Ukraine, Russia and Zelenskyy’s Charts

A demonstration in support of Ukraine on Freedom Square in Tallinn, Estonia | Raigo Pajula/AFP via Getty Images

A demonstration in support of Ukraine on Freedom Square in Tallinn, Estonia | Raigo Pajula/AFP via Getty Images

There are a few competing theories as to the etymology of the word Ukraine, but most scholars agree it means borderlands, question is, whose border? The Russian border with Europe, or Europe’s border with Russia?

Ukraine, as a borderland is a liminal place, a mythological fault line, where heroes and heroines are crafted and forged. A woman giving birth in an underground subway station while her home is being bombarded, a comedian, dancer and entertainer turned into a celebrated war-leader marshaling support and admiration from distant lands. And why is this borderland occupying our hearts and minds? Well, that is because every protagonist needs an antagonist and, in this story, it is Putin, a borderline paranoid, whose isolation due to Covid is even worse than that of his idol Stalin. And we all remember what happened last time a Russian leader quarantined himself.

Putin’s ambition, like a typical Dr. No character was to establish a new world order and defragment the West, instead his isolation is now Russia’s isolation, and the World has not been this united for a very long time. From the streets of Buenos Aries, Prague, Chicago, Tel Aviv, Seoul, to Vilnius and London, Berlin (100,000 showed up on Sat) to name a few, people are united in their support of Ukraine. But the people who are truly brave and righteous are the countless Russian women and men who are risking their lives marching against war in the streets of St Petersburg and Moscow. It seems everyone is rallied around the people of the Borderlands, well, everyone except Trump, his love-letter correspondent Kim Jong Un, and of course, Tucker Carlson.    

True to Ukraine’s astrological sign, Virgo, the Harvest Maiden, the country is the breadbasket of both Europe and Russia. Over its long history it was ripped and torn between neighboring nations, occupied by Poland, Lithuania, Mongols, Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian, Russia’s Tzar and the USSR. And it seems that now, when Saturn has returned to the place he occupied when Ukraine was born, the people the citizens of Ukraine and her charismatic leader decided, “No more! This land is our land!” Virgo, after all, is an earth sign.

This week on the Cosmic Navigator Astrology Podcast I will go over the charts of Ukraine, Zelenskyy, and Russia. You can join via zoom meeting 870 5603 5555 password: 531978 or register.

A quick look at the chart of Ukraine and you can see the cosmic indication for the bravery of the women and men of Ukraine. Mars in the country’s chart is well positioned in Virgo (tenacious and well organized) and receives the blessing of the Rising Sign (body) and Saturn (endurance). It is no wonder the Ukrainian army and volunteers have managed to frustrate Putin’s plans. Ukraine’s Mars is in the house of death, the people are willing to fight to the end. Jupiter, the king of the gods, is favoring Ukraine since he is in the first house, the house of identity and leadership. Before the invasion, the name Zelenskyy was only associated with the US unelected president’s attempt of extorsion, now he is a household name associated with bravery and determination. From March 12, Jupiter will transit into the second house of Ukraine, the house of money and self-worth, and should bring about a great deal of expansion and opportunities.

Since the beginning of 2020, Saturn has also been the first house of the country, asking Ukrainians to decide who they are and were they see themselves in the next 30 years. Last time this aspect took place was right in 1991, the fall of the Soviet Empire and the birth of Ukraine. If before this war, the country was divided, now it is overwhelmingly in support of leaning westward. So much for Putin being a genius.

This year, starting in April, is the first time since Ukraine’s declaration of independence that Saturn is transiting over the nation’s moon. The moon in country’s chart represents the people. That is a powerful aspect and no wonder the people feel tremendous pressure coming from a traditional and oppressive source – no doubt Putin is Ukraine’s Saturn. But Saturn is the great teacher and inadvertently, Putin is galvanizing the people of Ukraine, uniting and giving them a common cause. How ironic that recently Putin rambled about Ukraine not being a country, well, you know what, maybe they weren’t but your attack sure made them a country now.

But I have to say, with all this pain and devastation, unnecessary deaths and destruction, there are pillars of light forming in Ukraine and Russia. I don’t think Russia invaded Ukraine. Putin did. I have clients and friends in Moscow who took the street to protest the war. So far close to 2000 people were arrested and only God knows what will become of them. All around Russia artists, athletes, writers, and intellectuals, are risking their lives, livelihood, and family to speak their truth.

In Zelenskyy’s chart, Saturn is now transiting right over the cusp of his house of career along with Jupiter. That cusp is called the Zenith, the crown of the chart. Yes, he is under the pressure of Saturn, but he is also being favored by Jove, the king of the gods – bringer of victories.

In Russia’s chart, Saturn is now in the house of work and health. Not the best place for a healthy productive life and in addition he is lurking at the cusp of the house of relationships. This could explain the swift sanctions that was imposed on Putin’s gang as well as why some of Russia’s banks will be kicked out of SWIFT.

Wait, I need to chill my Aries blowups. Come to think of it, historically, culturally, linguistically, Ukraine and Russia are twin-flames. Sisters, mothers, and daughters, to each other lifetime after lifetime. Europe could never replace the ancient relationship between the people.

Master and Margarita, my favorite book, was penned by a Russian born in Ukraine – Mikhail Bulgakov. The bond is strong. Maybe Ukraine needs some space to grow and explore, and perhaps that is why she looks westward. But the love and kinship between the countries can never be broken. There is no need for violence or lack of trust between old lovers…

My dear friend Bianca Sapetto is leading a special New Moon Lunar Yoga on March 1. 100% of the proceeds for this class go to UNICEF to protect children and families caught in the invasion of Ukraine. To register: HERE

Ways to practically help:

Voices of Children – Ukrainian organization that helps children affected by the war.

Save the Children ­– London based nonprofit. 7.5 million Ukrainian children are in mortal danger.

Care – CARE is raising money for its Ukraine Crisis Fund, which will provide immediate aid including food, water, hygiene kits, support services and direct cash assistance.

2 thoughts on “Ukraine, Russia and Zelenskyy’s Charts

  1. Dear Gale,
    For 20 years I studied astrology – some time ago. But this is the first time I read a comment I can agree with. In Anton Chekhov’s Selected Stories the Ukrainians are called ‘the Little Russians’. And absolutely right, you can never separate what was once united at that level. But the little brother has grown up and marches ahead. Lets keep our fingers crossed – and our minds focused on his success.
    Best, Edith Bruno

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