue from November, mainly the notorious Mars retrograde in Gemini. Mars represents war and aggression, courage, and self-termination, while Gemini represents siblings, communication, and interconnectedness. Since Mars entered his shadow and retrograded, we seen Ukraine capture lost territories (retrograding land), the Iranian women revolution that spread from one young woman to the entire world, and in China the anti-lockdown demonstrations. December continues these trends but adds another twist: Mercury retrograde who is joining the retro bonanza from Dec 28 – Jan 19.

The addition of Mercury reverse motion can cause the end of the year to flare up, so best do as much as you can before Mercury goes retrograde. However, December offers a great opportunity to complete things you don’t want to bring with you into 2023. As for New Year’s resolutions, it is best to start before Jan 1, but you can read about it in the special chapter on New Year’s Resolution of my Astrology of 2023 book, when to start and what type of resolutions would be easier to manifest in 2023.

Good news! My book in Bulgarian and Turkish is out. Here is the link to the Bulgarian Version, and the Turkish Version. If you are in Istanbul, I am looking for a place to do the book signing and lecture, if you have suggestions, would love to hear from you.

I am about to start my winter tour. I hope to see you in person in Sofia, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Paris and London. Please email me if you want to meet for a reading in one of these cities.  In London will be doing an in-person and webinar Past Lifetime Regression

Dec 1 (Mars opposite Venus)

Conflict in relationships, divorces, and separations may occur. Be careful with impulsive financial decisions.  Mars is already having a hard time, so go easy on your primary relationships.

Dec 2 (Mercury square Neptune)

Deception and lies, people trying to sell you things you don’t need, vampires glamouring you and sucking your energy. Keep your focus and center yourself. A great time for meditations.

Dec 4 (Venus square Neptune)

Illusions shatter relationships. There is confusion and a lack of boundaries. A lot of Neptunian issues Dec 2 – 4. This can create dependency and codependency as well as relapses with drugs and addictions. Everyone is trying to escape everyone. If you are located in Los Angeles, join me for a lecture today 5pm and book signing on the Astrology of 2023.

Dec 5 (Neptune goes direct)

If you felt a bit lazy with meditation and yoga in the last few months, then it is over, and things will flow better now. You now can reconnect to your intuition and enjoy mystical activities. Imagination is overflowing.   

Dec 6 (Mercury enters Capricorn)

Slow, deliberate, and strategic thinking and communications are required for the next two months. Sine Mercury is retrograding in Capricorn he will stay there until Feb 10. This is a mature position for the messenger of the gods that favors working and dealing with traditional or older folks. Good for long term business, projects, and plans.  

Dec 8 (Sun opposite to Mars)

Wars and aggression are more likely the next few days. You may display impulsive behavior and have bursts of uncontrolled energy. Watch it since Mars is retrograde.

Dec 8 (Full Moon in Gemini)

Us versus them, my country versus yours, our family against yours. A great deal of opposition and conflict between those with differing views. Lies, deception, and theft may occur. However, a good time to complete a writing task. Try to be as authentic as possible.

Dec 10 (Venus enters Capricorn)

Favoring long-term relationships or partnerships with mature people. A good day to reassess all of your relationships. Venus will be in Capricorn for the rest of the year and the peak of her power will be Dec 31 when she conjuncts Pluto, the Lord of Transformation and Death. A great deal of revelation is taking place with your significant others the end of the month.

Dec 13 (Pluto opposite Lilith)

Manipulation, jealousy, and feeling abused. The celestial party pooper is unleashed. Take heed.

Dec 14 (Sun squares Neptune)

Be careful not to fall prey to deception and illusions. Today, you may experience sadness, be prone to addictive behaviors and have a lack of boundaries.

Dec 20, 2022 – May 16, 2023 (Jupiter returns to Aries)

Initiation, leadership, and launching of new endeavors in all aspects of life are starred. During this time, you may discover a new sense of identity or healing of the body. You might discover a new direction to take in your life. We are all becoming an Aries for the next few months, assuming the port of Moses, Christ, Muhammad to name a few. Time to go on an expedition and conquer what you need to overcome.

Dec 21-22 (Solstice. The longest night in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere)

One of the four holiest days of the year. Today is the Gateway of the Gods: the birthday of the gods and goddesses of light: Apollo, Artemis, Osiris, Horus, Attis, and Mithras, to name a few. This is the day that you are most connected to your higher self and guardian angel. Ask and you shall be answered.

Dec 23 (New Moon in Capricorn)

A good time to start a new career in a new place where your talents and abilities can shine, or to embark on a long-term project. A good day to start working on your 2023 New Year’s resolutions.

Dec 24 (Chiron goes direct)

Let the healing commence. Chiron is the Wounded Healer, the teacher of the gods and demigods. The celestial surgeon general. Since he is in Aries, Chiron is healing our identity, wounds, blood, leadership styles, and how we deal with anger.

Dec 28 to 29 (Mercury stationary)

Avoid starting anything new. Everything feels stuck.

Dec 29 (Mercury conjunct Venus)

Great for healing relationships, apologizing, and forgiving. New interesting people coming back into your life.

Dec 30, 2022 – Jan 18, 2023 (Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn)

Avoid signing anything or starting new projects. A good time to reflect on what you don’t want to bring with you into 2023.   

Happy December and end of 2022!



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