September High-Lights: Astrological Trends of the Month Ahead

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Happy to be writing you this email from the City of Angeles. Back home after two months of charting and teaching. Tomorrow, September 2 at 9amPST I am leading the Virgo workshop on zoom (there will be a recording to participants). On Sunday, September 4 we are resuming our free Sunday astrology catch up: The Cosmic Navigator Astrology Show. You can join HERE or via @Cosmic_Navigator on live Instagram.

Already From August 25 we are walking under Mercury’s shadow. If you started experiencing strange glitches with your digital friends, appointments, and projects, you can blame it on Mercury’s shadowy stroll. On September 9 and 10 Mercury is stationary, the best time to stand still, meditate, and avoid doing anything. From September 11 Mercury goes into his retrograde in Libra and Virgo, and will be driving in reverse until October 3, so please, avoid signing documents or starting anything super important. You have 10 days to push everything you need done in the next month and a half. Below you can find other important dates in September. An interesting observation is that this Year’s New Moon in Libra, September 25, the Jewish New Year, falls during a Mercury retrograde, as does the civil New Year of 2023. Hmmm…we are heading into a challenging year.

On another note, I will be in New York, charting and teaching between October 1 – 8, please email me if you want to book a reading. I will be leading my Omega retreat between Oct 14 – 16. In the weekend we learn to read your chart and Laura Day will make an appearance to give us some intuitive tools to aid us deal with the year ahead. Please join us, there are a few spots left. I am also looking for a good place to do workshops in Manhattan or Brooklyn, if you know of any, let me know please. 

And now for important dates in September:

September 1 (Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Vesta, Pluto, and Chiron are all retrograding)

Take it easy this month. Take time off and don’t overload your schedule. Allow time to breathe. Remember, Mercury joins the retro gang on September 9 so take heed. A good time to change direction as well as trying new approaches. Go back to projects you failed to manifesting before and give them a new push.

September 5 (Venus enters Virgo): Functional art and beauty enter the workplace.

Improved relationships with coworkers. A tendency to be over-critical with yourself and others. Be extra careful with your kidneys, so drink lots of water. Venus doesn’t like to be a Virgo, dressed like a nun instead of her fancy supermodel outfits. Be careful from overcriticizing yourself or your partners.  In the Tarot card, Venus in Virgo is the “Nine of Disks,” and is dubbed “Gain.” You can gain from doing things on your own and being self sufficient.

Thoth Deck

September 9 and 10 (Mercury stationary):

Everything feels like it stagnated or stuck. A good day for meditating, standing still, and reevaluating your direction in life especially in connection to your partners in work and in life. See what relationships are not balance and as Mercury goes retrograde try to fix the lack or reciprocity.

September 10 (Full Moon in Pisces – Harvest Full Moon):

Very powerful lunation when you reap what you have sown in March – May. A time to gather with friends or work on a big project. The closes Full Moon to the equinox.   

September 11 – October 3 (Mercury retrograde):

You know the drill: avoid signing documents or starting new projects. Give yourself extra time between meetings. Many synchronicities and serendipities.  

September 16 (Sun opposite Neptune):

Deception, wrong first impressions, illusion, and addiction. However, your intuition and psychic abilities are increased. You might feel very sensitive so don’t take things personally.  

September 16 (Venus squares Mars):

This square can bring about conflicts in relationships, lawsuits, arguments, and discord. Especially with the Mercury retrograde there could be some serious misunderstandings.  

September 22-23 (Equinox: the day and night are equal and the beginning of the month of Libra):

If you have any aspirations for your current (or a future) relationship, this is a good day to send it out there. A day dedicated to the celebration of balance, beauty, and justice.  

September 23 (Mercury conjunct the Sun right on the cusp of Virgo (work and functionality) and Libra (art, design, and relationships)):

A good time to renegotiate contracts and heal relationships. Art and marketing come together. Something new enters your life that can bring about peace and understanding.  

September 25/26 (New Moon in Libra):

Happy Rosh HaShana! A good time to rekindle old relationships, reconnect to old artistic projects, edit designs and cut out of your relationships whatever is sabotaging them. According to Kabbalah and Talmud, this New Moon is the birthday of Adam and Eve, therefore, humanity’s mythological birthday. Happy Birthday!

Sep 29 (Venus enters her sign Libra):

A few weeks where justice rules and balance are restored. Venus is happy to strip off her nun coarse black and white uniform and wear something colorful with more skin exposed. Art, design, justice, fairness, diplomacy, and collaborations can be favored.

See you somewhere sometime somehow…


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  1. Grateful to you Gahl for helping us navigate our lives with more clarity and grace.. September ~ October is my favorite season 💚 transition time.. ♎

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