USA Pluto Return and Neptune Opposition

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The USA Chart  

The chart of the USA is undergoing a great deal of pressure in the next few months/years. First is the Pluto Return (once in 248 years) which takes place on 02 – 22 – 2022, as you can see numerologically speaking the date carries a great deal of 22s (Master Numbers). The other major aspect in the USA chart is the Neptune Return, which takes place on the first day of March (once in 165 years), and Saturn conjunct the Moon in Feb 2023.

Meet Mr. Pluto

Pluto is located at the far edge of our Solar System and takes a staggering 250 years to orbit the Sun. For this reason, we have been feeling his shadow for a while. Pluto represents raw power, passion, transformation, the occult and hidden matters. The word Pluto is the Latin form of the Greek name Ploutōn, meaning ‘wealth-giver.’ Think about all the minerals and precious commodities we mine from the earth: food, gold, silver, copper, food, diamond, petroleum, coal, uranium, plutonium, rare earth etc. Pluto represents crude power, not yet refined and is the modern ruler of Scorpio (since his discovery in 1930). Pluto governs the banking systems, distribution of power (gerrymandering), the underworld, occult, magic, shamanism, ghosts, and the shadow. Kind of intense, wouldn’t you agree? Well, now the USA is boasting two Plutos, a double whammy in the chart, one on top of the other.

In 2008, Pluto entered Capricorn, and bang we experienced the Great Recession. Many considered the fall of the Lehman Brothers as the official beginning of the USA Pluto Return. Financial institutions needed to be bailed out, some went under and in addition we witnessed the rise of cryptocurrencies. An African American was elected president of the USA, something that up until then seemed impossible. Eight years later, a reality-show entertainer, took over the White-House and was very close to bringing down the republic with his the Big-Lie. In other words, we already have been experiencing the Pluto Return in the US even before he fully returned.

USA Pluto Return (02-22-2022; 06-11-2022; 12-28-2022)  

Pluto occupies the 2nd house in the USA chart, which is the house of money, talents, self-worth, and values. The Great Recession did indeed touch upon the financial situation in the USA but more importantly, I believe, is the impact of Pluto Return had on the nation’s changing values. Think of the viral spread of QAnon, the Big-Lie, the attack on the Capital Hill, Cancel Culture, Proud Boys, CRT, Me Too, BLM, toppling of statues, renaming of schools, universities, streets and army bases etc. It feels as if Pluto is forcing everyone to dig deep (Capricorn) into what they hold sacred, their values, and creeds.

Pluto Return in Capricorn, an earth sign, brings about transformative situations that demand a change in power-structures, financial institutions, attitude towards environmental issues, changes in government, and the danger of autocracy.

Let’s take a short look at history: when the Roman Empire was going through its first Pluto Return, they experienced was dubbed the “Crisis of the Third Century,” a period when a succession of short ruling military emperors kept rising and quickly after being assassinated, not to mention army rebellions, chaos, civil war, instability and economic disruption. The following Saturn Return took place at the empire’s twilight and marked its downfall. In the case of England, upon the first Pluto Return, (1310 and 1315) the country experienced the Great Famine, which started with bad weather in Spring and resulted in crop failure. From Wikipedia: “The economic and demographic crisis created a sudden surplus of land, undermining the ability of landowners to exert their feudal rights and causing a collapse in incomes from rented lands. Wages soared, as employers competed for a scarce workforce.” Sounds a great deal like the Great Resignation of 2021 and 2022…

Since Pluto is such as slow planet, the influences of the Return also tend to linger for a while. However, events in 2021 and 2022 are emphasized historically speaking and can take longer to manifest. As the case in all astrological events, if there is another transit happening at the same time, it acts as a marker or enzymes. In the case of 2022 it is the USA Neptune Opposition at 22 degrees Pisces.

Neptune Opposition (05-01-2021; 08-21-2021; 03-01-2022)

On March 1, 2022, the last of the Neptune oppositions takes place in the USA chart. The other two were in May and August of 2021. Neptune rules mysticism, meditation, imagination, ideals, empathy, dreams, dance, poetry, photography, cinematography, or any form of illusions. When it is opposing itself, Neptune can cause deceptions, lies, mirages, hallucinations, cults, suicide, self-destructiveness, addictions, dependency, and suffering. I think this opposition along with the Pluto Returned facilitated the attack on the US democracy peaking with the Big Lie and the attempts to sabotage the election as well as the attempts of rebranding the attack on the capital as a “Legitimate political discourse.”  

Last time this opposition took place was 1858 just a few years before the Civil War. This year we have the midterm election fall right when Mars (war) is retrograding in Gemini (twins), the danger of conflict from within is very high.

Since Neptune rules faith, what we believe in, this opposition could pit pro versus anti-abortion, atheists against believers or believers in one God against worshipers of another. As you can see there is a battle on what we believe as well as what we value. It’s no longer a philosophical debate but rather a very concrete dispute with many practical applications as well as broken families.

We must remember that these harsh aspects are not happening only theoretically to this entity called USA, it manifests through all of us who live in the country or interact with it. That means that many of us are going through these astrological aspects regardless of our own chart. Many people have to choose sides, align themselves with a set of values, experience Pluto banging on the door even if the planet is far from coming close to their own Pluto. All you need to do is check where you have Pluto and Neptune transiting now in your chart to see how you “contribute,” to the upheaval.

Saturn Conjunct the USA Moon (02-11-2023)    

In Mundane Astrology (astrology of countries), the Moon represents the people of the nation and in Feb 2023, Saturn, the Lord Karma, will conjunct the Moon of the USA. Last time it happened was in 1993-1994 when we saw homegrown as well as foreign terrorism: the infamous siege on Waco, TX (76 died) as well as the World Trade Center bombing. Also at the same year were the Great Floods of 1993 (15B$ in damages). This aspect could also be hard on the housing market.

22 Master number

The Master Number 22 is featured strongly this year. Not only because the year is 2022 but also because Neptune is opposing himself at 22 degrees Virgo and Pisces, and the Pluto Return takes place on the 22nd of Feb. 22 is a Master Builder and is associated with the 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards as well as the 22 Hebrew letters which according to Kabbalah are the building blocks of creation. This could signify that all these challenges could end up helping us rebuild a better society, country, and nation, which could hopefully be a light onto all nation and a beacon of a stable democracy to all those who seek freedom and liberal ideals.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. On Sunday’s Cosmic Navigator Astrology Show, I will be going over the chart of the USA and digging deeper into the return and opposition.  

8 thoughts on “USA Pluto Return and Neptune Opposition

  1. Gracias, como siempre, Gahl. Un abrazo ya no desde México, sino desde EUA. Seguirá siendo interesante ser parte de este gran momento detransformación de la humanidad.

  2. Gahl your interpretations and intuition are extraordinary.
    i would love you to give some astro insight into Australia,
    i always wonder if being “Down under” somehow changes the planets as it does the seasons….

    1. It is a great question. I noticed that the charts I do for clients in South Africa and Australia work just as well, must be becasue the system of symbolism was created in the Northen Hemesphere…

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