The Music of the Spheres

In honor the new year, I shared with the participants of the free weekly Check-Up, the story of the Music of the Spheres and I thought this platform is as good as any to further discuss the connection between music and zodiac. 

While the formation of the musical scale is attributed to Guido d’Arezzo (991-1033) it was Pythagoras, 1500 years earlier, who first discovered the mathematical connection present in the relationship between the musical notes, as well as the idea of the octave, intervals and keys. In addition to being the father of philosophy, mathematics, and numerology, Pythagoras also managed to travel the world in search of wisdom and mystical knowledge and later in life hold the post of governorship in Samos. As you can see, Pythagoras was beloved by all nine muses, fathering through their inspirations countless mental, spiritual and artistic, offspring. It took a mystical mathematician to alert humanity of the connection between music and numbers, between stories and digits, between previous lives and our current one. May we be blessed by many more of these mystical scientist hybrids. Amen!!! 

If you take a look at the musical scale you will see that inside an octave we have 12 steps, each of half a tone. The center of the keyboard starts with a C, and the next step is C# then D and D# etc. all the way to up to B, the last key before the circle returns to C. These twelve steps correspond to the 12 zodiac signs starting with Aries (C or Do), followed by Taurus (C#) and right after Gemini (D or Re). Remember the song Do-Re-Mi from the Sound of Music? It was written in C (Aries) but in the movie Julie Andrews sings it in A# which is Aquarius. 

Zodiac Sign Scales:

Aries: C
Taurus: C#
Gemini: D
Cancer: D#
Leo: E
Virgo: F
Libra: F#
Scorpio: G
Sagittarius: G#
Capricorn: A
Aquarius: A#
Pisces: B

Lightwave and Soundwave
Colors, like sounds, travel in waves. I am not an authority on music or painting, but as someone whose name means “wave,” I might have a thing or two to say about them. The colors we perceive with the naked eye depends on their wavelength. The lowest wavelength is red and the highest is violet. That is why we cannot see infrared (below red) or ultraviolet (above violet).

The color wheel corresponds to the zodiac signs, as well as to the musical scale. Red is Aries, as we climb in wavelengths we reach Taurus which is red/orange, then Gemini which is as orange as they get, and Cancer is orange/yellow, since the sign after, Leo, is sunny yellow. Virgo, the healer and nurse is green/yellow, while Libra, located in the middle of the zodiac is dressed in creative green. Scorpio with its magic is turquoise (blue/green), and Sagittarius, the most popular sign gets the most loved of colors, blue. Capricorn is blue/purple, and Aquarius is violet/purple. Pisces the last sign, closes the circle with purple/red since the sign after Pisces is Aries, red. 

How to Use the Colors and Sounds
As we go through our lives, we encounter happy moments, sad, morbid, contemplative, ecstatic, as well as boring periods, and usually inadvertently or on purpose, we create a soundtrack, a playlist of music that best expresses our current mood. Some couples have “our song,” others have a tune that best captured their “coming of age,” or perhaps a song that helped with a breakup, or dealing with grief.

Try to trace these songs in your life, these musical prayers you have recited in the past and investigate their key and corresponding color and sign. Learning the sign of a song that was dominant in your life could shed light on what sign your were calling upon for help. Maybe at the same time a friend was around that shared the same sign as your song?

If you know your natal chart you can then discover where songs that influenced you are located in your horoscope. Maybe a song you are hooked on now corresponds to a transit of Jupiter of Saturn? Maybe you will discover that many songs you love share the same sign or fall in the same house in your chart. Remember, the zodiac signs are frequencies, that is why they easily correspond to colors and sounds.

The Minors and Majors
Like the yin/yang of the Dao, or the binary language of computers, or the “Above and Below” of alchemy, the musical scales can be either Minor or Major. For example C (Aries) can be C Major or C Minor. They are both Aries – expression of identity, body, personality etc. C Major can be viewed as masculine, outgoing, upbeat, uplifting, happy, and childlike, while C Minor, is feminine and mysterious, seductive, alluring, deep, magical, mature, nurturing, and transformative. These qualities perfectly correspond to the yin/yang attributions. 

One of the first things I did once the lockdowns started in March 2020 is getting back to reading notes which I kind of learned when I was 17-18 back in Israel before my military service. So I got myself a few teach-yourself-piano books for adults and off I went to climb the staves. A few months ago, at the end of Alfred’s Piano Book III (for desperate adults), I found the jewel in the lotus. The Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, which was officially called “Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor (Feminine Taurus), Quasi una Fantasia, Op. 27, No. 2” Well, 27 in Numerology is 9 (death) and No. 2 can perhaps indicate the piece was romantic or related to a relationship. Put it together and you get – deadly love, or a love that is “KILLING ME!!!”

Beethoven composed this masterpiece in 1801, at the end of his Saturn Return, while he was teaching piano an Austrian countess who was 16/17 years old. He fell madly in love with the young adult, a love she did not return. So there you have it, a dead love that fertilized an immortal sonata. 

