September Astro Highlights

Delighted to return to the City of Angels after an adventurous two and a half months journey across Europe. Heartfelt gratitude to the incredible souls I encountered in Sofia, Istanbul, Fethiye, Tel Aviv, Zurich, London, and Edinburgh—your warmth made this journey both pleasurable and fruitful. In the midst of this voyage, I finished writing my 2024 astrology book, which is now being translated into Turkish and Bulgarian, and undergoing edits. Should you have connections to other languages or publishers interested, I’d be keen to hear. I love traveling to new places with my Sagittarius in the house of career. Additionally, I’m on the lookout for a marketing maven to amplify the book’s presence, so any referrals are appreciated.

Our free Sunday live sessions on both Insta and Zoom are set to debut their third season tomorrow, August 27 at 10 am Los Angeles time. Feel free to join using either platform. Plus, come the Fall Equinox on September 23 at 5 pm LA time, join me for an in-person Past Lifetime Regression at Awe Inspired – 8446 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069.

September, named after the Latin word for seven (septem), has a great deal of celestial activities. Brace yourself for a retrograde roller-coaster: Venus and Mercury walking backward together until September 5, followed by Mercury flying in reverse solo till September 17. Come September 4, Jupiter initiates his retrograde, pausing his bountiful offerings, only to resume right on Jan 1 2024 – a welcomed New Year’s gift.

Marking other beginnings, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is observed on September 15, coinciding with the New Moon in Virgo, instead of its intended New Moon in Libra, due to leap year dynamics. And on September 23, we honor one of the four holiest days of the year: the Equinox.

Furthermore, Vesta, our cherished goddess of the hearth, transitions from Gemini (I think) to Cancer (I feel) on September 14, and will be there till June 19, 2024. Vesta, the torchbearer of traditions, shifts her essence from intellect (Gemini) to emotion (Cancer). In her new domicile, she might be your bridge to the enriching facets of your ancestry—whether that’s unearthing innate genetic talents or channeling generational gifts to enhance your life.

Pivotal days of September:

  • September 3 – September 4 (Mercury trines Jupiter): Beneficial days to lay down long-term goals and begin seeing some positive results of past decisions or projects. There is a harmonious flow with friends, teacher, mentors, and coworkers.
  • September 3 – 4 (Venus stationary): Two days that could present challenges and frustration with your finances as well as relationships. Things feel stuck and stagnated, you and your partner seem to be stuck on past issues.
  • September 4 – 5 (Jupiter stationary): We have two of the benefactor planets stuck in traffic and unable to come to our rescue. It feels like you are alone in the world, unaided and with no hope but this too shall pass.
  • Sep 5 (Venus direct): At last, the goddess of love, art, and money is going direct after 40 days and nights of retrograding. Better wait until Mercury goes direct (September 17) with making big purchases and projects. The shadow of Venus lasts until October 8, in which time relationships around you should start getting easier to enjoy.
  • September 6 (Jupiter retrogrades until Jan 1, 2024): Gifts and treasures might be delayed but not cancelled. You will work hard and might only see the outcome at the onset of 2024.
  • September 6 (Sun conjunct Mercury): An inferior conjunction of Mercury, the messenger, and the Sun, the message. Mercury is between the Sun and the earth and can deliver the secrets of the Sun to us in spite of his retrograde. You will receive a great deal of insights but do not act upon it until Mercury goes direct (September 17). Good time for clarity in messages, writing, and communication.
  • September 7 – 8 (Sun trines Jupiter): The two biggest heavenly bodies are in harmony. This brings a sense of energetic flow, vitality, opportunities, abundance, and success. A great time to share your talents and gifts with creation. Make wishes, teach, learn, heal, and have fun.
  • September 14 (Vesta enters Cancer until December 20): The Keeper of the Hearth is transiting into Cancer, the sign of family and the home. This can bless your dwelling place, infuse harmony in the household and connect you to your family’s heritage. 
  • September 14 (Minerva enters Libra until November 19): The goddess of just wars and justice enters the sign of righteousness. This is a great time for pursing justice, help the underdog, and activate the lawyer within you. This is also a good period for art that speaks out, fight for social justice, and move people into action.
  • September 15 (New Moon in Virgo): Even though we are swimming in a sea of retrogrades, it is still a New Moon and she can help you focus on connecting to the Virgo seed of power: service, work, diet, health, and organization. You can use the editing and organizing superpowers of Virgo to get your life into the shape it needs to be. Great to start any activity with the prefix “Re” attached: reshuffle, reorganize, reassign, reedit, redesign, etc.
  • September 15 – 16 (Sun trines Uranus): Time to meet a new friend, join a group or connect to likeminded people. This is a brilliant day that can help push communal projects, or help you manifest your group’s desires. Take a calculated risk, it can pan out well.
  • September 15 – 16 (Mercury stationary): We are starting to unravel the retrograde knots with Mercury following Venus’ lead. During these two days be extra cautious as there could be more challenges than with the retrograde period.
  • September 15 – 18 (Venus squares Jupiter): This can be a bit annoying as Venus is being very demanding and nothing seems to please her. Be careful not to be or act immoderately. Be mindful of expenses and gluttony, slipping off your diet or any other relapses.
  • September 17 (Mercury direct): At last, we can start enjoying Mercury’s exaltation in Virgo and get things done. The shadow of Mercury lasts until September 30 so if you can hold on until then with big projects that would be best.
  • September 18 – 19 (Sun opposes Neptune): While these days can be a bit confusing, you will get a great deal of psychic and intuitive hits that can help you further your goals. Boundaries are super important now and make sure to protect yourself from other people’s influences.
  • September 20 – 21 (Sun trines Pluto): This is a powerful aspect that can help you gathering people around you, along with investments, collaborations with other people’s money and talents. A good day for production. There is passion, intimacy, and transformation. The Phoenix is here for you to ride.
  • September 23 (Sun enters Libra): Happy equinox! Today is one of the four sacred days of the Astrological year. Today the day and night are equal, symbolizing the balance between the masculine and feminine, the outer and inner, the above and below. Celebrate and invite balance and equilibrium into your life. It is a great day to spend with your partner in life or work. Today begins the feminine half of the year. If you are in LA, join me on the in-person Past Lifetime Regression at 5pm. Location: Awe Inspired – 8446 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069.  
  • September 24 (Mars opposes Chiron): This aspect can bring about physical wounds and or traumas from past injuries. Watch your anger and you might feel restless and pent up. Avoid sharp objects if you can.
  • September 24 – Sep 29 (Venus sextiles Mars): This is a wondrous treat for the end of the month as the celestial lovers are having a rendezvous bringing into our lives the prospect of harmony, balance, and equilibrium. The masculine and feminine are balanced. It is a time to be active while receptive and receptive while active. Art, finance, and relationships can flourish.
  • September 28 – 30 (Venus squares Uranus): A bit of chaos in your relationships and finances. Encounters with bizarre and quirky people. Unexpected events can cause upheaval.  
  • September 29 (Full Moon in Aries): The lunation that serves as the anchor of the Passover Full Moon of liberation. This Full Moon pits your needs versus your partner’s. Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus are blessing the Full Moon. There could be global events that come to resolution: war and peace.

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