January 2022 Astrological Highlights

Greeting from Haifa. I am Back to the place I was born for a few days – Mount Carmel where Homo Sapiens met and lived side by side with Neandertals hundreds of thousands of years ago. The picture above I took on the way back to my home on Freud Street after writing this blog in a café near by…

First, great news! Many of you know I have collaborated often with my dear friend and bestselling author Laura Day, and together with renowned psychotherapist and hypnotist Nancy Winston, we will be leading a week of magical transformation at Esalen, CA this coming February. I know it’s a last minute announcement but it would be great to finally meet in person. You can join us for the weekend, (Feb 11-13) for a Quick Hits For Lasting Change or the 5 days immersion (Feb 7-11) Tools for Transformation or both if you so wish. For those who have not been to Esalen, it is located near Native American scared grounds by the ocean, boasting natural hot-springs, giant redwood trees, a river, and dramatic cliffs. I hope I get to see some of you there. Email me if you need any help registering but the links explain it all.  

To join the Sunday free meeting on Zoom: Meeting ID: 870 5603 5555 Password: 531978

And now, let’s take a look at what the planets above have awaiting for us humans here below…

As you know, Venus is retrograding in Capricorn until the end of Jan, so please avoid signing partnership agreement, getting married or divorced, making big purchases, or even starting new romantic adventures. However, it is a great time to tap into hidden talents or gifts that can eventually lead to new sources of income. You can also use the retrograde to find lost objects (or people) and get money owed to you. You can see the Venus retro in action in Kazakhstan with the unrest and demonstrations that were ignited by the rising fuel prices (Capricorn rules power structures, underground energy sources, and autocrats). Venus is the ruler of values and finance and while people close to the Kazakhstani government enjoyed the lucrative deals generated from the abundant natural resources of the 9th largest country on earth, (Kazakhstan is rich with oil) it never trickled down to the people.

Mercury, aka Hermes, had a fling with Venus, aka Aphrodite, and since she could never be bothered with contraception, gave birth to a binary-fluid offspring, Hermaphroditus. Well, the same Mercury will join Venus and retrograde together with her from Jan 13 to Feb 4, so expect a great deal of fluidity in your life in the second part of January, boundaries broken, and many walks on the wild side. If you can hold on with super important projects until after Feb 5 that would be celestially advisable.

As I mentioned before, the same way that climate is getting over reactive, so does our astrological weather patterns and we have to start paying attention to the shadow of Mercury retrograde. What I’m trying to say here is that for the last few days we are already treading in the shadow of Mercury’s retrograde. You might have already felt small incidents and glitches, miscommunications, double-booking, etc.

And now for some good news. January is the best time of the year to stargaze and view with the naked eye the magical constellation of Canis Major (Big Dog) and Sirius, the Sun’s higher self, which is also the brightest star in the sky, hanging on the dog’s collar. You will find the heavenly dogling following Orion, the hunter, south-eastward, at the highest point in the evening sky. Sirius is a special alpha star and watching the double star is a great way for an open-eyed meditation. You can focus your spiritual intentions at Sirius. And now for some dates:

Jan 8 & 9 – Sun conjuncts Venus

It’s always good to have the Apollo shine his light on the goddess of beauty, even as she walks backwards and bumps into things. Sort of energetic slapsticks. But this aspect can bring about clarity with relationships and even finances. There is also a strong sense of justice in the air.

 Jan 9 – Mars opposite Lilith, a Black Moon

Alas, Eris, the goddess of discord, who was not invited to the Sun reunion with Venus is super jealous and can cause aggression, defensiveness, violence, theft, and lies. Therefore, Jan 9 is a mixed bag of stardust.

Jan 12 – Sun & Moon trine

The last day in Jan that is not marred by Mercury retro. It is a good day with harmonious flow between Sun and Moon and the ability to achieve things. Go for it! Pluto is also sending some positive vibes, good for investments and encounters with powerful transformative people.