The Sonata: 

One can be cynical and say, what use we have of a sonata written to an aristocrat teenager who failed to see beyond Beethoven’s shabby appearance and difficult personality (he wasn’t the easiest guy to get along with and was not the epitome of handsomeness). But consider this, true artists experience life like all of us, but they have the capacity granted by their divinelike talent to create an essence of that experience is and deliver it to us well package in a song, a painting, a poem. Like essential oil, or an extract of an impression.

Beethoven delivered to us a musical piece that immortalizes impossible love. We all experienced it once or twice in our life, a love that is not reciprocated, or unbalanced. A poet of melodies, Beethoven captured the longing (Taurus is a sign of sensuality ruled by Venus the goddess of love) and the pain by composing the music in a minor scale. 

If you listen to the contemplative Taurian Moonlight sonata you can hear a prominent baseline that begins with G#, which is the key of Sagittarius, Beethoven’s sign. Another interesting synchronicity is that the name Moonlight sonata was attached to the piece many years later, after Beethoven died, by the German poet Ludwig Rellstab, when he published a review of the piece which he described as “a boat floating in the moonlight on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland.” And here I am, not a poet or a critic, not a musician but an astrologer, and I can affirm the synchronistic choice of name is astrologically correct, since the moon is exalted only in one sign – Taurus, the sign of C#. 

Game of Guesses
Ok, now for the game! Here are a few links for songs, try to guess the sign:

Let’s start with Bjork, the unofficial ambassadress of extraterrestrials and beings from other dimensions. The song of choice: All is Full of Love

I did give you a clue: extraterrestrial. Another clue: what is the sign whose Tarot card is “The Star?” Yes! Aquarius – A# Minor. The official video of the song shows a female android being created and loved by another cybernetic lady robot. Aquarius is the sign of technology, the future, Artificial Intelligence, and the fraternity of humanity. “All is full of love, [Beethoven], maybe not from the sources you have poured yours, maybe not from the directions you are staring at, twist your head around, [Ludwig], it’s all around you, all is full of love.” Truly Aquarian.

Next – The title scene of Games of Throne:  Think blades, blood, usurpation, heads rolling, action, action, action. A boar (ruled by Mars) kills the current occupier of the Iron Throne (iron is ruled by Mars) and the game for the throne begins. Yes! Aries ruled by Mars. it is in C Major.

Next – Here is a wonderful tune by Arcade Fire, “My Body is a Cage,” but this link is of Peter Gabriel’s version. It is also in C (Aries) but Minor: 

Yes, very Aries, the Anima for Aries – the feminine side of a very masculine sign. This song was written originally to voice the challenges of a transgender. Remember, Aries represents is the body and identity. Try to forget about bigotry and the politics of bathroom labeling for a second and feel the song. We are all transgenders, as Jung suggested when he called anima the unconscious feminine side of males and animus the unconscious masculine side of females. As God is One, we eventually have to master both genders to return to the source. That songs is your inner masculine or feminine side calling for freedom…

OK. One last sign. I think by now you understand how to work with this audio visual technique. Right? So here we go: what sign needs help? What sign needs somebody? not just anybody. What of all the zodiac used to never need anybody’s help in any way, but later discovered that those days are gone and they are not so self-assured? What sign suffers from winter blues? Heck, you should know by now: 

Why Capricorn?
Key word of Capricorn: I use.
“help!!! I need somebody!”
Dark Side of Capricorn: Pessimism
“Help me if you can, I’m feeling down.”
Qualities: Traditional, trapped in the past.
“These days are gone, I’m not so self assured”
Element: Earth.
Help me get my feet back on the ground.” 

OK, OK, one last after the last. A piece by Paul Dukas, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Fantasia (1940). Service? Cleaning? What sign?

You got it: Virgo – F# Minor (magic is feminine)

Finally, so I don’t get into trouble with the Royals and the Crown, what sign is the Big Ben chimes?

The bells call to action is in E – Leo…

Popularity Contest
Here is the list of the keys ranked by popularity (by Hook Theory). First, you can see that C Major (Aries Masculine), the first key, is by far the most popular. Here too, like in the zodiac, Aries is the ram, the leader. Second is G Major (Scorpio Masculine) both these signs, Aries and Scorpio, are ruled by Mars. Then comes D Major, (Gemini Masculine) followed by A Major (Capricorn Masculine) and then, at last the first Minor scale A (Capricorn Feminine). 

1.C Major
2.G Major
3.D Major
4.A Major
5.A Minor
6.C Minor
7.E Major
8.E Minor
9.F Major
10.D Minor
11.E♭ Major
12.G Minor
13.B Minor
14.F Minor
15.B♭ Major
16.F♯ Minor
17.C♯ Minor
18.D♭ Major
19.D♯ Minor
20.F♯ Major
21.B Major

I hope this journey in colors and sounds, signs, and synchronicities, can inspire you to search and look for other interconnectedness in your life.

All is full of love, all is full of One.

Happy 2021!


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