Luna Park – The Eclipses Season

When I was a kid, once a year, my parents used to take us to Tel Aviv, to visit the Shalom Tower, the tallest building in the Middle-East (at least that’s what they told us back in the 70s). Inside the white and somewhat ugly building of 34 floors, was the treat of the day, the Luna Park, or in English, an amusement park. But in Hebrew we also used to say Luna Park, just in heavy Hebrew accent. 

There were roller coasters rides, sugar cotton candy, and scores of kids fighting in lines, pushing and shoving, like their parents do in the bank and stores. I guess some of the Israeli education consistent of knowing how to refuse standing in line while standing in line. Luna Park, that is where we are now for the next 27 days and 8 hours. A theme park of the moon with rides that make us loose sense of gravity. 

For about a week now and for the next 28 days, we are in Eclipse Season. Instead of the regular two eclipses, a solar and a lunar, we are having a dominant solar eclipse (June 21) sandwiched like a spicy hot-dog between two lunar eclipses. One that just took place this weekend and another on July 4.  

Remember January and the stories that were woven by the eclipses of Dec 26, 2019 and Jan 10, 2020? They told of a new virus traveling the air, which forced us to fortify ourselves in our homes and once and for all deal with the North Node in Cancer, the sign of our dwelling places and family. In the last few weeks, the North Node which determines the location of the eclipses, shifted to Gemini, the sign of air, breathing, communication, lungs, and hands. So yes, the story of washing our hands to protect our lungs from the virus continues for at least 6 more months, but now a new set of stories are narrated by the eclipse of June 5. Isn’t it somewhat ironic, that now when the North Node moved into Gemini – the mutable air sign, we see demonstrations spark all over the U.S., U.K., Canada, Mexico, Ghana, Kenya, Israel, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, France, Sweden to name a few, all carrying signs and chanting “I can’t breathe.”

In the last 9 minutes of George Floyd’s life, the man whose death incited the worldwide demonstrations, said two things that stuck with us all. He called for his mother (Cancer) and said he cannot breath (Gemini). Indeed, the North Node, which points at the sign we must study for 18 month, shifted right around the time he died from Cancer to Gemini…

Next Two Weeks 
The next 14 days, the moon is waning, she is losing her light and reducing the speed of the stories only to increase them once again as we get closer to June 21 solar eclipse. On a personal level, this is a great time to say goodbye and let go of patterns, attitudes, habits, or behaviors that don’t serve you anymore. Especially if it relates to Gemini qualities such as business, communication, thoughts, speech, writing, marketing, trade, relatives, publishing, and contracts 

Since Neptune and Mars are coming together in Pisces in the next weekend, June 12 and 13, be extra careful with your immune system and from injuries coming from yoga, dance, movement, water sports, ski (southern hemisphere). My concern is that it also might manifest as a spike of Covid-19 cases due to the demonstrations around the world.

In addition, Mercury is stationary on June 17/18 which means that the messenger got stuck in some cosmic traffic jam and cannot deliver and receive our packages. Those days can be extra difficult in communication. Then Mercury is going retro from June 18/19 to July 13. Better hold off on starting new projects and signing docs especially when both Venus and Mercury Retrograde together in their convoluted reversed tango between June 18-25. 

Mid-Point – Solar Eclipse June 21
The snowy peak of this mountain range eclipses is June 21. Not only is it a solar eclipse but also Summer Solstice, a very important day in the zodiac wheel. In fact, one of the sacred 4 days. Everything happening on the Solstice is amplified and an eclipse does the same. We have double turbo taking place on the day of the baptist. The Sabian Symbol for the eclipse is “Sailor ready to hoist a new flag to replace an old one.”  You can already see it happening right as we went into eclipse season. Today, the U.S. Marines Corps (sailors) declared it is banning the display of Confederate flags and symbols. In Bristol, UK demonstrators toppled the statue of a slave trader down the harbor and into Avon river. Well, almost sailors. Flags and symbols of oppression are pulled down, new one rises. But at the same time, in Italy the Covid-19 killed many older Italians who were donating their time speaking in schools and universities about the dangers of Fascism, having lived through the Mussolini era. Their voices gone in a time where people forget the great evil that was done by fascists around the world. 

The message of the eclipse this year is compassion and unconditional love. It is a powerful opportunity to change policing culture and start a healing conversation. I read a few articles about how the Chinese government and state media show images of police brutality in the U.S. as an indication that the U.S. has lost its credibility and should not preach about human right violation. They use the scene of national guards and armed men dispersing peaceful protests as a sign that China can do what it wants in Hong Kong. I don’t agree. We are witnessing around the U.S. mayors, and many governors willing to make changes and meet with some of the demonstrators demands. Maybe not all of them, perhaps not enough, but they are trying to listen. Something that is missing in China where there is no dialogue. My hope is that around the solar eclipse solstice bonanza we will have the right cosmic platform to bring healing peace and understanding. The solar eclipse of June 21 is in Cancer, the sign of feeling and mothering. We need to summon and invoke the mothers for only they can truly heal. We should be inspired by the Argentine Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who brought an ignoble dictatorship to its knees without resorting to violence.

July 4 Lunar Eclipse 
The last of the series of eclipses falls right on the U.S. Independence day. Especially in the U.S. we have to be extra careful with health issues since traditionally, eclipses on birthdays can indicate health problems. In Mundane Astrology, as in the astrology of nations, the moon represents the people. An eclipse means someone is eclipsing the will of the people or there is a shift in the attitude of the citizens. Remember, the eclipse takes place during Mercury retrograde. It can be a bit confusing time. The Sabian Symbol for this eclipse is  “An ancient bas-relief carved in granite.” Maybe it means something ancient will be unveiled or a new piece of information unearthed.  

The U.S. is also going through a Pluto Return peaking in 2022. This happens about every 250 years. It is like a Saturn Return but on steroids. A death and a resurrection, I think it can be an opportunity to fix things that were broken and start a major transformation. Pluto is not Uranus which is all about revolutions. Pluto is slower and deeper. It is the ruler of surgeries, magic, passion, and research. Its solutions are not superficial but deep and for the long run. If we start making policy changes now, in the U.S. as well as in ourselves, then 2022 will be easier to handle for America and the world. 

The eclipses are neither good or bad, they are points in time when processes quicken and come to fruition. Imagine the eclipses as projectors or amplifiers. They don’t control the content, we do, but they do control the amplitude and volume. It is our stories we write, the eclipses only publish them and make sure everyone can have access to them. Let’s start writing stories with happy ending and maybe for the next few weeks without antagonists. If you think it is impossible, read the Biblical book of Ruth. A great story, no bad guys, lots of passion and redemption even without car chases and fight scenes. 

Have a great visit to the Luna Park Season. 

thanks again

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