Jan 13 and 14 – Mercury stationary in Aquarius

Here it comes again – Mercury stuck in traffic. Communication and business are on hold.  Avoid beginning new projects. Feeling trapped and unable to move people or projects.

Jan 15 to Feb 4 – Mercury retrograde and stationary in Aquarius and Capricorn

 Avoid signing documents and initiating new projects. Mercury is retro in Aquarius until Jan 26 and then he gets even more slow as he moves to the mountainous terrain of Capricorn. When Mercury retros in Aquarius there could be more computer problems and issues in companies, governments, and friends. When Mercury is retrograding in Capricorn the glitches could be experienced with or through older people, figures of authority, especially in you career and or with superiors.  

Jan 15 and 16 – 2022 and Your Previous Lives

I am in London teaching a workshop on the Astrology of 2022 as well as a Past Lifetime Regression. Both classes are available as a zoom class with recording if you register.

Jan 16 – Sun conjunct Pluto

Passion, desire, sexuality. A good time to let go of something you no longer need. There could be an encounter with someone powerful that can help transform you.

Jan 17 – Full Moon in Cancer

The completion of a process that relates to family, real estate, security. A very emotional day, breathe deep and allow yourself to feel. Sabian Symbol: Indian girl introduces college boyfriend to her tribe. Oh dear…Kind of a Westside Story. It is Tu B’shavt, the Jewish “New Year for the Trees.” It is the only New Year I know of that is celebrated on the Full Moon instead of the New Moon. Since Full Moons represent an ending, maybe the message here is that if we don’t plant trees, life on earth will end. This is a great day to reconnect to the Green Man, the spirit of the trees.

Jan 20 – Sun Enters Aquarius

For the next 30 days we are all Aquarius – emphasis on groups, friends, and humanity. Today I am doing the class on the Age of Aquarius and how to get along with Aquarius. To register click HERE and yes, there will be a recording available.

Jan 25 – Mars transits into Capricorn Until March 6

Powerful movements especially in career and long-term plans and investments. Mars loves to be disciplined by Capricorn and manifests his vitality and energy in the best way. Mars can help you make things happen despite the retrogrades. Mars will be dancing a tight sexy tango with Venus which is great for relationships and finance between Feb 10 to March 11. A great time to fall in love or heal relationships.   

Jan 26 – Neptune square Lilith

Deception, illusions, and betrayals. I won’t put too much stock on your dreams these days. Even your intuition might be off. Stick to reason and don’t take things too personally.

Jan 30 – Sun squares Uranus

 Revolutions, instability, and disruption. This is not an easy aspect and tend to create chaos around us.

Feb 1 – New Moon in Aquarius

Happy Chinese New Year! Welcome to the Year of the Water-Tiger. A great New Moon even if Mercury is retro. Sabian Symbol: A barometer. Maybe some issues with climate or weather? Storms?

Feb 2 – Look at this: 02/22/2022

A binary of 0 and 2 instead of 0 and 1. Right on the New Moon in Aquarius! If numbers tell stories, this day’s narrative is about a leap of faith we must take in our relationships or a tale of innovation and revolutions. It is also the USA chart’s Neptune opposition. Last time it happened was 1857-1859 just a couple of years shy of the Civil War and the end of slavery. USA citizens, please be careful…Dark side of the aspect: deception, addiction, confusion, lack of clarity, fog.

 Feb 3 and 4 – Mercury stationary in Capricorn

Can be challenging with figures of authority, bosses, and superiors. Not the best time to start anything new. Things feel heavy, pessimistic, and stagnated.

Feb 4 – Sun conjunct Saturn

With Mercury being stuck in Capricorn, its ruler Saturn is sitting heavy on the Sun, making it challenging to express yourself and your needs. You may experience extra workloads or responsibilities, and gloominess.  

Feb 5 – We are out of all retros and no planet is retrograding until April 28!!!

Wishing you a wonderful January and a happy new year!


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