Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and the Galactic Center

Happy New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse. Yesterday I went on a run which always helps me think clearly and during the run, I realized what class I should offer in 2021. I call it the Twelve Kingdom of Light. It is a bi-weekly class (Wed and Friday 12pmPST) for 6 weeks. Every session will be dedicated to a different zodiac sign and how they can better navigate 2021. Each one hour webinar will explore transits, eclipses, retrogrades of the specific sign. All the session will be available for download after. Here is the link to register: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_OxhkAq56SCK_XpLnEBP3Fg

What can I say? The zodiac is busy the next week and as above so below, it means an eventful week for us down here. The general theme is truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, (Sagittarius Solar Eclipse) as well as messages coming from the center of the Galaxy (Sun and Mercury pointing at Galactic Center) as well as reconnecting to groups and friends, technology and innovation (Jupiter and Saturn transiting into Aquarius). 

Chiron Goes Direct Dec 15
From July 10, 2020 Chiron, the Wounded Healer was retrograde in Aries. This was not an easy retro. Chiron in Greek mythology was the healer of the gods, demigods, and heroes. When he transits in Aries he is especially powerful as Aries is associated with the rite of passage (all Chiron’s students were sent to him during puberty). Aries is the liberator, leader and warrior, all qualities that Chiron was famous for teaching. How amazing it is that right when Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is going direct that the first vaccines are being administrated first to the healthcare personal around the world, the wounded healers, that have put themselves in the front of the fight against Covid-19. Perfect timing for Chiron to go direct and start pushing the fight into the virus territories and away from hospital.

Saturn Moves into Aquarius Dec 17
Saturn has been in Capricorn since the end of 2017 and this week he is finally moving into Aquarius. This is great news and a big shift of focus from surviving to thriving, from earth to sky, from old to young, from traditional to revolutionary. This trend will be supported by Jupiter move to Aquarius two days later. The world is turning a page, and with it the spirit of the time. The zeitgeist is now lighting up communities, collaboration, science, ecology, innovation, openness, democracy, and altruism.

The Hebrew letter for Aquarius is Tzadik which means “Saint.” It is time for us to stop empower or give credence to lying, manipulating, and self-serving leaders and politician. They had their run since Pluto moved into Capricorn but now their time has ended. Not everyone can be a saint, but we can strive and do our best to share, think of others, and practice compassion. Saturn in Aquarius can herald the Age of Quantum, as well as bring about scientific breakthroughs. When Saturn was in Aquarius the internet was born, first commercial satellite was launched, the word “Personal Computer” was coined, the famous “I have a dream” speech was delivered, and Apartheid ended in South Africa.

We already had experienced Saturn in Aquarius between March – July, 2020, so you can go back and see what happened then and what lessons Saturn wishes to teach you and continue learning until March 2023. Saturn in Aquarius can change your attitude towards governments, companies, friends and collogues. Last cycles of Saturn in Aquarius: Feb 1991 – May 1993 & July 1993 – Jan 1994.

Jupiter Moves to Aquarius, Dec 19
Jupiter is following his father, Saturn, into Aquarius and adds a great deal of joy and luck to all these extra responsibilities. Last time he was expanding the archetype of Aquarius was 2009. New friends, help coming from groups and social clubs, reconnecting to friends from past lives. This transits favors collaboration, scientific exploration, Artificial Intelligence, and freedom. A friend may bring you fortune or you might get an offer from a new company. Since Aquarius is also the sign of manifesting wishes, this year is full of hope and the ability to bring our dreams into reality. Jupiter suffered the last year when he was in Capricorn, a sign that was not conducing to his natural tendency to expand. Now in Aquarius, a fix air sign, Jupiter can literally breath again.

Sun and Mercury Pointing at the Galactic Center Dec 19
Yes, the Milky Way, our galaxy has a center, an axis around which everything turns around and around, like the whirling Dervish. Just as every heavenly body in the Solar System orbits the Sun, so does the Sun go around the center of the galaxy. That is why the galactic center is considered to be the Sun of our Sun. It is the source of the spiritual “information” we receive from our own Sun that warms and lights our hearts.

Currently, the center of the galaxy is located at 27.3 degrees Sagittarius, and it moves 1 degree in 72 years. If you are wondering what is located in the galactic center, well, it’s not worth the visit, since you might get sucked in. There is a supermassive black home, in the center of the milky way, the largest type of black hole (hence the super name). Its mass is millions to billions of times the mass of our mighty Sun. 

It is a beautiful synchronicity that we will be aligned with the galactic center right when Jupiter and Saturn come together in their closest conjunction in hundreds of years in Aquarius, the sign whose Tarot card is called “The Star.” Since also Mercury would be pointing at the galactic center it is a great opportunity to receive powerful and pure insights, revelation, inspiration, teachings and messages from the place we have been orbiting around in the life and others. It is as if on that day we are looking at our higher-self, just as our Sun is reflecting upon the galactic center. 

The Sabian Symbol for the 27th degree of Sagittarius where the galactic center is located:

A splendidly built bridge, a heritage of unknown ages span across the beautiful stream.

How fitting that the symbol for the degree through which we see the center of the galaxy is an ancient bridge! A heritage of unknown ages? Aliens perchance? Dec 19 is a splendid bridge to our center as well as the center of our galactical home. If you know your chart you can look and see what house is the galactic center. That is the place you receive information from the Sun of our Sun. Watch your dreams this week, lots of information download!!! 

Have a wonderful week and happy eclipse! 

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